Marina Kovalenko, Dnipro, Ukraine

Marina Kovalenko biochemistry, embryology in programs of assisted reproductive technologies., embryologist, Dnipro, Ukraine

About - Marina Kovalenko

Basic education:

  • 1998-2003 - Dnipropetrovsk National University, Master's degree with honors.
  • 2012 - awarded an academic degree - Candidate of Biological Sciences, specialty "Biochemistry" Kiev, Ukraine.

Work experience: 14 years.

Advanced training courses:

  • Regularly passes courses of improvement of professional skill in leading medical centers of postgraduate education.
  • Participant of international scientific-practical conferences, congresses and symposia in Ukraine.
  • 2016 - National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education  - courses of thematic improvement "The main aspects of embryology in ART programs", Kiev, Ukraine.
  • 2015 - Internship in the clinic "Mother and Child", Kiev, Ukraine.

Membership in associations, communities:

  • Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine;
  • Ukrainian Biochemical Society.

The main areas of work in the specialty:

All kinds of infertility.

Priority methods used in the work:

  • Injection of spermatozoa into the cytoplasm of the egg (ICSI);
  • Cultivation of embryos;
  • Auxiliary mechanical hatching;
  • Embryo transfer;
  • Vitrification of embryos;
  • Analysis of spermiogram results;
  • Definition of the morphology of semen by Kruger;
  • Cryopreservation of sperm;
  • Preparation of ejaculate for intrauterine insemination / ICSI;
  • Microsurgical sperm production;
  • Carrying out of tests: the МАR -test, НВА -test, postcoital test, test-contact;

Embryologist Marina Kovalenko graduated with honors in 2003 from the Dneprovsky National University. Specialist was published 17 printed scientific articles, 20 theses of scientific reports.

Currently, regular courses are held in the advanced medical centers of postgraduate education. Member of a number of international, scientific and practical conferences, congresses and symposia in Ukraine. In 2015 she passed an internship in the specialty "Embryology", in the clinic "Mother and Child", in Kiev. In 2016 she took courses on thematic improvement - "The main aspects of embryology in ART programs" in Kiev at the National Medical Academy named  P. L. Shupik of Postgraduate Education

She is a member of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine and the Ukrainian Society of Biochemists

Her practical work includes working with biological material obtained with various forms of infertility, as well as monitoring the development of a fertilized egg and embryos.

Priority methods used in its work include: various laboratory methods of fertilization of the egg, cultivation and control of embryo development, control and development of in vivo embryo transfer techniques, evaluation of the reproductive potential of human gametes, preparation of biological material for fertilization and implantation.

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