Bolivia Medical Tourism

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Bolivia borders both Peru and Brazil, two of the most famous countries in South America. What this means for you, is that you can visit both Inca ruins and beautiful landmarks in the Andes and the famous Amazon Rain Forest while on vacation there. Bolivia also has a lot of its own beautiful sceneries and landscapes, ranging from the city of La Paz to the great Lake Titicaca.

Bolivia in a Snapshot

  • Currency: Boliviano
  • Language: Spanish, Aymara, Quechua
  • Climate: Temperate, but the climate can change drastically from hot to cold depending on the altitude.
  • Capitol: La Paz

Not very many people know much about Bolivia. There are several countries surrounding it that outshine it in fame. Peru, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Argentina all surround this small country that has much to offer the world. However, Bolivia is a beautiful place with a lot of things to do and places to visit. Start in the capital city of La Paz, Bolivia. This is a modern-day city with all the necessary amenities to keep world-class travelers happy and content. La Paz is also an old, historic city filled with spectacular architecture, museums and landmarks. But that isn't all. While in Bolivia, travelers can visit famous places like the Andes or the Amazon Rain Forest.

Bolivia is full of culture and history that offers amazement for those interested in Spanish culture. This is where El Che Guevara, the famous guerilla leader that helped Fidel Castro overthrow the Cuban government and start a Communist rule of Cuba (which is still alive and well today) lived the last of his days. Take a tour that will guide you to all the places he visited and where he was killed. Bolivia is also home to famous Incan trails and ruins. Don't let its size fool you - Bolivia is a great place for anyone to visit. There's plenty to do, plenty to see and plenty to learn. However, if you just want to relax, then Bolivia can offer that to you as well.

Why Health Tourism in Bolivia?
Health tourism is growing extremely popular in different cultures around the world, but especially so in the U.S. Medical travel offers two benefits. The first is enjoy yourself and get away from everyday life - basically all of the things that you usually go to a travel destination for. Second, to obtain high quality medical treatment at a fraction of what you would otherwise pay at home. What health tourism does is combine those two purposes into one great package. If you decide to take one of these travel packages to Bolivia, you will enjoy the comfort of knowing that you will be well taken care of, for Bolivia's doctors are highly trained physicians, working in high tech and modern facilities.

Bolivia is growing a reputation for their excellent treatments for cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, so take advantage of the high-quality care and treatment you'll receive as a patient and as a tourist in this little known jewel in South America.

10 Fun Things to do in Bolivia

  • Walk ancient trails used by the Inca
  • Ride a bike down the "World's Most Dangerous Road"
  • Visit the Amazon Rain Forest
  • Climb a mountain
  • Take the Che Guevara tour, which allows you to visit a lot of the places where the famous Che went, and where he died
  • Go to the Carnival
  • Look at the stupendous views!
  • Visit the Salar de Uyuni, which are the highest salt flats in the world
  • Visit the Andes, towering majestically overhead
  • Visit Potosí, a historic city filled with charm and history

No matter what you're looking for; either a comfortable escape or an adventure, Bolivia has exactly what you need. You can find modern cities or ancient ruins all in one great country. Climb mountains, cut through jungles or shop 'til you drop, all in one glorious vacation. Bolivia has great landmarks and great prices for anything from shoes to medical treatments to offer international travelers.