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Cambodia offers affordable medical treatments

Welcome to Cambodia

ambodia is one of the most exciting tourist destinations on the Globe. This beautiful place has been open to tourists since the late 1980s and the number of tourists has increased year by year. The country now receives over 2 million visitors annually.

Cambodia is a land of superlatives. The ancient temples and other ruins of the Khmer Empire are on the list of most imposing and exclusive UNESCO sites. But these amazing places are in contrast with several other remnants of Cambodia's recent history. The local Khmer population impresses visitors with kindness, joy and gentleness. The omnipresent Khmer smile is known worldwide, as are the hospitality and openness exhibited by Cambodians.


Cambodia in a Snapshot

Currency: Cambodian riel

Language: Khmer

Climate: Dominated by the annual monsoon cycle (alternating wet and dry seasons)  

Capital: Phnom Penh


The temples of Angkor merge with the jungle and are still the main attraction of the country. Angkor Wat temple is the largest and most famous among all of them. Phnom Penh is a crowded city, often overshadowed by the famous Angkor. It is a city of contrasts, with colonial architecture and beautiful streets.

Rice is the most important food in Cambodia. Eaten at almost every meal, rice underlies almost each Khmer dish. Fish is almost as important and is consumed fresh, dried or salted. Also, a lot of vegetables are used. The durian fruit is a very tasty and interesting delicacy. The most traditional dish is "prahok" - fermented fish sauce used for various recipes.


Medical Tourism in Cambodia

Recently, Cambodia has become a significant destination for affordable, high quality medical care served up alongside amazing and relaxing vacations. The country has all what it takes to attract medical tourists looking for traditional medical procedures and wellness, luxurious health experiences. 

There are plenty of medical facilities in cities like Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Sihanoukville that are offering flawless care in modern, welcoming environments with English-speaking staff, and Western-trained medical staff. The prices are even lower than most countries in the region.


Medical Tourism in Cambodia

10 Fun Things to do in Cambodia

  • Let yourself be amazed by the Buddhist temples
  • Explore the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum
  • Don’t miss the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh
  • Visit Ta Prohm in Angkor, easily recognized by the giant tree roots growing through the construction. These old roots support the structure
  • Admire the collection of Khmer artefacts at the National Museum
  • Swim in the Yak Lom volcanic lake, near the Banlung town
  • Relax – Cambodia is the ideal place to clear your mind and recharge your batteries
  • Go shopping – you will enjoy affordable prices and great things to purchase
  • Try local cuisine – it’s truly delicious
  • Walk around Phnom Penh, the country's charming capital


Cambodia will definitely have your medical holiday experience covered. This unique land offers tourists numerous options to enjoy everything from exploring ancient temples to being amazed by the spectacular nature.


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