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Effective Prices for Breast Cancer Treatment in Warsaw Poland at European Health Centre Otwock

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F. Chopin Hospital - ul. Borowa 14/18, Warsaw 05-400, Poland
Price Range: $187 - $24208
Specialty: Cancer Treatment, General Surgery, Heart Care/Surgery, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery, Robotic Surgery, Urology

About European Health Centre Otwock

Founded in 2004, the European Health Centre Otwock is a successful and patient-centric medical treatment facility for cancer treatments. The medical services are at the highest level thanks to comprehensive and fruitful cooperation with scholars in various fields of medicine latest technology in diagnosis and monitoring sensitive nursing care and psychological support enriched by music therapy based on the works of Chopin. Cooperation with the Best Health Care Centers in Poland and Worldwide The extensive cooperation with the renowned medical centers in Poland and abroad gives the chance to all patients for excellent treatments. The patients under the care of the European Health Centre Otwock diagnostic and therapeutic teams have the opportunity to receive outstanding medical care of neurologists, endocrinologists, diabetologists, urologists, surgeons, gynecologists and many other medical professionals. The Most Advanced Technology: The European Health Centre Otwoc

European Health Centre Otwock Pricings:

Procedure Details Price in USD
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Consultation, cycle monitoring, egg colelction, ambryology, embryo transfer $1578
IVF with ICSI Consultation, cycle monitoring, egg collection, embryology, embryo transfer, ICSI $1830
ICSI with IMSI ICSI with IMSI $1965
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) $2,820 - $4,146 $2820
Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) $2,395 - $3,346 $2395
Embryo Freezing Embryos freezing and storage for the first year $224
Intrauterine insemination (IUI) IUI with partner sperm $187 / with donor sperm $362 $187
Egg Donation egg donation program: 8 frozen mature egg cells, thawing of the egg cells and the whole embryological procedure, embryo transfer, freezing the remaining embryos for 1 year,   transfer of the remaining frozen embryos $4611
Cardiac Ablation Treatment Cardiac Ablation Treatment $24208
Anti Reflux Surgery Procedures Laparoscopic Fundoplication (Nissen) - $11,297 $11297
Laparoscopic Gallbladder Removal Laparoscopic Gallbladder Removal $4841
Laparoscopic Hiatal Hernia Repair Procedure Epigastric hernia repair: $3,765 - $4,841 $3765
Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair Inguinal hernia repair - unilateral: $3,765 - $4,626 / Inguinal hernia repair - bilateral: $5,164 - $5,594 $3765
Tonsillitis Tonsillitis $5648
Adenoidectomy Adenoidectomy $3227
Sinusitis Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS): $4,034 - $9,683 $4034
Mastectomy Mastectomy $2905
Gynecomastia Gynecomastia repair - unilateral: $4,841 / Gynecomastia repair - bilateral: $6,455 $4841
Breast Cancer Quadrantectomy: $2,259 / Quadrantectomy with lymphadenectomy: $4,034 $2259
Cataract Surgery Cataract surgery  (phacoemulsification): $5,487 / Cataract surgey (phacoemulsification with lens exchange): $6,455 - $13,718 $5487
Strabismus 1 eye $3873
Varicose Veins Varicose veins cryosurgery - unilateral: $4,034 - $4,841 / Varicose veins cryosurgery - bilateral: $5,164 - $5,648 $4034
Varicose Veins Varicose veins (stripping) - unilateral: $3,550 - $4,034 / Varicose veins (stripping) - bilateral: $4,841 - $5,164 $3550

European Health Centre Otwock Reviews

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    Ibrahim B

    Not ready a class of patients

    Jul 29 2022
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    A wonderful hospital with people who are there by calling. Doctors in Urology and as in Intensive Therapy are very nice and care for their patients, nurses and each one is for people for us patients 5 stars is not enough I give 6 Thank you for very good care of me Regards warmly Witek Skoracki

    Google Nov 22 2021
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    A few years ago, Heaven sent an Angel to my Family.
    Urologist Jakub Dobruch, thanks to his accurate diagnosis, saved my husbands life and removed my tumors. Both my husband and I were operated on at the same time. We are still alive thanks to the fantastic work of the surgeons in the Urology Department. Contact with doc Dobruch is one of the nicest things that has happened to me in my life. Thank you, Bożena and Andrzej Bolimowski.

    Google Nov 30 2021