Prof. BULENT KISACIKOGLU, Cardiovascular Surgeon - Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey
Speciality: Cardiovascular Surgeon
Languages: English, Turkish
Degree: Professor Cardiovascular Surgery
Focus Area: Prof. BULENT KISACIKOGLU | Cardiovascular Surgeon | Heart Care | Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery | Cardiology | Acibadem Healthcare Group | Istanbul, Turkey



1977 Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine
1983 Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine, Cardiac and Vascular Surgery


2009 – Acibadem Hospitals Group


  • Liver Transplantation from Living Donor (for the first time in Akdeniz University and southern Turkey)
  • Split Liver Transplantation 2002 (for the first time between 2 centers in Turkey)
  • En-Bloc Kidney Transplantation 2003 (Transplantation of two child’s kidneys to an adult in one piece)
  • Combined Kidney + Liver Transplantation 2004 (Auxiliary liver transplantation for the first time in th world for oxalosis disease)
  • Kidney Transplantation from Living Donor to the oldest recipient 2009
  • Liver Transplantation from the Oldest Cadaveric Donor 2009
  • Liver Transplantation from the Youngest Cadaveric Donor 2009
  • Kidney Transplantation from Living Donor to the Youngest Recipient 2009 (Kidney Transplantation from an adult to a child of 17 months)
  • Combined Heart – Kidney Transplantation 5/2009 (for the first and only time in Turkey)
  • Kidney Transplantation to A Baby with the Lightest Weight (Transplantation from a living donor with the lightest weight in Turkey)
  • Liver – Kidney Transplantation to A Baby with the Lightest Weight (Combined liver – kidney recipient with the lightest weight in the world, 7.5 kg)
  • Kidney recipient from living donor with the lightest weight known in the world 2010 (International Hospital, kidney recipient 7.5 kg)
  • The oldest donor of kidney with closed method in Turkey 2010 (International Hospital, donor at the age of 84)


ASTS (American Society of Transplant Surgeons)
Turkish Nephrology Association
Turkish Hepatopancreaticobiliary Surgery Association
Turkish Surgical Association
Akdeniz Surgical Association


1977 Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine


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