Dr. KYRIAKOS KAPAGERIDIS | Plastic Surgeon | Greece

Dr. KYRIAKOS KAPAGERIDIS Plastic Surgeon Thessaloniki, Greece



  • 05/2008-10/2009 : Head Doctor/ Director of the Plastic Surgery Department, 424 GSNT (General Military Hospital of Thessaloniki) , Thessaloniki
  • 10/2005-  05/2008:  Supervisor  of  Plastic  Surgery  Department, 424 GSNT (General Military Hospital of Thessaloniki) , Thessaloniki
  • 10/2002- 10/2005: Supervisor of Plastic Surgery Department, 401 SNA (Military Hospital of Athens), Athens
  • Since 03/06/2001 as  a commander  of  the 15th  Health Company (KastoriaFlorina- Grevena,  with a  healthcare coverage regarding  the Military  Staff. Furthermore,  as  an  external  collaborator  at  the  prefectural  hospital  of Kastoria covering the incidents concerning the Plastic Surgery, since there was not another Doctor of the same Specialty at the region of Kastoria.
  • Acquisition of Specialty Title : Plastic Surgeon, after examinations which took place on 18/ 10 /2001
  • 02/06/1997: Trainee Specialist at the Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery and  Microsurgery  Department  of  the  General  Governmental  Hospital (Athens)  ,  under  the  surveillance  of  Mr.  Ioannis  Ioannovits  (Associate Professor and Plastic Surgeon Director)
  • 10/02/1997- 10/03/1997: Trainee Specialist at the ENT Department (University Hospital  of  Wales),  under  the surveillance of  Sir  R.G.Milis FRCS (Associate Professor and Director)
  • 15/03/1995-10/02/1997  :  Trainee  Specialist  at  the  General  Surgery Department (401 General Military Hospital of Athens), under the surveillance of Mr. Georgios Gkonis, Director/ Head Doctor at the B’ Surgical Clinic.
  • 15/11/1993-15/03/1995: Director of STEP (215 Health Battalion of Kastoria)
  • 02/01/1993-15/11/1993 Trainee Specialist at the Neurosurgical  Department (401 General  Military Hospital  of  Athens) under the surveillance of Mr. Gkiazaris Sergios (Director of Neurosurgical Clinic)
  • 02/10/1992-04/01-1993:  Clinical  Observation  of  the  Pathology,  Cardiology Department  (Emergency  Incidents),  (401  General  Military  Hospital  of Athens).


  • Head Plastic Surgeon , Clinic 417 NIMTS
  • ATLS Member
  • Affiliate Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.
  • Team member of Air medicine having been trained on flight physiology
  • Member of the Global Group - Hospital confrontation of terrorist attacks by Radio-Bio-Chemical Weapons


  • 2nd  Award  for  the  best  posted  announcement-  34th Global  Medical Conference of Armed forces
  • 1st Award  for  the  best  posted  announcement  –  7th Interbalkan  Medical Congress of armed forces
  • The best  posted announcement  with issue:  Variations and position of  the splenic artery – 21st Hellenic Congress of Gastroenterology
  • 27/10/2005-29/10/2005,  Loutraki:  three tasks which won praised award ofM.Stavrakis – 7th Hellenic Congress of  Plastic ,  reconstructive and aesthetic surgery
  • 29/08/2011-31/08/2011,  Kos:  The  1st award  of  the  best  posted announcement  with  issue:  Prune  belly  syndrome.  Surgical  restoration, confrontation of the incident – 9th Hellenic Congress of Plastic , reconstructive and aesthetic surgery


  • Officer training of SEY in physiology and the confrontation of the burn
  • Training  of  the  cadet  volunteers  (Greek  Red  Cross,  Kastoria)  –  Special knowledge courses of Surgery and Plastic Surgery
  • Training course at  descriptive anatomy  department  of  Anatomy (Medicine Faculty , Athens of University, Academic Year 2002-2003
  • I  was an instructor at the department of Lieutenant Basic education   (YN), Nursing aero medical transportation at SEY (12/2003-02/2004)
  • I was an instructor at the postgraduate program of Reservist soldiers, 2003
  • I  was  an instructor  at  SEY for  the aero medical  transportation,  1/8/200431/8/2004


  • Implementation of the experiment research for six months, after the approval from the  prefecture  of  Athens  with  title:  Flap  transplantation  (cartilage section) of the Ear,  to the receiver of the same kind. Since 1/10/2003.  The outcome was announced on a global congress.
  • Implementation of  the experiment  research in the framework of  doctoral dissertation, with issue: Vasculature Variations of the female breast.


Medical Faculty, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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