Rafał Baranowski, Cardiologist - Kierszek, Poland

Dzialkowa 125 Kierszek, Poland
Speciality: Cardiologist,
Languages: English
Degree: MD, Ph.D.
Focus Area: Rafa? Baranowski | Kierszek | Poland |

About - Rafał Baranowski

Graduate of Medical Faculty of Medical University of Warsaw.

Foreign internships: Sant Pau Hospital and Institute of Cybernetics Barcelona.

Prof. Baranowski works in The Institute of Cardiology, a member of Polish and European Society of Cardiology.

Cardiological consultations:

  • Heart arythmia
  • Hypertension
  • Coronary artery disease (including state after heart attack)
  • Valvular heart disease
  • Heart failure.

Qualifications for cardiac surgery, pre- and post-operation care, continuation of treatment of cardiac outpatient. The author of over 200 theses and ECG textbooks. The main directions of clinical and scientific interests: electrocardiology, arrhythmia, implantable devices - pacemakers, ICD, CRT.


Neurology Treatment Cost in Warsaw Poland - Constance CenterPricesEnquire
Neurological Rehabilitation Medicine in Kierszek, Poland$401Enquire
Neurological Rehabilitation Medicine in Kierszek, Poland$794Enquire
Neurological Rehabilitation Medicine in Kierszek, Poland$849Enquire
Neurological Rehabilitation Medicine in Kierszek, Poland$410Enquire
Neurological Rehabilitation Medicine in Kierszek, Poland$416Enquire
Neurological Rehabilitation Medicine in Kierszek, Poland$849Enquire

Constance Care Rehabilitation Center reviews

  • Grażyna

    it is best to get there by car with GPS. It is difficult to walk from the public transport stop, there is not always a sidewalk and no signs or information boards. The center offers rehabilitation, probably approx.

    Google Sep 09 2017
  • Magdalena

    A sensational place that helps you stand on your feet, taking advantage of rehabilitation using the latest technology using the Japanese HAL exoskeleton. Second place in Europe where such rehabilitation is available. Full professionalism and commitment! Congratulations to Mr. Jacek Walukiewicz and his fantastic team of specialists. I am very impressed with the place, people, possibilities and effects of rehabilitation with the help of the HAL robot.

    Google Aug 04 2017
  • Piotr

    Professional staff and service, modern equipment.

    Google Jul 06 2017
  • Iwo

    Modern equipment and professional service make Constance Care one of the best places in the country for people in need of rehabilitation at the highest level.

    Google Jun 10 2022
  • Karolina

    The biggest advantage of this place is the full professionalism and friendliness of all employees and the great atmosphere they create. In addition, great facilities and comfortable conditions for a longer stay.

    Google Jul 06 2017
  • Tomasz

    Extra specialists

    Google Mar 11 2020

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