Dr. Giuseppe Speziale, Cardiac Surgeon - Rome, Italy

Viale Alessandro Magno, 386 Rome, Italy
Speciality: Cardiac Surgeon
Languages: English, Italian
Degree: MD, PhD
Focus Area: Dr. Giuseppe Speziale | Heart Surgery | Heart Surgery Abroad | Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery | Valve Repair and Reconstruction | Aortic Reconstruction | Revascularisation | Heart Care | Rome, Italy

About - Dr. Giuseppe Speziale

Professional Experience

  • Cardiac Surgeon Specialised in: Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery, Valve Repair and Reconstruction, Aortic reconstruction, Revascularisation
  • Since 2008 he is the Director of the Department of Cardiac Surgery at the Anthea Hospital of Bari, and he also works at the Villa Torri Hospital (Bologna) and at the ICC – Istituto Clinico Cardiologico (Rome).
  • In 2011 he was appointed Vice president of GVM Care&Research.
  • In 2012 he was appointed President of Confindustria Puglia, Health Section.
  • Since 2013 he is the coordinator of GVM Care&Research Cardiac Surgeries.


Educational Background

  • Graduate course in Medicine at the Catholic University of Rome, honours degree in 1992.
  • Specialisation in Cardiac Surgery completed in 1997 at La Sapienza University of Rome.
  • Research Doctorate at La Sapienza University of Rome in 2012.
  • Since 1995 he worked at the Division of Cardiac Surgery at Tufts Medical Center, University School of Medicine in Boston with Prof. Douglas Payne.
  • In 2006 he worked at the Cardiac Surgery Department of Saint Luc Hospital of Brussels, supervised by Prof. Gebrine El Koury.
  • In 1997-1998 he was part of the staff of the Cardiac Surgery Unit of the CNR section of Massa.
  • In 1998 he started working with GVM Care&Research, first as cardiac surgeon in the Cardiovascular Surgery Department at the Maria Pia Hospital of Turin, and then as director of the Cardiac Surgery Department of the ICLAS – Istituto Clinico Ligure di Alta Specialità in Rapallo (Genoa).
  • In 2007-2009 he was temporary lecturer at La Sapienza University of Rome, and in 2008-2009, at the University of Ferrara.



Graduate course in Medicine at the Catholic University of Rome, honors degree in 1992.


Member of the Società Italiana di Cardiochirurgia (Italian Society for Cardiac Surgery) and of the ISMICS.


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