Choose the Best Stem Cell Therapy in Guadalajara, Mexico

Low Cost Stem Cell Therapy in Guadalajara, Mexico

Stem Cell Therapy in Guadalajara, Mexico

Stem Cell Therapy in Guadalajara, Mexico

Wondering if Stem Cell Therapy might help you or a loved one with a serious disease? Experienced doctors in Guadalajara, Mexico offer high-quality treatment for an affordable price. In this article, we?ll guide you to choosing Stem Cell therapy in Guadalajara as an effective solution to numerous health treatments.

Why Choose Stem Cell Therapy in In Guadalajara, Mexico?

Guadalajara, Mexico has world-class clinics and highly trained doctors who work hard to treat you with Stem Cell Therapy at a high success rate.

The following reasons invite international patients to visit Guadalajara, Mexico for Stem Cell treatment:

Cost-Saving Option ? Coming to Guadalajara you?ll save up to 70% without sacrificing the quality of Stem Cell Treatment.

State-of-the-art clinics ? Equipped with the latest technology that meets American standards.

Experienced Medical Team ? Doctors have international training and the medical team is bilingual.

The Proximity ? The convenient location attracts Americans and Canadians to come to Guadalajara for medical treatment within only a few hours of the trip. 

Vacation ? While in Guadalajara for Stem Cell Therapy, you?ll be able to visit some of the top tourist places.

The Cost of Stem Cell Therapy in Guadalajara, Mexico

Affordable Stem Cell Therapy cost is the key reason to choose Guadalajara, Mexico. Knowing that this treatment is from $20,000 in North America, Guadalajara's economic choice.

The costs comparison between America, Canada, and Guadalajara. Mexico is presented in the table below.

Cost Comparison Table ? Guadalajara vs. the USA and Canada 

The Country 


Guadalajara, Mexico 

The Cost of Stem Cell Therapy 

From $20,000 

From $2,000



You will pay less in Guadalajara for the same quality of Stem Cell treatment you?d get in the USA or Canada.

 Stem Cell Treatment Abroad

The Best Clinics for Stem Cell Therapy in Guadalajara, Mexico

Best clinics for Stem Cell Therapy in Guadalajara, Mexico provide many advantages. Among other things, these are what you get if you visit our chosen clinics:

  • Transportation service (from airport to hospital, and vice versa)

  • Translation Service

  • International accreditation

  • Post-operative care

  • High-Quality Stem Cell Treatment

The Best Doctors for Stem Cell Therapy in Guadalajara, Mexico

Besides providing high-quality stem cell therapy, doctors in Guadalajara boast the following credentials:

  • Board-Certified doctors 

  • Fluent in English

  • Offer follow-up after the treatment

  • More than 5 years of experience

Dr. Jose Alejandro Robert Montenegro at Stem Health

Dr. Guadalupe Robles Sanchez at DNA VITA Therapeutics

Dr. Angelica Duran at Cmcells Centro Médico Celular

Stem Cell therapy ? Overview

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy or regenerative medicine is a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure. A doctor performs stem cell treatment to repair diseased, dysfunctional, or injured tissue.

Types of Stem Cells



Stem cells are used from embryos that are 3 to 5 days old. 

These pluripotent stem cells can divide into more stem cells or can become any type of cell in the body. 

Adult stem cells are found in small numbers. Compared with embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells have a limited ability to give rise to various cells of the body. 

The Benefits of Stem Cells 

  • Helps heal incisions and wounds, 

  • Provide pain relief and decrease the inflammation, 

  • Recovery time is minimal. 

The Risks of Stem Cells 

  • Mouth and throat pain, 

  • Nausea and vomiting, 

  • Infection, 

  • Bleeding and transfusions.

Patient Reviews after Stem Cell Therapy in Guadalajara, Mexico

Medical Tourism in Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara is the second-largest city in Mexico. Due to highly experienced doctors and architectural wonders, Guadalajara is one of the world's most popular medical tourism destinations.

Top Places to Visit in Guadalajara, Mexico

After your successful Stem Cell Treatment, give yourself a chance to relax and get to know some popular tourist places in Guadalajara.

Historical Centre 

Historical Centre  



How to Reach in Guadalajara, Mexico?

Guadalajara International Airport (IATA: GDL) receives numerous flights per day from the USA and Canada. Although some medical tourists from South America can travel by car, most travel by plane. 

The table below shows brief information about flights to Guadalajara.

The Flight Information Table 

The City of Departure 

IATA Code 

Flight Duration 

L.A., America 



New York, America 



Dallas, America 










The flight duration between Toronto, Vancouver, and Guadalajara includes one transfer.

Documents Required to Enter Guadalajara, Mexico

Coming to Mexico, you must present a valid passport and visa. Americans and Canadians are exempt from Mexico visas.  

The following documents are required to enter Mexico: 

  • Proof of a negative COVID-19 test (PCR or rapid antigen) 

  • A valid and original photo ID (photocopied and digital documents are not accepted) 

  • Present the Multiple Immigration Form (a tourist card or tourist permit).


How much is Stem Cell therapy in Guadalajara compared to the USA?

Stem Cell therapy in Guadalajara is up to 70% less compared to the USA. The cost depends upon the type of treatment and the hospital you choose. 

For example, you?ll pay $2,000 for a minor procedure in Guadalajara and save money. 

In the USA, for the same quality of the procedure, you?ll have to pay at least $20,000.

Is it Safe to visit Guadalajara for Stem Cell Therapy?

Yes, it is safe to visit Guadalajara for Stem Cell Therapy. However, it is recommended that you take common-sense precautions as you would in any tourist city.

What is the Difference between Embryonic and Adult Stem Cells?

Embryonic stem cells can develop into any cell type. Adult stem cells are found only in specific body areas and can only develop into a limited number of cell types.

How Long Should I Stay in Guadalajara for Stem Cell Therapy?

It would be best to stay at least 2-3 days for Stem Cell Therapy in Guadalajara. The length of stay depends on the type of stem cell therapy, your health condition, and the complexity of the procedure.

What's the Recovery Time for Stem Cell Therapy in Guadalajara?

The recovery time for Stem Cell Therapy in Guadalajara varies from 2 to 12 weeks. You will be able to return to your daily routine just a few days after the stem cell procedure. 

Recovery depends upon your physical condition before and after the therapy.


Considering Guadalajara for Stem Cell Therapy will be a cost-effective option, especially if you?re an American or Canadian patient. Experienced Stem Cell doctors will provide safe and quality treatment for your health condition. 

The PlacidWay team will be with you every step of this life-changing journey. Contact us for more information and receive your free quote today!

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