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Panama: Tropical Wonder

When most of us hear the word Panama, we think of the Panama Canal. It's natural, but Panama has so much more to offer than that. Panama is a tiny Central American country bordered by the Caribbean Sea on one side, and the Pacific Ocean on the other. It's located between gorgeous Costa Rica and beautiful Columbia in the isthmus of Panama. Panama may be small, but it's a country filled with diverse geography, waterways, harbors and a tropical climate that make the perfect getaway destination for international travelers. From the busy streets of Panama City to the rustic call of her mountain ranges, Panama offers visitors and travelers a unique opportunity that blends modern nightlife and amenities with rustic beaches and impressive mountain ranges that delight one and all.


  • Capital: Panama City
  • Currency: Spanish Balboa, U.S. dollar
  • Language: Spanish
  • Climate: Tropical - average of 84°F (29°C), lower temperatures on the Pacific side. Cooler in the mountains with rainy season between April to December. More rainfall on the Caribbean than on the Pacific side.

Panama is a country of mountains and hills, meandering rivers and gorgeous beaches. Visitors to Panama are able to enjoy the best of Pacific and Caribbean sides of the island that are easy to navigate and offer a multitude of outdoor adventures including deep-sea fishing, diving, sunbathing, windsurfing, hiking, sail gliding and more. Hiking enthusiasts invariably hike the highest point in Panama, the Volcán Barú. Impenetrable jungles vie with exciting and high-tech nightlife in Panama's largest city and capital, Panama City.

Hundreds of rivers run through Panama, offering international travelers plenty of fishing opportunities both in freshwater and saltwater environments. The Caribbean coastline of Panama offers a multitude of harbors and beachfront that provides plenty of historical landmarks, museums and viewpoints, and the mountains are rugged and enticing.

Panama is also a land that offers miles of gorgeous, pristine beaches and rugged mountains, but also some of the best real estate in the Western Hemisphere. Tourist locations in Panama are easy to get to, including one of the most famous and visited tourist attractions in the region, the Panama Canal. Panama City offers historical tours where visitors can see the ruins of battles fought in the 1600s as well as enjoy superlative examples of Spanish colonial architecture.

For those who like indoor activities, there was plenty of chances and locations for shopping, gambling and fine dining throughout Panama City hotels as well as on outlying islands such as the San Blas Islands, Tobaga Islands, and the Bocas del Toro Islands.

Why Medical Tourism in Panama?
Health and medical tourism in Panama offers world-class and high-tech medical treatments in a multitude of fields including but not limited to cosmetic and plastic surgery, vision care, dental services, and dermatological services. Panama is considered one of the most favorite medical tourist destinations in Latin America, where North American consumers can save at least 50% or more on the cost of equal medical care and procedures in the United States.

Healthcare providers in Panama, including physicians and surgeons, are often trained in the United States and utilize the same techniques and procedures and medications as those found in the United States. In addition to the tropical attraction of Panama for medical tourists, visitors may benefit from the fact that the majority of medical providers in Panama are bilingual, board-certified, and utilize the same technology and equipment found throughout the United States and Europe.

In recent years, medical tourism in Panama has grown nearly 20% every year as consumers seek quality yet affordable health care outside domestic borders. Panama City, Panama's capital, is one of Central America's most technologically advanced, modern and cosmopolitan cities in Latin America and offers amenities, accommodations, dining and entertainment options for travelers of all ages and interests.

10 Fun Things to Do in Panama

  • Visit the Panama Canal
  • Go deep-sea fishing in the Caribbean
  • Go scuba diving and snorkeling in the Bocas del Toro Islands
  • Go volcano hiking
  • Go bird watching in the jungles
  • Go island hopping
  • Bask in the sunshine on hundreds of miles of pristine beaches
  • Explore the reefs and coral formations on Contadora Island
  • Enjoy the nightlife of Panama City
  • View Spanish colonial architecture in the Casco Viejo District

Regardless of what brings you to Panama, visitors are often astounded by the site and sounds of this tiny Latin American country, nestled between the Caribbean and the Pacific ocean. Her diverse geography, pleasant climate, friendly people, and multitude of activities offer visitors a unique and unforgettable vacation to one of the world's most beautiful tropical destinations. Whether you're a backpacker or connoisseur, Panama is sure to delight.