60-Year-Old Lung Cancer Patient Travels Cuba to Get Cimavax1Lung Cancer Patient Covers 1200 Miles to Get Cimavax in Cuba

Diseases do not see caste, creed, color or religion. It does not matter which part of this world you live in, diseases can catch you anytime. A resident of Texas traveled Havana last year to save his life from lung cancer using Cimavax and now he visits local community club every day to play golf. Read the story of Mr. Joe Anderson and learn how he managed to trick life-threatening lung cancer.

It began with the diagnosis of lung cancer in 2017 when the family of Mr. Anderson was told that he could hardly see the year of 2018. However, they did not give up and resolved to fight until the end. They went to Havana, Cuba to get treatment for Mr. Anderson through Cimavax vaccine. But why the Andersons flew to a clinic located more than 1200 miles away? Find out below why Mr. Anderson’s family took him to Cuba to treat lung cancer.

What is Lung Cancer and why it is Dangerous?

Lung cancer is not very easy to diagnose. In some cases, it may take even months to diagnose the disease. It is very difficult to detect the symptoms of lung cancer in the early stages. In addition, once the doctor can detect the disease, it spreads across other body parts.

Lung cancer is the worst form of cancer and it causes most of the deaths from cancer worldwide. There are limited solutions available for lung cancer and initial treatments can cost huge. This is the reason why many people like the Andersons decide to fly Cuba to get a cost-effective solution in the form of Cimavax.

Years of Suffering

60-years old Mr. Anderson was suffering from stage 4 lung cancer and the doctors were not suggesting any promising result. His son-in-law Steve got to know about the availability of Cimavax vaccine in Cuba. They have done a lot of research and only found good things about Cimavax. Though he was traveling to another country  for the treatment, he was not worried. Mr. Anderson said he has real hope for the first time.

Visiting Havana

The clinic Steve contacted was located in the Cuban capital Havana. After reaching there they found many other people from the US were there for cancer treatment. The Anderson family was quite impressed with the facilities and hospitality and the best part is that the treatment was affordable.

Why Cimavax?

The vaccine works against cancer by improving the immune response against EGFR protein in the blood. EGFR molecule encourages the growth of lung cancer. Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States has not approved the use of this vaccine in the country yet, but some people reportedly got positive results and the treatment is giving a new lease of life to them.

The family of Mr. Anderson made a bold decision and they got the results. Many people are visiting Cuba nowadays to get an affordable solution for lung cancer. If you want to search for the top Cuban clinics offering Cimavax for lung cancer patients, PlacidWay can help you find the best solutions.

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