Dr. Nehad Nabil Halawa | Anesthesiologist | Abu Dhabi | UAE

Dr. Nehad Nabil Halawa Anesthesiologist Abu Dhabi, UAE

About - Dr. Nehad Nabil Halawa

Dr. Nehad Nabil Halawa completed his MBBCh at University of Banha, Egypt in 1986, then finished his Masters Degree (MSc in Anesthesia and Critical Care) from the same university in 1995. He has clinical attachments with various government hospitals in the region, including quarantine of Rafah, Northern Sinai, Egypt; Sisco Polyclinic Jeddah, KSA; General Hospital, Oman; and Dibba Hospital, Oman. Dr. Nehad has a good experience in ICU, especially head injury and polytrauma management, which includes mechanical ventilation, central lines insertion, percutaneous tracheostomies, chest tube insertion, among others. He was once a member of the escorting team of critical cases, where critically ill guests are transported to higher centers in USA and Australia via air ambulance and commercial flights. In 2004, he moved to continue his practice in UAE and became involved in Continuing Medical Education Programs as a speaker on topics such as aviation medicine, fever in ICU, post-operative jaundice, steroids in ARDS, hyperammonemia in ICU, and non-invasive ventilation. His field of interest is mechanical ventilation.

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