Prof. Paolo Fabbrucci, Thoracic Surgeon - Florence, Italy

Casa di Cura Villa Donatello S.p.A. Viale Matteotti, 4 50132 Firenze Florence, Italy
Associated Center: Villa Donatello
Speciality: Thoracic Surgeon,
Languages: English
Degree: Prof.
Focus Area: Prof. Paolo Fabbrucci | Best Thoracic Surgeon | General Surgery | Villa Donatello | Florence, Italy

About - Prof. Paolo Fabbrucci

Professional experience

• Assistant Surgeon at the Arcispedale of Santa Maria Nuova in Florence and Establishments Gathered from September 1972.

• Assistant Surgeon at the Hospital of Careggi - Florence from June 1973 to October 1979.

• Assistant Surgeon at the Hospital Serristori of Figline Valdarno (Florence) since October 1979.

• Chief of General Surgery by December 1988 at the following hospitals: Hospital Serristori of Figline Valdarno until 1996, Santa Maria Annunziata of Bagno a Ripoli from January to December 1996; Camerata di Fiesole and Santa Maria Nuova in Florence from January 1997 to December 1999; Santa Maria Annunziata of Bagno a Ripoli (Florence) from December 1999 until 31 December 2007.

• Director of Surgical Health Authority 10 of Florence from 1999 to 2001.

• Responsible for U.O. General Surgery of the Clinic Santa Chiara in Florence in 2008 and 2009.


He did about 17,500 surgical procedures:


• General Surgery

Thyroid (300)

Breast (400)

Esophagus-Diaphragm (125)

Stomach (1000)

Liver-biliary-pancreas (2,800)

Colorectal (1,630)

Multivisceral resection for oncological pathology (150)

Minor operations (4,215)

Major surgery for trauma (200)


• Laparoscopic General Surgery

Esophagus-diaphragm (75)

Stomach (60)

Liver-biliary-pancreas (1,650)

Colorectal (350)

Various interventions (200)


• Thoracic Surgery

Major resections (280)

Interventions on the mediastinum (30)

Minor surgery (250)


• Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery

Major resection (35)

Minor interventions of excisions (200)

Interventions for trauma (75)

Minor surgery (200)


• Vascular surgery

Interventions for venous disease (1,000)

Major surgery for arterial disease (200)


• Urological surgery

Major resections (250)

Minor surgery (400)


• Gynecological Surgery

Major surgery for cancer pathology (200)

Minor interventions for benign disease (370)



• Author of 95 publications in national and international magazines.

• Author of monographs published in the press.

• Co-author of the Treaty of surgically technique video on the DVD "MedTutor Surgery" published by UTET Medical Sciences.


Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Florence. Professional license since 1972. Specialization in General Surgery at the University of Pisa in 1976. Achievement of the suitability to the National Chief of General Surgery in 1983. Specialization in Thoracic Surgery at the University of Siena in 1986. ? Theoretical and practical course of Surgical Oncology at the Institute Regina Elena in Rome in 1987. ? Theoretical and practical course of Laparoscopic Surgery at the Hospital of St. Augustine of Modena in 1991. Theoretical and practical thoracoscopic surgery at the Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery in Hamburg in 1997. Theoretical and practical course of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery at the Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery in Hamburg in 1999 and 2003.


• SCI (Italian Society of Surgery)

• ACOI (Italian Association of Hospital Surgeons)

• SICE (Italian Society of Endoscopic Surgery)

• EASS (European Association of Surgical Societies)

• Organizer of 6 Medical Congresses


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