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About - Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu

Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu (also popularly known as Dr Shens) is a Ministry of Health accredited Consultant Plastic Surgeon. He graduated from the National University of Singapore specialized in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

He is the first Korea trained Plastic Surgeon who received a sponsorship for his fellowship in Hanyang University. In Hanyang, he was trained under the world-renowned Professor Jeong Tae-Kim. Trained by many famous Korean surgeons in well known bespoke clinics for cosmetic surgery, Dr Shens has adapted and improved modifications to his plastic surgery skills.  

Dr Shens is well-known for his signature services such as; Korean-Style Double Eyelid Creation (Double Suture Twisted technique-DST), Korean Technique-Scarless Eyebag Removal, Short Incision Breast Augmentation (SIBA), 4D Micro-Nano Fat Grafting, Columbia 4D High Definition Vaser Liposuction and Fat Transfer, Short Scar Tummy Tuck and Korean-Skilled Rhinoplasty. His surgeries are tailored to fit all individuals. He has one of the largest series on double eyelid creation in Singapore and was invited to speak on this topic in various regional and international conferences. 

Dr Shens has a special interest in the art of body contouring and he has taken one step further in doing fat transfers, in combination with liposuction. He is well known in the art of filler and toxin injections as a result of his expertise in fat transfers to the face. He attended an International Plastic Surgeons Exchange Programme in Columbia to upgrade his Vaser Liposuction to a High Definition 4D Vaser Liposuction for finest body contouring.

The Korean and Columbia trained Plastic Surgeon is also a visiting consultant in TTSH where he still shares his expertise in cosmetic surgery with his colleagues. He contributes actively to perform surgery for emergency cases in private hospitals.

He also participates regularly in humanitary mission works that has brought him to provide free surgery to the underprivileged in countries such as Indonesia, China, Myanmar and also Cambodia.

Education - Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu

Graduated from the National University of Singapore specialized in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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