Cimavax Cancer Treatment in Cuba

Cimavax Treatment in Cuba

Bella Miller is the 76-year-old woman suffering from Stage Four lung cancer. She has been taken to Cuba by her son Mike and granddaughter Jesse. There, Bella will go through a few phases Cimavax treatment, which might increase her lifespan by a few months or even years. The Miller family reached Cuba with a lot of hope.

Why Miller’s Choose Cuba?

Bella has gone through several painful procedures including chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Mike has been vigorously researching about various lung cancer treatments that can be less painful and effective for his mother. He read about lung cancer treatment using Cimavaxvaccine in Cuba that can prevent further growth of cancer. In fact, many Cuban trials have shown Cimavax can extend the lives of patients suffering from lung cancer. 

Cimavax Treatment in Cuba Raises Hope

Jesse and her Dad have done a lot of research on Cimavax for lung cancer in Cuba. They have mostly read good things about the treatment. The lung cancer vaccine was developed by the researchers at the Center of Molecular Immunology in Cuba. According to their study, the vaccine was tolerated well and some patients who received it seemed to do better.

More Research on Cimavax

They have discussed Cimavax with many experts and came to know that the vaccine targets the EGFR molecule, which is a normal molecule found in both lung cancer cells and healthy cells. Patients who have lung cancer, EGFR is highly expressed in them. They also read about the researches that evaluated the effectiveness and safety of using the vaccine.

One such research was about a clinical trial in Cuba where 405 patients were assigned to either receive or not receive Cimavax after completing 4-6 chemotherapy courses. The study revealed three to four months increase in survival among the patients who received at least four Cimavax doses. Many other studies have cited that Cimavax can extend the lives of cancer patients not just by months, but sometimes even years. All these factors raised their hope and they decided to visit Cuba where Bella will have her first Cimavax injections.

Cimavax is the Right Option

There are several cancer hospitals and clinics in Cuba that provide Cimavax treatment. However, Jesse suggested an international health center in the west of Havana. The center has good history of cancer treatments where many patients have completed Cimavax phases with effective result. The initial cost will be $11,000 approximately for Phase 1 and the treatment will be divided into different phrases, as per the doctor’s instructions.

Now, Bella has completed the first phase of Cimavax and the procedure was not very difficult or painful. The Miller family is also very happy with the care and support provided by the Cuban clinic. Bella has been advised to visit the clinic again after 30 days for the next phase.

Is anyone from your family, friends or loved ones suffering from lung cancer? He/she can be like Bella to get useful Cimavax treatment in Cuba.If you are looking for the best Cimavax clinics in Cuba, explore your options. 

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