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Stem Cell Treatment for Heart Problems in Kyiv, Ukraine 


Check below Video of Stem Cell Treatment for Heart Problems in  kyiv, Ukraine Make your reservation now for Stem Cell Treatment at Unique Cell Treatment Clinic.  A patient from Indonesia which is 57 year old, a hang glider, had a myocardial infarction followed by stenting. The cicatric myocardial changes did not allow him to fly with the air commission and he was forbidden to fly. After treatment with fetal stem cells, the patient's heart function improved, as confirmed by ECG and ECHO. The patient went through the Flight Commissions and returned to his favorite sport - hang gliding.

Below is his story:
In 2013, I felt a pain in my chest and decided to get tested. CT examination showed 60% LV blockade and 30% PK blockade. In 2014, I had a stroke with a heart attack - the pain was as intense as needles. This is caused by 99% of obstructions. A stent was placed in my LV. Doctors concluded that my heart was damaged by 24% and they could not do it, there is no cure. I decided to undergo stem cell therapy at the Ukrainian UCTC. After therapy, I gradually reduced the number of my regular medications from 9 to 3 months after the stem cell treatment, I underwent repeated check-ups and the results were remarkable: there were many changes in my heart rate reduced from 24% to 5%. Now, 1 year after stem cell therapy, I can swim well, I can walk all day without pain, I have no breathing problems and I can fly again and enjoy life!

Defination of Stem cell treatment for Heart Problems in  Kyiv, Ukraine by Unique Cell Treatment Clinic

Stem cell treatment for heart problems in which Some stem cells were extracted from the donor's bone marrow, others from the patient's own heart. It is not clear which method is most likely. Many different types of techniques are used to repair damaged heart muscle with stem cells. Stem cells, which are usually extracted from bone, can be introduced into the heart through a catheter. Once stem cells are present, they can help repair damaged heart tissue. and Unique Cell Treatment Clinic is a good option in  kyiv, Ukraine for stem cell treatment related to heart problem,heart failure or heart attack.

Why Choose Stem cell treatment for Heart Problems in  Kyiv, Ukraine  by Unique Cell Treatment Clinic

For Stem cell treatment for Heart Problems Unique Cell Treatment Clinic is good option which works over 15 years in the field of stem cell.Stem Cell Treatment in Kiev Ukraine through the Unique Cell Treatment Clinic, for more than 15 years, our office coordinator Professor Alexander has headed an office that creates and presents various methods of stem cell treatment. Her son is currently continuing this new treatment started by his father. During the long working hours, our surgery will perform about 6,500 stem cell treatments many of them are related to heart problems such as stem cell treatment for Heart Disease, Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Failure and Stem Cell therapy cardiovascular disease. After the disappearance, our treatment improved lives, further improved the quality and usually completely cured many patients around the world (United States, Italy, Germany, China, Russian Federation, Poland, etc.). all recovery expectations.

How to Book Stem cell treatment for Heart Problems in Kyiv, Ukraine 

Ukraine is a famous place when it comes to  stem cell treatment related to heart problems. Updates are required after every meeting, but you can contact us or call now for more information!: 

Stem Cell Treatment for Heart Problems in Kyiv, Ukraine by Unique Cell Treatment Clinic

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