20 Best Medical Treatment Center in Poland for 2023

List of Affordable Medical Clinics in Poland

Constance Care Rehabilitation Center, situated at Warsaw, Poland, offers treatment for craniocerebral injuries, spinal cord injuries or post-stroke. The clinic offers a holistic approach to patients, and is committed to provide best medical rehabilitation.
The European Health Centre Otwock is a successful and patient-centric medical treatment facility located some 25km from Warsaw. It is the most advanced private hospital in Poland focusing on cancer treatments using top-notch techniques..
Carolina Medical Center is located in the beautiful Warsaw, Poland. The Center specializes in Orthopedic/Knee and Hip Surgery, Spine Surgery and treatments related to musculoskeletal system. Carolina Medical Center is dedicated to the constant pursuit of excellence, committed to high quality medical care, featuring experienced and trained professionals and using the latest technology. In order to

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Nowadays, health and youthfulness are two of the most desirable values, that is because in terms of healthy human development, well-being and a young appearance creates more success. In response to these needs, KCM Hospital was formed into the most modern international private Hospital in Poland, where the term healthcare finds a completely new meaning. Our Medical Team focus on fast and compre
Life Institute provides best Stem Cell Therapy in Warsaw, Poland. Book online now Anti Aging Stem Cell Treatments, Adult Stem Cell Therapy, and Stem Cell Therapy for Fertility Treatment at Life Institute.
PlacidWay Poland Medical Tourism offers solutions to those who place a premium on their quality of life. Whether you have a physiological need requiring medical attention, a social motivation to change the way you look, or just want to take advantage of the benefits offered by natural healthcare methods, PlacidWay Poland Medical Tourism provides enormous options.

American Heart of Poland Medical Center

Katowice, Poland
Polish American Clinic Serca (Polsko-Ameryka?skie Kliniki Serca - PAKS), American Heart of Poland S.A. are the network of interventional cardiology, angiology and also cardio surgery sections in Poland.

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Baltic Plaza Hotel Medispa & Fit

Kolobrzeg, Poland
Baltic Plaza Hotel Medispa & Fit is a hotel built on a beautiful location. Park Natura 2000 which is few minutes walk away from the sandy beach, surrounds the spa resort.

Education and Rehabilitation Centre

Konstancin, Poland
A modern facility that offers comprehensive treatments for locomotor disorders. We have specialised in this area for over 30 years!

Fmex Dental (Fmex.Eu)

Gdansk, Poland
Located in Gdansk, Poland FMEX Dental offers high quality dental treatment at affordable prices, often 50-70% less than many other European countries. A full range of services is available from highly trained, specialist dentists including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, implantology, periodontics, paediatric dentistry and dental hygiene. All treatment is performed according to the highest European standards and performed in modern state-of-the-art surroundings. Patients are advised that a stay of 5-6 working days is recommended. On request FMEX can handle all the arrangements necessary for a trip to Gdansk and offer services such as transportation, an English or German speaking personal assistant, an initial dental check and a treatment plan free of charge. Dental guarantees apply to laboratory work, depending on the procedure involved, for example an Alpha-Bio? implant carries a guarantee of 10 years and a porcelain veneer a guarantee of 3 years.

Gyncentrum Clinic

Katowice, Poland
Situated in Katowice, South West Poland, Gyncentrum Fertility Clinic offers the latest techniques in infertility treatment from an expert team of gynaecologists, endocrinologists, urologists and embryologists. Treatments available include IMSI, PICSI, oocyte and embryo vitrification, egg donation, sperm donation and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). Recognising the stress that the costs of infertility treatment can impose, Gyncentrum offer an  In Vitro 100% Guarantee , whereby all costs are refunded if a pregnancy does not result from IVF treatment. Gyncentrum has its own Sperm and Egg Bank and egg donation programme. Egg donors are all young women aged between 20 and 32 who have undergone rigorous medical tests and have at least one healthy baby of their own. Egg donation in Poland is anonymous and no information about the donor is provided. Clients are able to express preferences such as eye colour, blood type and educational status.

Health Resort Ustron

Ustron, Poland
Health Resort Ustron offers comprehensive treatments applied by experienced staff with the best accommodation available in the region and also numerous attractions in beautiful Poland. Among the biggest health resort complexes in Europe, the Health Resort Ustron has a tradition in rehabilitation since the nineteenth century, when the first spa with therapeutic baths was created, back in 1804.

Indexmedica | ComplexMedica Group

Krakow, Poland
Indexmedica ComplexMedica Group is a modern clinic equipped with the highest quality modern dental materials used by experienced staff.


Kielce, Poland
We are Polish Medical Tourism Agency with Quality Team of Professionals to take care of you and your loved ones..

Medical Poland

Bydgoszcz , Poland
Providing the best medical care in the most comfortable conditions... each client is treated with utmost care by our English speaking specialists, making your stay the most pleasant experience ever

Polish Center for Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy

Czestochowa, Poland
Polish Center for Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy, located in Czestochowa, Poland offers excellent stem cell therapy to its domestic and international patients. Click for center details.

Polish-Swiss Institute of Dental Rehabilitation

Warsaw, Poland
Polish-Swiss Institute of Dental Rehabilitation is located in Warsaw, Poland and offers a wide range of Dentistry treatments and procedures, such as: dental implants, all on 4 dental implants, all on 6 dental implants, all on 8 dental implants, dental crowns, dental veneers, dental bridges, dental fillings, orthodontics, root canal, teeth whitening, tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction and many more. Offering affordable prices and featuring cutting-edge technology and a renowned team of dental specialists, Polish-Swiss Institute of Dental Rehabilitation welcomes patients from all around the world.

Reconstructive & Endoscopic Surgery Hospital CMR

Bielsko Biala, Poland
Reconstructive & Endoscopic Surgery Hospital CMR in Bielsko-Biala is one of the most modern surgical treatment and diagnostic centers in Poland.

Stomatologia Steczko Dental Clinic

Krakow, Poland
Carefully selected dentists provide dental care of the highest standard with total peace of mind & ensuring quality, satisfaction and comfort…

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