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IVF Fertility Treatment in Bangkok, Thailand by First Fertility PGS Center Limited

PS Tower Sukhumvit 21 (Asoke), Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok Thailand, 10330, Bangkok, Thailand
Price Range: $660 - $7300
Specialty: Fertility Treatment, Infertility/IVF
Focus Area: First Fertility PGS Center | Bangkok | Thailand | IVF | ICSI | PGS Chromosome Screening | Embryo Transfer | IUI | Egg Freezing | Sperm Washing | Semen Analysis | TESE TESA PESA | Hysteroscopy | Male Fertility Check Up | Female Fertility Check Up

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First Fertility PGS Center

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Cutting-Edge IVF Expertise at First Fertility PGS Center in Bangkok, Thailand

Welcome to First Fertility PGS Center in bustling Bangkok, Thailand—Asia's distinguished fertility treatment clinic. Renowned for our commitment to cutting-edge care, we prioritize patient comfort within our advanced facilities. Our multifaceted team, comprising highly trained IVF doctors, embryologists, nurses, and personal assistants, stands ready to shepherd patients through the intricacies of the IVF process. Beyond clinical excellence, collaboration with field experts is ingrained in our ethos, ensuring a continuous exchange of knowledge and the pursuit of optimal outcomes for every individual we serve.

Precision PGS Technology for Fertility Treatment in Bangkok, Thailand

In the dynamic landscape of fertility treatment, First Fertility PGS Center in Bangkok, Thailand, stands out as a beacon of innovation. Here, we redefine the standards of care with precision PGS technology, offering a diverse range of fertility treatments. Our services encompass not only IVF and ICSI but also extend to PGS Chromosome Screening, Embryo Transfer, IUI, Egg Freezing, Sperm Washing, Semen Analysis, TESE, TESA, PESA, and Hysteroscopy. A comprehensive suite of Male and Female Fertility Check-Ups underscores our commitment to providing advanced and personalized care.

IVF Doctors in Bangkok, Thailand - Dedicated to Your Parenthood Journey

Embark on your parenthood journey with the dedicated team of IVF doctors at First Fertility PGS Center in Bangkok, Thailand. Led by the experienced Medical Director, Dr. Patsama Vichinsartvichai, and supported by IVF Specialist Doctor Dr. Seri Theerapong, alongside Lab Directors Anussara Phinyong and Araya Boonchaisitthpong, our expert team combines years of knowledge and skill to ensure a personalized and effective fertility treatment journey. Every step is guided by a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the profound impact of this journey on each patient.

Trusted Name for Compassionate and Effective IVF Treatment in Bangkok, Thailand

First Fertility PGS Center has earned its status as a trusted name in the realm of compassionate and effective IVF treatment in Bangkok, Thailand. Beyond clinical expertise, our unwavering commitment to patient well-being and a history of successful outcomes establish us as a reliable partner in your journey towards parenthood. Trust in the experience, compassion, and effectiveness of First Fertility for a fertility treatment experience that goes beyond medical procedures—it's a journey marked by understanding, support, and ultimately, the fulfillment of your dream of building a family.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can I schedule a consultation at First Fertility PGS Center in Bangkok, Thailand?

Answer: Booking a consultation is easy. Simply visit PlacidWay Medical Tourism, our trusted partner, to schedule your appointment and start your journey towards parenthood with First Fertility PGS Center.

2. What fertility treatments does First Fertility PGS Center offer in Bangkok?

Answer: First Fertility PGS Center provides a comprehensive range of fertility treatments, including IVF, ICSI, PGS Chromosome Screening, Embryo Transfer, IUI, Egg Freezing, Sperm Washing, Semen Analysis, TESE, TESA, PESA, and Hysteroscopy.

3. How experienced is the medical team at First Fertility PGS Center?

Answer: Our team consists of highly trained IVF doctors, embryologists, nurses, and personal assistants with extensive experience in fertility treatment. Trust in the expertise of our dedicated professionals.

4. Are personalized treatment plans available at First Fertility PGS Center?

Answer: Absolutely. We pride ourselves on offering personalized care. Each patient receives a bespoke treatment plan, ensuring a tailored approach that aligns with individual needs and circumstances.

5. What sets First Fertility PGS Center apart from other fertility clinics in Bangkok?

Answer: We stand out through our commitment to cutting-edge care, a patient-friendly environment, and collaboration with field experts. Our success is rooted in providing advanced, compassionate, and individualized fertility solutions.

6. Is First Fertility PGS Center affiliated with any international organizations?

Answer: Yes, our center has been recognized as a 2019 Fertility Service Provider by Global Health and Travel, a testament to our commitment to delivering world-class fertility care.

7. Can international patients easily access services at First Fertility PGS Center?

Answer: Absolutely. First Fertility PGS Center welcomes international patients, and booking a consultation is convenient through PlacidWay Medical Tourism, ensuring a seamless experience for individuals seeking fertility treatment in Bangkok, Thailand. Click contact us button below to schedule your consultation today:

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First Fertility PGS Center, Bangkok, Thailand Profile Details

Top-Rated IVF Facility in the Heart of Bangkok, Thailand

Embark on a transformative fertility experience at First Fertility PGS Center, the top-rated IVF facility nestled in the heart of vibrant Bangkok, Thailand. Our commitment to excellence permeates every aspect of our services, providing a comprehensive suite of fertility treatments. From the intricacies of IVF and ICSI to the precision of PGS Chromosome Screening, we offer cutting-edge solutions set against the backdrop of modernity and compassionate care in the heart of the city.

Innovative Solutions for Successful IVF Outcomes

At First Fertility PGS Center, innovation is the key to unlocking success in your In-Vitro Fertilization journey. We pride ourselves on offering innovative solutions that cater to the unique needs of each patient. From state-of-the-art technologies to personalized treatment protocols, our commitment to staying at the forefront of fertility advancements underscores our dedication to maximizing your chances of success. Your journey with us is not just a treatment; it's a collaborative and dynamic process that brings you closer to your dreams of parenthood.

Personalized Care in Bangkok's Premier Fertility Center by First Fertility

Immerse yourself in a personalized and transformative experience at First Fertility, recognized as Bangkok's premier fertility center. Our commitment to individualized attention ensures that each patient receives a bespoke treatment plan, fostering a profound sense of trust and confidence. Our dedication to providing world-class care is reflected in our recognition as a 2019 Fertility Service Provider by Global Health and Travel. Trust in our expertise as we guide you through a personalized fertility journey in the heart of the city.

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First Fertility PGS Center Treatments Offered

At First Fertility PGS Center, our commitment to individualized care and cutting-edge reproductive technologies ensures that you receive the highest standard of treatment. Explore a range of advanced fertility solutions tailored to meet your unique needs, guiding you towards the dream of parenthood with compassion and expertise.

IVF Procedures at First Fertility PGS Center in Bangkok, Thailand

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization):

Advanced assisted reproductive technology to optimize the chances of conception.

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection):

Precision in fertilization, enhancing the likelihood of successful embryo development.

PGS Chromosome Screening:

Ensuring the selection of genetically healthy embryos for a successful pregnancy.

Embryo Transfer:

Safely placing selected embryos into the uterus for optimal implantation.

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination):

Facilitating the journey of sperm to meet the egg within the uterus, increasing the chances of conception.

Egg Freezing:

Preserving fertility by freezing eggs for future use, providing flexibility in family planning.

Sperm Washing:

Separating healthy sperm from semen for use in fertility treatments, improving sperm quality.

Semen Analysis:

Evaluating sperm quantity and quality to assess male fertility factors.


Techniques for retrieving sperm directly from the testicles or epididymis, addressing male infertility concerns.


A diagnostic and therapeutic procedure examining the uterine cavity, ensuring optimal conditions for conception.

Male Fertility Check-Up:

Comprehensive assessments tailored to identify and address male reproductive health factors.

Female Fertility Check-Up:

Specialized evaluations to understand and enhance female fertility potential, providing personalized insights into your reproductive health.

Embark on your parenthood journey with confidence at First Fertility PGS Center, where expertise meets compassion. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through each step, offering hope and a pathway to realizing your dream of building a family.

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First Fertility PGS Center Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

At First Fertility PGS Center, a distinguished team of medical professionals leads the charge in providing exceptional fertility care. Dr. Patsama Vichinsartvichai, our esteemed Medical Director, brings a wealth of experience and leadership to guide the center's vision. Dr. Seri Theerapong, an IVF Specialist Doctor, is dedicated to ensuring the success of each patient's parenthood journey. Anussara Phinyong and Araya Boonchaisitthpong, our Lab Directors, play pivotal roles in overseeing the advanced technologies and processes that underpin our fertility treatments. 

IVF Doctors in Bangkok, Thailand by First Fertility

Dr. Patsama Vichinsartvichai

Dr. Patsama Vichinsartvichai
Dr. Seri Theerapong

Dr. Seri Theerapong
Anussara Phinyong

Anussara Phinyong
Araya Boonchaisitthpong

Araya Boonchaisitthpong

Together, this dynamic team combines expertise, compassion, and innovation to make First Fertility PGS Center a beacon of excellence in the field of reproductive medicine.

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First Fertility PGS Center Testimonials

Anna Leung Testimonial

"It was my pleasure met doctor Tanut at First Clinic. With his professionalism to helping people those who are suffering . He is the buddha to the patients bringing happiness and achieved their dream . With my sincerely thanks , to Dr Tanut .to the best and kindest team --First Clinc." 

Courtney Mc Guire Testimonial

"I am very happy I went to First Fertility in Bangkok. Wonderful experience and was taken very well care off. My little boy is 2 years old now and I will be going back for another very soon ! Very clean clinics, the doctors and nurses speak very well English and you get your own personal tour guide , very nice experience and we made it a holiday too Highly commend Johnny and the team at First Fertility" 

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First Fertility PGS Center Awards & Recognitions

Honors and Achievements: Recognizing Excellence at First Fertility PGS Center - IVF in Bangkok, Thailand

At First Fertility PGS Center, our commitment to excellence in fertility care is underscored by a prestigious array of awards and certificates. Proudly recognized as a 2019 Fertility Service Provider by Global Health and Travel, our center stands as a testament to unwavering dedication and superior standards in reproductive medicine. These accolades echo the collaborative efforts of our exceptional team, comprising renowned medical professionals and support staff, who continuously strive to elevate the standards of fertility treatment. These awards not only symbolize our achievements but also reinforce our commitment to providing cutting-edge, compassionate, and world-class IVF solutions in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

First Fertility PGS Center Award

First Fertility PGS Center Certificate
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Bangkok, Thailand Destination Overview

Embarking on Fertility Journeys: Medical Tourism Marvels in Bangkok, Thailand

Embarking on your IVF journey in Bangkok is a seamless experience, thanks to the city's excellent transportation infrastructure. Suvarnabhumi Airport, a major international gateway, ensures convenient access. From there, taxis, airport shuttles, and public transportation networks efficiently connect you to the heart of the city. The well-developed road system allows easy travel by car, while an extensive public transit system, including buses and the Skytrain, provides accessible and cost-effective options.

Wonders Beyond the Clinic: Exploring Bangkok's Tourist Attractions

Beyond the realm of fertility treatments, Bangkok beckons with a tapestry of cultural treasures. Explore the Grand Palace's opulence, marvel at the serene Wat Arun, and traverse the vibrant markets along the Chao Phraya River. Embrace the city's modern flair with a visit to the iconic Sky Bar or stroll through the bustling streets of Sukhumvit, where shopping and culinary delights abound. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Thai culture at the Jim Thompson House or unwind in the lush greenery of Lumpini Park.

Embarking on the Fertility Adventure: Traveling by Train

For those seeking a scenic journey to complement their fertility adventure, Bangkok's extensive railway network offers a unique travel experience. The Hua Lamphong Railway Station serves as a central hub, connecting the city to various provinces. Opting for a train journey allows you to witness the picturesque Thai landscapes, providing a tranquil and immersive prelude to your IVF treatment.

Connecting with Nature: Medical Tourism and Green Oasis

As you navigate your medical tourism experience, don't miss the chance to connect with nature. Bangkok is adorned with lush green oases, such as Chatuchak Park and Benjakitti Park. These serene havens offer a rejuvenating escape, providing a perfect balance to the intensity of fertility treatments. Take a leisurely stroll, enjoy a peaceful boat ride, or simply unwind amidst the greenery, fostering a holistic approach to wellness during your medical journey in Bangkok.

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