op 10 Questions To Ask A Surrogacy Agency Before Going For A Surrogacy Program In GeorgiaWhat Are The Top 10 Questions To Ask A Surrogacy Agency Before Going For A Surrogacy Program In Georgia?

Surrogacy is not just a fertility treatment; it is hope to some individuals and couples to become parents when they get no result with fertility treatment. However, you cannot get this treatment done in many countries due to legality aspects. If you are planning to carry on with surrogacy in Georgia, Europe, then you must look out for the safest options in terms of medical centers, doctors, packages and the price. This article aims to guide you through all these essential aspects.

Numerous medical centers are offering surrogacy procedure in Georgia, Europe. You have to search for the centers that are providing a good package that is inclusive of all the facilities that you want like a good doctor, top medical center, and affordable package. Most importantly, you want this procedure to be conducted in the safest way maintaining privacy. It is essential to consider these aspects while searching for the medical centers for surrogacy in Georgia, Europe.

Questions You Should Ask the Surrogacy Agency before Going for a Surrogacy Program in Georgia?

  1. What are the important laws related to surrogacy in Georgia?
  2. Do you take care of the contract draft and signing between both the parties?
  3. Can we stay with the surrogate for the period of gestation, or do we have to communicate with her over telephone/email/video calls as she remains in her home?
  4. What will be the consequences if at a later stage the surrogate wants to abort the child mentioning her health issues?
  5. How will be the birth rights transferred?
  6. Does the surrogate mother has her name in the birth certificate of the child in Georgia or we will have our names as parents from the beginning?
  7. Do we sign the "No Objection Contract" before the pregnancy or after the pregnancy?
  8. Can we take part in deciding the best take care of the surrogate during her gestation?
  9. Can we suggest the hospital and other care giving centers at Georgia that might be helpful for the surrogate?
  10. Do you arrange for the migration documents of the baby as we fly her to our homeland?

Benefits of Surrogacy in Georgia

When you choose Georgia for your surrogacy procedure, you will enjoy several benefits like:

  • You can use donated sperm and/or eggs
  • Flexible surrogacy laws
  • Biological parents get mention in the birth certificate of the baby
  • Increase conception chances
  • Increased chances of healthy baby
  • Can be used by anybody like single woman, same-sex couples and/or women who are physically incapable to carry a baby full-term

Thus, it is a great choice to go for surrogacy in Georgia. If you want to search for the best clinics, doctors and packages for surrogacy in Georgia, let PlacidWay assist you.

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