PlacidWay Partners with Custom Assurance Placements to Expand Access to Comprehensive Medical Tourism Insurance


Denver, COPlacidWay, a leading global medical tourism platform, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Custom Assurance Placements Ltd., a pioneer in specialty insurance solutions. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the medical tourism industry by expanding access to an innovative insurance product, Global Protective Solutions SM, designed to provide comprehensive coverage for medical tourists against complications that may arise during their medical journey abroad.

In an era where the demand for medical tourism continues to grow, driven by the search for high-quality, affordable healthcare solutions across borders, the need for specialized insurance has never been more critical. PlacidWay and Custom Assurance Placements through its Medical Tourism Insurance product recognizes the importance of building trust within the medical tourism ecosystem, ensuring that both consumers and providers are adequately protected.

The insurance product provides comprehensive coverage tailored for medical tourists, addressing a broad spectrum of potential needs and risks associated with international medical travel. This includes coverage for additional medical or surgical expenses due to complications, financial support for extended stays, including travel, meals, and accommodations for both the patient and a travel companion, and emergency medical coverage for accidents or illnesses related to travel. It also offers financial protection against accidental death or dismemberment, emergency transportation/medical repatriation, 24-hour emergency medical assistance, and safeguards for travel cancellations in exceptional circumstances, travel delays, and loss of baggage. The plan further enhances its offerings with additional benefits such as pharmacy discounts and crisis management assistance, ensuring a well-rounded support system for medical tourists.

Tracy H. Simons, President of Custom Assurance Placements, emphasizes the significance of this partnership: "In a world where accessing quality healthcare knows no borders, ensuring patient safety and financial security is paramount. Our collaboration with PlacidWay expands a comprehensive insurance solution tailored to the unique needs of medical tourists, reinforcing trust and confidence in international healthcare services."

Tracy H. Simons

This comprehensive insurance solution addresses the inherent risks associated with traveling abroad for medical care, offering peace of mind to patients and their families. By mitigating financial risks and providing emergency assistance, PlacidWay and Custom Assurance Placements aim to enhance the safety and reliability of medical tourism.

"Partnering with Custom Assurance Placements allows us to offer an unparalleled level of protection and support to our clients," said Pramod Goel, Founder & CEO of PlacidWay. "This insurance product not only safeguards the health and well-being of medical tourists but also strengthens the overall framework of trust and reliability in the medical tourism industry."

Mr. Pramod Goel

As medical tourism continues to evolve, this partnership represents a forward-thinking approach to addressing the needs of international patients and medical centers, ensuring they can pursue their healthcare goals with confidence and security.

For more information about the medical tourism insurance and how it can benefit your next medical journey, please visit: Specialized Medical Tourism Travel Insurance for Accidents or Illness Including Coverage for Medical Complications

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Custom Assurance Placements Ltd. specializes in developing insurance solutions for niche markets, providing clients with tailored coverage to meet their specific needs. They have been focused on medical tourism since 2010. 

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