Serhii Khudolii

Serhii Khudolii

Kyiv, Ukraine

Medovaya str. 10, st. “Kalina”, ss. Gnedinskiy, Borispolsky district, Kiev region, 08340

Languages: English,Russian

Degree: medical director, narcologist, anesthesiologist

Focus Area: Serhii | Kyiv | Ukraine |

Education - Serhii Khudolii

M. Gorky Donetsk National Medical University, professional experience – over 18 years.

Membership - Serhii Khudolii

Over 5 years of experience in clinics of near and far abroad. Completed training and internships with leading specialists in the field of treatment and intensive care in narcology in Europe and Israel. Together with colleagues, developed and implemented methods, the use of which, in a short time, allows solving the problem of physical and mental dependence in patients with various types of addiction. An individual and qualified approach, open communication and mutual understanding with the patient are a key to success in the treatment of even the most severe conditions.


The author of 3 patents, more than 100 scientific articles and guidelines on neurophysiology, neurology, and anesthesiology.

Costs of Addiction Treatment procedures in Europe



Alcohol Addiction in Mexico$3395 - $45000Enquire
Anorexia in United States$30000Enquire
Bulimia in United States$6000 - $30000Enquire
Cocaine Addiction in Portugal$3395 - $45000Enquire
Drug Addiction in Portugal$3395 - $45000Enquire
Gambling Addiction in Portugal$3395 - $45000Enquire
Heroin Addiction in Mexico$3395 - $45000Enquire
Ibogaine Therapy in Portugal$6000Enquire
Methadone Addiction in Mexico$6000 - $45000Enquire
Smoking Addiction in United States$45000Enquire

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