Iraq Medical Tourism

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Country overview - Iraq

Iraq is one of the oldest countries in the Middle East, bordered by the Syrian and Arabian deserts. Formally known as Mesopotamia, Iraq is commonly known as the cradle of civilization, the center of the Babylonian, Assyrian, and Ottoman empires. Iraq is a beautiful country, consisting mainly of desert, but enjoys cooler temperatures and beautiful coastlines along the Persian Gulf.

Healthcare Environment
Years of strife have strained financial resources and options for Iraqis seeking healthcare. Iraq's formally excellent health care delivery system is currently unable to care for the growing needs of millions of Iraqis diagnosed with a variety of illnesses or to prevent diseases through adequate preventive care. Her neighbors; Jordan to the west and Turkey to the north, offer a variety of healthcare options as does India, an increasingly popular destination for Iraqi citizens.

Why are the Iraqis Traveling Abroad for Treatment?
Iraqis are traveling to her neighboring countries of Jordan and Turkey, as well as India for a large number of reasons, including:

  • Accessible health care and medical treatments
  • Healthcare options and facilities not readily available in their country
  • Increased availability of specialized techniques and procedures

Where are Iraqis Traveling for Medical Care?
Iraqi seeking the best in pediatric, adult and geriatric care are traveling across borders to neighboring countries for medical resources not available in their own country.  Increasing numbers of Iraqis are traveling to India, Jordan and Turkey for a wide range of treatments, including:

  • Dental care
  • Vision
  • Cancer treatments
  • Orthopedic technologies
  • Fertility treatments
  • Cardiac care
  • Cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures

Growing numbers of facilities in India in locations such as New Delhi and Chennai offer superlative and accredited facilities for the growing health care needs of war-weary Iraqis.

What to Take with You
Iraqis anticipating international travel and medical care should contact the embassy of the country they wish to visit for list of requirements to obtain a passport and visa, if required by the destination country. For Iraqi citizens, the new Series A passport allows international travel. Visas with 30-90 days access to India, Jordan and Turkey may be accessed via contact with the embassy of the country the Iraqi citizen wishes to enter.
Contact a medical facility directly or through, a major medical resource for international medical travelers regarding options and locations for the type of medical care you are interested in.

Documents may include but are not limited to:

  • Medical records - including recent treatments/procedures
  • List of medications - don't forget to mention any allergies
  • Consultation or referrals from domestic health care provider
  • Detailed medical history - be prepared to answer questions regarding your social history and background.

Iraqis Traveling Abroad Should Discuss:

  • Costs - what are the costs of a medical travel package (accommodations, lab fees, physical exams, consultations, procedure costs) during the stay.
  • Prepayment requirements - and how facilities want to be paid. Do they take cash? Will Azerbaijani travelers need to convert Azerbaijan manat to foreign currencies? Will the facility take traveler's checks or credit card payments?
  • Details regarding prospective treatments - upfront payments or deposits?

Patients traveling abroad are encouraged to ask any and all questions they may have prior to booking travel or treatment arrangements in order to reduce stress and confusion. Maintain a good liaison with the medical facility you've chosen and keep their contact information with you throughout your journey.