Galina Lobyntseva, Microbiologist - Kiev, Ukraine

Lyubomir Husar Ave (Cosmonaut Komarov), 3 Kyiv, Ukraine, 03126 Kiev, Ukraine
Associated Center: Institute of Cell Therapy
Speciality: Microbiologist,
Languages: English,Russian
Focus Area: Galina Lobyntseva | Biologist | Kiev | Ukraine |

About - Galina Lobyntseva


Ph.D. in Biology, Co-founder and Director of the first Cryobank in Ukraine of the Institute of Cell Therapy, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of Science and Technology

From 1972 to 1996 she held the position of Senior Research Fellow of the Laboratory for Low Temperature Cryopreservation at the Research Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kharkiv) Due to her experience in cryobiology, G.S. Lobyntseva has introduced to the work of Cryobank and the Scientific Center of ICT (Scientific Center) the technologies of cryopreservation of human fetal liver cells, methods for assessing their viability and growing ex vivo She is an author of more than 150 scientific papers on cryopreservation of the human fetal liver, ovarian tissue, testicles tissue, amniotic membrane, placenta, and various stem cell pools. The first clinical trials in the USSR using cell therapy were carried out in Ukraine under the supervision of Galina Stepanovna Lobyntseva. She has over 40 years of service in specialty.


  • Cryobiologist
  • Ph.D., Biology (Biotechnology)


  • Leningrad State University


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    Really beautiful and comfortable clinic! With wonderful and experienced medical staff! Where can you diagnose and improve the state of mind and body!

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    After the experience, we are waiting for you to tell us about the experience, God willing

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    This is the clinic where Mansour Al-Raqeeba is treated. May God heal and restore every patient

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    I became acquainted with the center through Snape Mansour Al-Raqiba

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    Excellent service!

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    This is the clinic where Mansour Al-Raqeeba is treated. May God heal and restore every patient

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