Dental Care Abroad- 6 Things to Consider before Going Extra Mile for your Smile

Dental Care Abroad

Dental Care Abroad- 6 Things to Consider before Going Extra Mile for your Smile

With the increasing cost of dental care services and lack of satisfactory dental insurance coverage, the trend of dental tourism is rising steadily. Dental treatment abroad can help you save up to 50-70% cost for the more expensive procedures like dental implants, crowns, veneers or smile makeovers. On top of that, you can travel across one of the beautiful countries and get dental treatment as well. So, dental tourism helps you to:

i. Save money

ii. Get excellent treatment

iii. Enjoy your vacation

However, it is also very important on your part to do proper research to do away with the risks of dental treatment abroad. So, before you go that extra mile for your smile, there are a few important things to consider.

1.  Standards of Dentistry

Compare the standard of dentistry abroad to find out if it is better or as good as your home country. You will find many dental clinics abroad that assure high-quality treatment and save a lot of your money when you compare the same procedure back home. Complications may arise when there is no accountability and regulation. So, choose a clinic that ensures quality and regulation like good practices for hygiene, infection control, transparency and customer service.

2. Have you Asked Questions to the Dentist?

You are choosing an overseas destination for dental treatment so you must get the right answers to satisfy all your doubts and queries. The dentists can inform patients about different treatments and options so you should not feel afraid to ask questions.

Also, Training, education and practice philosophies of the dentists abroad might differ from the dentists in your home country. You should not shy away from asking questions related to the qualification and experience of the dentist along with his/her success rate to perform your chosen dental procedure. If the answers are not satisfactory, you will have time to move to another option. So, asking questions is very important before you board on your flight.

3. Clinic Track Record

After you decide on your dentist, it is very important that you also know about the clinic. Even the best dentists need a good team and tools. Get complete information about the accreditation, services, and facilities of the clinic. Opt for the clinic that has certification and a license from a renowned medical body. Make sure the chosen clinic has a good track record of providing the dental solution you seek. You should also ensure that the dentist has proper credentials and displays prominent license in the office.

Dental Treatment Abroad

4. Things do not Work Out –What Happens Next?

Sometimes things do not go as planned or are more complex than it seemed first. If things don’t work out as expected and you again need to see a dentist, the process should not be difficult. The dentist and the clinic must help you overcome the problem and return home with a satisfactory result.

5. Is the Location Good for Dental Tourism?

Locations such as Costa Rica and Mexico are steadily rising in popularity among dental tourists for high quality and affordable dental services. Studies show that the dental care satisfaction level in Mexico matches that of the United States. People save thousands of dollars including factors like extensive treatment, lodging, and travel. So, also check which location is closer and less expensive to travel. Also, check if the location is safe to accommodate dental tourism patients, what is the crime rate or how difficult it is to cross the border.

6. Documentation in English

Ask your chosen dental clinic to give all the documentation in English. It is great of the clinic and the dentist speaks your native language. If that is not the case, be sure that the language barrier does not cause any miscommunication. You can hire a translator or an agent who will attend all the appointments with you. The translator/agent must be well-versed with the dentistry terms so he/she can convey the information correctly.

It is very important to test your options before you travel abroad for dental treatments. At PlacidWay, we have listed a huge resource for dental clinics and dentists abroad. You can check the profiles of clinics and dentists at your preferred destination aboard and compare the price to find the best suitable package. PlacidWay wishes you a thrilling dental journey abroad by taking the right decision to find the best dental care and save money.

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2020-01-10 / Updated on: 2021-01-08

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