Why people from UK travel to Croatia for dental proceduresAre People Really Flying from UK to Croatia to Fix their Teeth? Why?

At the age of 56, Joe is already used to the suggestions of getting dental implants. He had consulted many dentists in the UK and the response by all of them was the same, which is to get dental implants replacing his natural teeth. Actually, dental implants were not covered by the NHS plans as they were considered more cosmetic than medical procedure. On an average cost of each dental implant in UK is about £2,000 to £2,500. 

However, he decided not to give up and started to search for a better solution outside the UK. During his research, he came across several clinics, but some seemed dodgy. Another problem was not being able to find fluent English-speakers. All these things grew Joe’s frustration until one day he contacted a dental center in Zagreb, Croatia. Joe obviously wanted all the required information about the procedure, price and all. Average cost of dental implants in Croatia were about £600 to £700.

The team responded quickly after receiving Joe’s panoramic x-ray and quoted a price to fix his teeth, which was very much affordable compared to what the other clinics in the UK were quoting. The best thing is that the clinic’s representative spoke flawless English and ensured that their entire team including the dentists speaks great English.

The rising cost of dental care in the UK is making people look for alternative destinations to get the vital work done. Dental tourism is a booming industry as a result. Like Joe, there are thousands of people who are traveling outside the UK for dental procedures. Croatia is one of the most attractive option in terms of superior dental care at an affordable price.

The World Cup Factor

More tourists are now choosing Croatia after their superb World Cup performance. It seems like the Croatian health tourism has also reached the World Cup final. There has been an unprecedented interest in this small four million people-nation across the globe. The beautiful country has become the holiday destination. With a chance to combine the outstandingly affordable options of dental tourism, one can cover the cost of the trip with the medical savings.

Why Travel To Croatia For Dental Procedures?

Top Destination for Health Tourism- When a country of 4 million population gets more than 18 million tourist visits every year, it speaks volume about its popularity as a tourist destination. On top of that, the country with its affordable, high quality and safe treatments, has established itself as a top health tourism destination, especially for the dental procedures.

Advanced Dental Schools-Many international students who wish to study dentistry choose the dental schools in Croatia. These schools are very advanced in offering graduate, undergraduate, specialist and doctoral studies in varied dental treatment procedures. These schools train the students in the applications of the latest materials, technologies and knowledge.

Progressive Professional Development- After graduating from these dental schools, most of the dentists in Croatia follow a progressive professional development approach and the leading trends of dental care. They also regularly participate in courses in world-famous clinics and educational conferences.

UK-Croatia Air Connectivity- Croatia enjoys fantastic air transport connectivity with the United Kingdom. The prominent Croatia destination like Zagreb has frequent flights between London and other key UK areas. This helps the patients to enjoy combined benefits of dental treatments with a holiday stay in the lovely tourist destination.

English Speaking Staff- English is widely spoken in Croatia, as the country primarily focuses on tourism. The doctors, staff and other associates of the dental clinics are all well-versed in English, which makes it very easy to communicate for the people from the UK

Great Value The value proposition for the people in the UK is just great when they choose Croatia for dental treatments. Apart from favorable prices, the dental care industry in Croatia offers superior quality dentistry.

Wide Range of Dental Treatments- Croatia offers a wide range of dental treatments and procedures. Some of the popular ones are All on 4 dental implants, veneers, crowns, filings, prosthetics, endodontics, periodontology, smile design, full mouth reconstruction, etc.

Price Comparison of Procedures

Check the price comparison of some of the top dental procedures between Croatia and the UK.

Costs for dental implants, restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in Croatia are comparatively very less.  If a private dental clinic in the UK charges between $2,000 and $2500 for dental implants per teeth and $400 and $650 for bridging, you will get an idea how much can be saved in Croatia.

According to a patient who went for four implants and an acrylic fixed bridge on those implants at a Zagreb-based clinic, he had to pay $4,500 approximately. Another patient said that he was charged approximately $700 for dental implants, $45 for root canal treatment (per root canal), $180 for a metal-ceramic crown and $290 for bleaching.

What standard of quality can you expect?

One can compare the quality of dental treatments and procedures in Croatia easily with that of the Western European countries. The clinics in Croatia are technologically advanced and use high-quality materials. They also follow the highest standards of technical protocols and hygiene control, which ensures maximum safety and comfort for the international patients.

Where in Croatia you can find the best dental centers?

Some of the prominent Croatian destinations with best dental centers are:

  • Zagreb
  • Zadar
  • Rijeka
  • Matuji
  • Split
  • Delnice
  • Kastav, etc.

How to Find the Best Dental Centers in Croatia

Now, you have all the reasons to consider Croatia as THE MOST prominent choice for dental treatments. The next thing that comes to your mind is how you can find the best dental clinics in Croatia. As the most powerful medical tourism provider directory system, PlacidWay can help you with right guidance and expertise. We will guide you in taking all the necessary steps, one at a time, in order to help you make the informed decisions.  Our patient coordination team will work further with you to obtain the information you are seeking before making an informed decision. Whether it is getting a price quote, talking to a dentist in Croatia regarding your condition, or arranging logistics, we can provide you with a helping hand!

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