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European Health Centre Otwock in Warsaw, Poland Reviews from Real Patients

F. Chopin Hospital - ul. Borowa 14/18
Price range:: $187 to $24208
Focus Area: European Health Centre Otwock | Cancer Treatment | Oncology | Radiotherapy | HIFU | Chemotherapy | Breast Cancer | Warsaw | Poland

About European Health Centre Otwock

The European Health Centre Otwock is a successful and patient-centric medical treatment facility located some 25km from Warsaw. It is the most advanced private hospital in Poland focusing on cancer treatments using top-notch techniques..

Cancer Treatment,General Surgery,Heart Care/Surgery,Obesity/Bariatric Surgery,Robotic Surgery,Urology Reviews in Warsaw, Poland at European Health Centre Otwock

  • Ibrahim B

    Not ready a class of patients

    Jul 29 2022

    A wonderful hospital with people who are there by calling. Doctors in Urology and as in Intensive Therapy are very nice and care for their patients, nurses and each one is for people for us patients 5 stars is not enough I give 6 Thank you for very good care of me Regards warmly Witek Skoracki

    Google Nov 22 2021
  • Bianka

    A few years ago, Heaven sent an Angel to my Family.
    Urologist Jakub Dobruch, thanks to his accurate diagnosis, saved my husbands life and removed my tumors. Both my husband and I were operated on at the same time. We are still alive thanks to the fantastic work of the surgeons in the Urology Department. Contact with doc Dobruch is one of the nicest things that has happened to me in my life. Thank you, Bożena and Andrzej Bolimowski.

    Google Nov 30 2021
  • Sulima

    Very good clinic.
    And polite staff!

    Google Dec 29 2021
  • Krystyna

    Dr. Naser Dib is the best Doctor and Specialist. He saved my husband life. A real Man with a Big Heart, who can help even after leaving the hospital. Many thanks for help and care both before admission to the hospital and after leaving home for Małgorzata Kałkowska - medical assistant. Thank you for the Big Heart.

    Google Jan 17 2022
  • Paweł

    I recommend. Very good service and medical assistance. Top-class specialists.

    Google Jan 18 2022
  • Tom D M J

    European Health Centre Otwock is ECZ. I offered ECZ to give me their opinion about being a candidate for HIFU for my prostate cancer because of the experience with HIFU that european doctors have. ECZ is a private hospital nearby to Warsaw, in Otwock Poland. It is set in an idyllic forested area, and has been modernized within the past 5 years.

    I am a physician myself, with 30 years of experience caring for primary care patients.

    My experience at ECZ for my HIFU was wonderful. Paweł Połonecki contacted me personally, by phone, several times before I made my travel plans to Poland, and also since my return home. A staff member attended my initial registration and steps, whenever a translation was needed. Dr. Stanislaw Szemplinski was a thorough clinician, sensitive man and academic urologist at once. I received an extensive history and physical examination from a urologic resident physician after I was admitted to ECZ. My procedure went apparently well. The anesthesia staff were efficient, and I was carefully recovered after the procedure. There was an admirable retinue of academicians (residents, students, staff physicians) and attending physicians who rounded on me several times with Dr. Szemplinski, and this aspect of my care was very valuable to me.

    The nursing staff are professional, caring, competent and cheerful.

    I was 4 days, 3 nights at ECZ. My procedure was during the 2nd day. I had little to no pain, and received analgesics from the nursing staff. The food was really great, but not like a restaurant. I needed to take my own prescription medications, which I had with me. I followed up with Dr. Szemplinski day 7 after my procedure. So far, my clinical outcome has been very very favorable, with respect to my prostate cancer. I have not had incontinence to speak of, and my erectile function is admirable, to date.

    Details such as: a) sending a driver to bring me to ECZ for registration & return for follow-up appointment, and to return me to my hotel, b) contacting my family member directly with updates about my status, c) accommodating my traveling schedule after my procedure, were all delightful and exemplary elements of my experience with ECZ.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Europeah Health Centre Otwock for HIFU for appropriately selected men with prostate cancer!! I felt I had a red carpet at ECZ. If I need further treatments, I will return to ECZ.

    Jan 02 2018