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Welcome to Lebanon!

The Switzerland and Paris of the East

Lebanon is a land of diverse religious cultures with ancient influences from Phoenician, Umayyad, and Egyptian to name a few. It has a contemporary yet traditional appeal and it's also a growing medical tourist destination in the Middle East. Apparently, it is a famous destination among Saudi Arabians, Jordanians, Iraqis and Japanese. Aside from breakthrough medical healthcare they can provide, there are a lot of activities to enjoy in Lebanon. Among the things you can enjoy doing in Lebanon are sightseeing in heritage sights and ruins, skiing, hiking and wine tasting.  


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Lebanon in a Snapshot:

  • Currency: Lebanese pound (LBP) or Lebanese Lira (LL)
  • Language: Arabic is the official language. However, Armenian, English and French are also used.
  • Climate: Lebanon has a Mediterranean climate where winters are rainy and cool while summers are humid and hot. In elevated locations, especially during winter, temperatures drop below freezing along with heavy snow that covers mountain slopes.
  • Capital: Beirut

Situated in Western Asia, Lebanon has a coastline and long border shared with Israel to the south and with Syria to the northeast. It is a country that has a historic and modern appeal, with a diverse cultural and religious heritage.

Beirut, Lebanon's capital, is an energetic metropolis ranking it as one of the Middle East's top destinations for tourism. Beirut has a Mediterranean climate, experiencing 4 seasons that is why it is perfect for year round visits! Also, it has a lot to offer most tastes, from roadside Parisienne coffee shops, Japanese restaurants, rooftop open air cafes, as well as a variety of shopping and tourist venues.

Beirut, Byblos, and Sidon are one of the oldest continuously populous metropolises in the world. There are a lot of ancient churches, mosques, synagogues, and monasteries you can explore in these cities.

The citizens in Lebanon are warm and easy-going. Most of them will do their best to help you when you ask information along the streets. The Lebanese people are also known to be highly educated and open-minded especially in Beirut and in Mount Lebanon. Moreover, due to religious diversities, behaviors and attitudes apparently are conservative in the rural north and south as well as the Bekaa Valley.


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Why Health Tourism in Lebanon?

Lebanon has become one of the most popular medical tourist destinations in the Middle East for many Jordanians, Saudi Arabians, Iraqis and Japanese as well as tourists from other countries. Currently, Lebanon is attracting more health travellers from Asia, southern Europe and North America. Aside from providing a health services at half the cost, Lebanon is also famous for:

  • Providing the most innovative and advanced techniques in Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Offering a unique Steam Cell Technique created by a Specialist in Regenerative Medicine, Neurology, and Neurosurgery
  • Clinics provide modern office surgery experience that is safe, private and comfortable while maintaining a serene and warm atmosphere.
  • Anticipate savings of up to 50% on medical treatments costs without the lengthy waits for clinical appointments!
  • Lebanon’s heathcare system is experienced in handling medical travellers.
  • One of the most modern, excellent and technologically advanced medical centers & healthcare facilities
  • Clinics and hospitals are adept with international standards and guidelines.
  • Physicians and surgeons are highly trained, experienced, caring and respectful of patient’s privacy


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10 Fun Things to Do in Lebanon

1. Explore the Cardo Maximus.

2. Take a picture of the statue Place des Martyrs (Martyrs' Square) in Beirut, an effigy dedicated in memory of Lebanese nationalists of WWI

3. Dine at one of the outdoor cafes of Place de l'Etoile (Beirut’s downtown)

4. See the ruins of Baalbeck Roman Temples

5. Marvel at the Al Bass Archaeological Location, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

6. Be captivated by the Jeita Grotto, which belongs to the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

7. Attend the Beiteddine Festival and walk at the courtyards of the Beiteddine Palace

8. Explore the chapels, caves and monasteries of Qadisha Valley (Holy Valley)

9. Visit the Roman amphitheatre and medieval castle of Byblos

10. Savour Lebanese cuisine and see the distinctive ruins of 8th century Omayyad City in Aanjar.


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