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Dr. German Raigosa Londoño Human Reproduction, IVF, Infertility Medellin, Colombia

About - Dr. German Raigosa Londoño

Cofounder of the Institute of Human Fertility – inSer, a pioneer fertility center and IVF Institute in Medellín since1994.

In 1989 he led the research group that accomplished the first in vitro fertilization pregnancy in Medellín. He was also a pioneer in the development of the transvaginal ultrasound in the city.

In 1986 obtains the first pregnancy in Colombia from an azoospermic man (without spermatozoa in his ejaculate) accomplished, by means of testicular biopsy and intra cytoplasmic sperm injection, ICSI.

He has been a lecturer on human reproduction at national and international conferences.

Education - Dr. German Raigosa Londoño

Medical School: Graduated in Medicine at the Universidad de Antioquia and Gynecology at the University CES. Medellín-Colombia

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