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EmCell Clinic in Kiev,Kyiv, Ukraine Reviews from Real Patients

40a Metrolohichna street, Kyiv 03143, Ukraine
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About EmCell Clinic

EmCell Clinic in Kyiv Ukraine is the world's pioneer clinic using fetal stem cell transplantation to successfully treat various diseases and conditions, including anti-aging treatment.

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  • Anonymous

    Scars are always telling a story. For some they are a reason to brag about an adventure but for others they are a constant reminder of a very painful memory. For men, scars are showing their bravery but a woman is embarrassed and has a low self-esteem everytime is looking at her scars. 

    Dec 12 2021
  • Anonymous

    I am the son of the patient and my name is H.H. My mother is better than before!

    Dec 02 2021
  • Anonymous

    A success story of a patient who took stem cell treatment for brain injury from Emcell Clinic in Ukraine.

    Dec 01 2021
  • Anonymous

    When evaluated at FHC she did her best ever. Her progress since January
    till July 24th was 115%!!!!! Her growth rate since 2003 has never been
    over 60%. She showed her intellectual ability very convincingly when
    speedreading 30 pages in 1 minute and then being able to put 5 sequences
    from th

    Dec 30 2021
  • Anonymous

    Not only was the treatment a landmark for Sofie, I felt the results
    myself. The experience was decisive and left no doubt in my mind: the
    progress my daughter and I have felt is meant to be shared with others
    who are struggling with a brain injury or other severe illness. That is
    why I have

    Dec 16 2021
  • Anonymous

    There is now more power in my arms and hands. I feel there is more power
    in my legs, although I would like to have more power in them. Now I can
    train some muscles which I could not get under control before, and I
    hope I can still train myself to become better, there is also more power
    in my

    Dec 15 2021
  • Anonymous

    In early July, I noticed that I could see better and more clearly, and
    I'm able to recognize people I'm familiar with from afar. In the middle
    of July I was able to read. My vision has been improving each day.

    Dec 21 2021
  • Anonymous

    I would like to tell you one more thing: my capacity for work has
    improved, and such signs of multiple sclerosis as the beginning numbness
    in my fingertips and continuous fatigue have almost disappeared. I
    can’t believe that everything goes on this way but the transplantation
    of stem c

    Dec 30 2021
  • Anonymous

    After almost 8 months from the treatment in your clinic, I have
    performed a neurological exam where the improvement of my health could
    be noticeable, especially regarding the elasticity of the movements. I
    mention that I have started a daily kineto-terapheutical program for a
    month and that

    Dec 08 2021
  • Anonymous

    A patient tells the success story of his stem cell treatment at Emcell Clinic in Ukraine for Diabetes Mellitus.

    Dec 06 2021
  • Anonymous

    Patient Z. has been suffering from diabetes mellitus since 14. In April
    2009, he underwent the stem cell treatment at EmCell clinic. Two months
    after the cell therapy the patient reported significant decrease in his
    blood sugar levels, from 400-500 mg% to 190-250 mg%.

    Dec 20 2021
  • Anonymous

    I want to thank the staff of the clinic for the wonderful job they've
    done. I feel so good and my blood sugar is within the normal range
    (96-107) and 126-140 in 2 hours after eating. I want to thank God and
    the doctors for giving me the cure and good spirit.

    Dec 21 2021
  • Anonymous

    Best of all is that my cancer is gone. On February, 21 I had X-ray and
    blood tests at the hospital and I got the results last Monday. My
    onkoligist was one big smile when I arrived. She told me that the pelvic
    bone was healed. No more sign of cancer, and my blood showed that I am
    healthy and

    Dec 05 2021
  • Anonymous

    Today is exactly a month since I received new cells. I noticed that my
    menopause has completely gone. I stopped sweating for no reason and I
    stopped being suddenly so hot. It is a good sign because now I can sleep
    at night and rest more. On Monday I will be back to work.

    Dec 02 2021
  • Anonymous

    I don't know if you remember or not, but this morning I was telling the
    doctors that I had pain in my "wrist/hand" area when I type on my
    computer. Therefore I must use a "hand-brace" when I use my PC. Guess
    what, I almost feel no pain this evening!!! For the first time in 3-4
    years!!! The p

    Dec 29 2021
  • Anonymous

    I can't recognize my diabetes after my stem cell treatment. It has been so positive an experience that no words can describe it!

    Dec 07 2021
  • Anonymous

    We have never regretted for having chosen your clinic. We are very grateful to all your staff for their affability, attention and kindness.

    Dec 01 2021
  • Anonymous

    We also thank God for meeting these people and giving us the strength and determination to overcome borders and stereotypes to seek help, wherever it may be. Myself and our families would strongly recommend this treatment with Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy.

    Dec 05 2021
  • Anonymous

    I am very happy with the results because the treatment changed my life
    dramatically. I am very grateful to the doctors who took care of me and
    to all the staff of EmCell clinic. I would like to add that the
    atmosphere in the clinic is very friendly and soothing. Doctors, nurses
    and other sta

    Dec 26 2021
  • Anonymous

    My energy level is much higher. I was very active physically during my holiday in Indonesia and I never seemed to feel tired. I am now able to play 2 to 3 hours of tennis without undue strain and my body seems to recuperate more quickly.

    Dec 30 2021
  • Anonymous

    I am pleased to say that my CD4+ cells have gone from 21 to 57 between
    20 March and 20 May. Although I have had an infection in my IV port that
    may have come about due to the stronger immune response, the overall
    effect is good. My weight has gone from 100 lbs. to 121 lbs this

    Dec 23 2021
  • Anonymous

    Another important fact is that his chest pain is now reduced to a minimum. His activity improved, he retained morning erection, his mood is much better and he says that he feels happy not like before. He is avoiding too much efforts and exhaustion.

    Dec 20 2021
  • Anonymous

    We had a good flight back. We loved the way you people work. You all seem to care more about who you are helping and not about the money. You people also give 100% and all work like a family. The care was great.

    Dec 07 2021
  • Thelma F

    I felt very welcome & cared for. The experience was above &beyond my expectations. The staff was very oblidging, courteous and caring.
    The experience was more thorough & complete than I expected. Particularly the anti aging, and connective tissue treatment with injections of stem cells for 11 other preventive measures. As of today I already feel like I have a new “New Lease on Life”
    I also have a full report with a complete blood panel to share with my doctors at home.
    The gift of a Jar of Ukrainian Honey was a nice touch. Thank You!
    Our driver was very helpful, courteous, and prompt. It was really nice not to have to worry about transportation to and from the airport, hotel and clinic, thank you.
    The doctor was very knowledgeable and the interpreter was extremely clear and helpful.

    May 21 2018
  • Nursultan U

    The clinic has scored highest score for all areas including Quality. We have been informed by doctors that it may take from 1 to 6 months for the hearing ability progress. Nowadays we observe slight improvement of our son's hearing abilities in his daily activities and communication. Nursultan doesn't so often ask to repeat the question, phrases and words as he used to do before the treatment. When he's required Nursultan can support whispering which we never observed before. I think it proves that fact the stem cell treatment provided by EmCell has given positive effect in curing of the hearing loss. The audiometric test has shown slight improvement in comparison with outcomes of previous tests.

    Feb 09 2015

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