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 Medical Tourism in Poland

Poland is a country rich in historical tradition and legacies. It is a land of ancient and magnificent architecture that stands side by side the ultimate in modern construction, technology and design. Poland is where past meets future, and a country that leads her neighbors to embrace the future while treasuring her past. 

Poland in a Snapshot:

  • Currency: Z?oty
  • Language: Polish
  • Climate: Summers range from 68ºF to 81ºF, while winters offer rain and snow and temperatures that average 37º to -8ºF
  • Capital: Warsaw

Poland is becoming a great travel destination for Americans, made even easier by the fact that a visa is not required for 90-day or less visits to the country. Poland is a country of mountains and lakes, of festivals and outdoor activities that keep natives and vacationers busy and happy all year long. It's also a place of history. Poland is a country that has experienced the wrath of wars and sorrow, and visitors by the thousands arrive every year to visit places like Auschwitz, the remains of the Warsaw Ghetto, the Royal Castle and the Black Madonna.

Poland's major cities; Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw and Gdansk, offer visitors the best in wine and fine dining, age-old customs and dance, exquisite architecture and hotels and the best in entertainment, whether you visit a neighborhood pub, four-star restaurant, take a quiet stroll along the Vistula in Warsaw or go skiing in the Tatra Mountains.

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is a vibrant city; one that can compete with the best Europe has to offer. Whether you want to enjoy arts and culture or take advantage of sightseeing opportunities, this fantastic city has something for you. Krakow is famous for its variety of fine restaurants and clubs, which attract younger crowds, while Wroclaw is a thriving city of festivals, museums and theatres.

Why Health Tourism in Poland?

Poland offers visitors an intriguing blend of old and new, ancient and technologically advanced. One of the recent advancements in Poland is its ability to provide superlative medical treatment for visitors not only from the United States, but also around the world. Poland has slowly yet rightfully gained a reputation for providing some of the best services and care in dentistry, fertility treatments, hip and knee replacements, cardiology and ophthalmology procedures, surgeries and treatments.

Technologically advanced facilities are cropping up throughout Poland, especially in her major cities. Physicians, staff and facilities are accredited by reputable medical accrediting organizations in Europe and Internationally, and offer beneficial savings in treatments over costs found for similar surgeries and procedures throughout Europe and the United States.

10 Fun Things to Do in Poland

  • Enjoy the Shanties Festival in Krakow
  • Take a tour of Auschwitz
  • Visit the 13th century Royal Castle in Warsaw
  • Visit the Black Madonna Monastery
  • Go hiking or skiing in Zakopane in the Tatra Mountains
  • Visit the historical museum of Warsaw
  • Enjoy the sights of the Temple of Sybille
  • Take a drive through the Kabaty Forest
  • Spend the day at the palace of Culture
  • Enjoy the sunshine in Lazienki Royal Park

Regardless of what brings you to Poland, enjoy your stay. Take in the sights. Immerse yourself in the culture and heritage of one of the oldest countries in Europe. Soak in the history, revel in the architecture and enjoy the amenities that many of the great cities in Poland have to offer travelers from around the world. It's an experience that will last a lifetime.

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