Dr. Wahid Ahmed Khalid Husain | Dentist | Abu Dhabi | UAE

Dr. Wahid Ahmed Khalid Husain Dentist Abu Dhabi, UAE

About - Dr. Wahid Ahmed Khalid Husain

Dr. Wahid completed his Bachelors of Dentistry (BDS) in 1980 from the Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University in 1980. In 1985, he completed his Masters in Pediatric Dentistry (M.Sc.) from the same institution. He acquired his PhD from the same institution in 1991. Dr. Wahid started his career in 1982 at the Mansura University as a Demonstrator of Pediatrics Dentistry. In 1986, Dr. Wahid became the Assistant Lecturer of Pediatric Dentistry and in 1991, assumed the post of Lecturer at the same institution. In 1992, he moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and joined a dental center as the Senior Specialist of Pediatric Dentistry. In 1994, he moved to he joined the Jeddah Clinic Hospital as a Consultant of Dentistry and Head of Department. He then assumed the position of Consultant of Dentistry & Head of Department at the Sports Medicine Hospitals in 1998. Dr. Wahid took up teaching in 2002 and joined the Misr University in Egypt as a Lecturer of Pediatric & Restorative Dentistry. In 2004, Dr. Wahid moved to Qatar where he practiced as a Consultant in Pediatric Dentistry at a Dental Center in Doha and in 2006, became the Consultant of Pediatric Dentistry as well as Medical Director at a Medical Facility in Doha. In 2011, he joined the European University College in Dubai as an Assistant Professor in the Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Wahid has more than 25 years of experience in his field. He is regular attendee of CMEs and medical conferences.

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