10 Best Countries for Fertility Treatments Abroad

If you and your partner have been struggling to conceive a child, visiting another country for fertility treatments abroad may be the right decision for you. By seeking overseas reproductive healthcare, you will not only receive the care you need without breaking your bank account, but also have access to innovative medical technology that might improve your chances of having a baby. This blog post will explore 10 countries across the globe that offer highly specialized fertility services at affordable prices. Read on to learn more about these destinations where an increasing number of couples are turning for advanced reproductive health treatments.

India, Mexico, Thailand, Turkey, South Korea, South Africa, Malaysia, Greece, Georgia, and Spain are the cheapest and best countries for fertility treatments abroad.

1. India

One of the most affordable destinations for IVF treatments is India. The country offers modern fertility techniques and procedures through more than 500 fertility centers, some of them with 30 years of experience in the field. Most of the Indian physicians have been trained abroad and have extensive knowledge and experience in applying the latest techniques.

Fertility centers: Manipal Hospital, Nova Specialty Surgery, Roshni Poly Clinic | Fertility & Chronic Diseases, International Fertility Centre

2. Mexico

Mexico is preferred for fertility treatments and procedures due to its liberal vision regarding the Assisted Reproductive Technology. Most fertility experts in Mexico have been trained in the US, so having access to the latest technologies and the language barrier will not be a problem. This destination is chosen mostly by Canadians and Americans.

Fertility centers: Embryos | IVF Fertility Mexico,  Family Hospital | Hospital de la Familia, Global Medical Tourism,  IREGA IVF Cancun, Mexico Surrogacy Foundation

3. Thailand

Thailand offers fertility treatments of a quality the patient could find in the West, but for far less money. The expert fertility doctors perform a wide array of fertility procedures, most of them not available or forbidden in Western countries. Thailand has treatment and procedures for both male and female infertility, with high success rates and performed with modern medical equipment and techniques.

Fertility centers: Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, Bangpakok 9 International Hospital, New Life Thailand, Perfect Woman Institute

IVF IUI ICSI Surrogacy Abroad

4. Turkey

After the US, Turkey is the country with the most JCI accredited hospitals and clinics. Most of the fertility clinics in Turkey are located in Izmir and Istanbul. Fertility specialists in this country are trained in Europe or the US, are certified by another country and have a specialist IVF certificate from Turkey. Although Turkey offers high quality, safe and modern techniques, the prices can be with 80% lower compared to the US.

Fertility centers: Anadolu Medical Center | International Hospital Istanbul

5. South Korea

Known as the Mecca for Plastic Surgery, the number of foreigners coming for fertility treatments has skyrocketed over the past years. The country's thirst to become the best in this field, competitiveness for using the latest technology for fertility treatments, affordable prices, the experience of the physicians, are just some of the reasons for which future parents choose South Korea.

Fertility centers: PlacidKorea-Ascle InterMed

6. South Africa

South Africa offers all types of fertility treatments at world-class clinics and at affordable prices. South Africa is among the top destinations when it comes to fertility tourism, thanks to the professionalism and experience of the fertility specialists, modern equipment, accredited clinics and highly trained medical staff.

Fertility centers and providers: Surgical Bliss, New Life South Africa, PlacidAfrica

7. Malaysia

Malaysia ranks among the top 5 medical tourism destinations for various treatments, among which fertility procedures. Fertility centers offer a variety of fertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, assisted hatching, sperm and embryo cryopreservation, egg and sperm donation, all legal, safe and with high success rates.

8. Eastern Europe Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Hungary

Eastern Europe is also a popular fertility destination for patients all over the world. These countries accept surrogacy, egg and sperm donation anonymity, as well as embryo storage. All fertility treatments available here are regulated by the Law on Health Fundamentals and the Family and Civil Codes.

Fertility centers: Ukraine -  Institute for Reproductive Medicine, New Life Ukraine / Georgia - New Life Georgia / Poland - KCM Clinic, New Life Poland  

9. Latin America Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Panama

Besides the fact that they are famous for the quality cosmetic procedures, these countries in Latin America have also made tremendous progress in fertility tourism. JCI accredited fertility clinics, English-speaking physicians trained abroad, affordable prices and modern methods and equipment are some of the reasons for which patients from all over the world are choosing Latin America. Moreover, most of the clinics will offer a 50% refund in case the treatment is not successful.

Fertility centers: Argentina -Dr. Glujovsky | Fertility Argentina | CEGYR / Colombia - inSer - Human IVF and Fertility Center, Panama -  IVF Panama Reproduction Center

10. Europe Greece, Italy, North Cyprus, Spain

Europe is one of the most chosen destinations for fertility procedures, due to its open-minded attitude towards this subject. These European countries have more than 300 fertility clinics, top-notch equipment and use the latest innovations regarding fertility treatments.

Fertility centers: Greece - IAKENTRO Egg Donation Agency / Cyprus - Dogus IVF Centre

An Option for Thousands of Future Parents

Traveling abroad for infertility treatments is one of the fastest growing areas of medical tourism. Heterosexual couples, homosexual couples, single women and men, all find an appropriate fertility treatment and procedure abroad according to their needs.

Fertility tourism has seen a boost over the past years, so patients have now hundreds of accredited clinics and hospitals to choose from. Many of the physicians in these countries are trained in the US, Western Europe or Canada, therefore they are in touch with the latest innovations regarding the assisted reproductive technologies, methods and products.

Fertility treatments abroad have become an option for the past decade for many individuals seeking to become parents. Having access to information, helps future parents find affordable, reliable and safe fertility treatments and procedures. It is not difficult to find details about the clinic's accreditation, doctors' credentials, real patient testimonials, success rates of the procedure, detailed evaluation and clinical data of the procedure or the real costs for a certain treatment with all expenditures included.

Reasons for Choosing IVF Abroad

Choosing to go to a foreign country for any medical treatment and procedure is a tough decision to make. It is even harder when a future child is involved in this process. But what are the reasons for which future parent/s would choose to go abroad to accomplish their dream of having a family?

One of the main reasons is PRICE. IVF can be really expensive, especially when there are several cycles needed or when additional procedures such as ICSI, IUI, Gender Selection, Egg Donation, Sperm Donation are involved. Traveling to a foreign country can help patients save up to 70%, including all hospital, travel and other fees. In the US, a single IVF cycle ranges from $12,000 to $13,700, but costs drop dramatically in emerging markets such as Turkey ($5,000), Argentina ($4,900), Ukraine, India ($3,000), Mexico ($3,500) or  Thailand ($4,000).

Another reason would be the LAW. In some countries it is forbidden to turn to surrogacy to have a family, the anonymity of the egg or sperm donors is not kept, egg donation is forbidden, single parents or homosexual couples do not have access to this procedure, IVF is banned for couples with a certain number of children (China) or IVF technology is banned under all circumstances (Costa Rica).

Dissatisfaction with certain clinics or doctors in the home country is another important reason. Going through a failed IVF cycle can be disheartening, but going through several failed IVF cycles is frustrating, discouraging and has a negative impact on the patients' budget and psyche.

Of course, these would be only a few of the reasons for choosing fertility treatments and options abroad. No matter what the reason is, this is the only solution chosen by hundreds of people annually and there are several countries which benefit from this surge in Fertility Tourism.

If fertility abroad is the right option for you and your future family, make sure you get the most out of it and make it a pleasant and safe experience. When choosing fertility treatments abroad make sure you are well informed. You should know about the safety and standards of the clinic, the success rates, former patients, donor issues, surrogacy law, what happens if the treatment is not successful, all legal and social issues, regulations and real costs.

PlacidWay can help you find fertility treatments all across the globe and fulfill your dream of being a parent. Contact us and find out more about the available packages!