Dr. Dt. Gencer Huniler, Dentist, Dental - General Dentistry - Izmir, Turkey

Associated Center: WestDent Clinic Turkey
Speciality: Dentist, Dental - General Dentistry,
Languages: English,Russian,French,German,Arabic
Degree: Ege University, Faculty of Dentistry
Focus Area: Dr Dt Gencer Huniler | Izmir | Turkey | West Dental Clinic Turkey

About - Dr. Dt. Gencer Huniler

Dr. Dt. Gencer Huniler

Dr. Dt. Gencer Huniler is the best dentists in Izmir, Turkey by West Dental Clinic. Orthodontics Specialist Gencer Huniler was born in Pristina, Kosovo in 1990. After completing his primary, secondary and high school educations in Kosovo, he started his education as a dentistry student at Ege University, Faculty of Dentistry in 2008 and graduated in 2013 as the department’s top student.

In the same year, Huniler started his doctoral education in the orthodontics department of the faculty and, attended many courses, seminars and congresses during this 6-year period. He completed his doctoral thesis by working on faster orthodontic treatments.

Orthodontics Specialist Gencer Huniler is especially interested in reinforcing orthodontic dental treatment and speeding up tooth movements and deals with orthodontic treatments, fixed and transparent aligners, as well as jaw irregularities and orthopaedic correction. Orthodontics Specialist Gencer Huniler joined seminars, congress and courses to improve himself in his professional field.

Huniler's dedication to improving himself in his field is evident from his participation in several seminars and courses, including the ORMCO Compressive Course on Understanding the Diamond System Course, the EOS Certificate of Verifiable Continuing Professional Development Seminar, the OPAL Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, and Treatment Mechanic Seminar, and THE FORSYTH INSTITUTE Quickening of Orthodontic Tooth Movement, Biological Foundations Methods and Innovations Seminar.

In recognition of his contributions to the field of orthodontics, Huniler was awarded the Turkish Ortodentic Association's Search, Poster, and Statement 2nd Award. Orthodontics Specialist Gencer Huniler's areas of expertise include orthodontic treatments, fixed and transparent aligners, jaw irregularities, and orthopaedic correction.

His passion for providing the best possible care to his patients, coupled with his dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest developments in his field, make him one of the best dentists in Izmir, Turkey, and a trusted name in the orthodontic community. Click contact us button below to get in touch with highly skilled specialist for dental treatments in Izmir, Turkey at PlacidWay!

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Experiences and Educations:

  • Orthodontics Specialist Gencer Huniler was born in Pristina, Kosovo in 1990.
  • Started his education as a dentistry student at Ege University, Faculty of Dentistry in 2008
  • Graduated in 2013 as the department’s top student.

Ceminars, Congress and Courses:

  • ORMCO: Compressive Course on Understanding the Diamond System Course
  • EOS: Certificate of Verifiable Continuing Professional Development Seminar
  • OPAL: Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Treatment Mechanic Seminar
  • THE FORSYTH INSTITUTE: Quickening of Orthodontic Tooth Movement, Biological Foundations Methods and Innovations Seminar

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  • Turkish Ortodentic Association: Search, Poster and Statement 2nd Award

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WestDent Clinic Turkey reviews

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    I was very pleased, thank you to my teacher İlkyaz, he was very caring, everyone in the clinic was very friendly, thank you.

    Google Oct 15 2023
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    Totally the best of perfect

    Google Oct 15 2023
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    Dr. I was a patient of teacher Tuğçe, she is incredibly sweet, she informed me at every step, "now I will do this, now I will do that", and she is an incredibly kind person, I was very pleased with her, I recommend Tuğçe teacher to everyone, and she is very light-handed

    Google Oct 19 2023
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    Greetings, normally I dont go to a private clinic, but I had to go both in January and September, I thank my teacher Emine Tuğçe very much. She did such a good job with the root canal treatment in January, that s why I came here again this month, it s normal in terms of price, it s extremely expensive. Also, my teacher Emine Tuğçe is very caring and works with great dedication, thank you for your efforts. :)

    Google Oct 17 2023
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    had all my teeth zirconia crowned here was good quick and professional , collected from airport too to dentist by there driver was no issues ,

    Google Mar 23 2023
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    Viktoriya S

    I’m sharing my experience in hopes to save you time, money, and health! If you are considering coming to this clinic, read my review first before making any commitments. I had dental work done at the above-mentioned clinic for the first time in April 2023. The crowns and bridge work were done very poorly, causing me significant pain and discomfort. The procedure was rushed, with crowns placed at 11 pm due to my early morning flight. Clinic management assured me that this discomfort was normal and that I needed to adjust to it. Upon returning to the USA, I experienced excruciating pain and difficulty chewing due to an incorrect bite. The crowns were so thick that they caused me to bite my tongue, and they did not fit properly in my mouth, resulting in a noticeable lisp.

    I contacted the clinic numerous times, and Manager Susana Akdas requested my return, promising that they were aware of the issues and would redo the work. In May, I returned to the clinic only to learn that they were addressing the problems solely because they had failed to obtain my medical consent initially.

    During my May visit, all the crowns were painfully removed. It was then discovered that some of the pain I had been experiencing was due to an untreated root canal issue, leading to an infection. After several days, the office owner, who is the primary dentist at the clinic, placed new crowns. However, one of the front crowns was placed sideways, necessitating its removal without anesthesia, causing me immense discomfort. Another dentist, Dr. Fatih Karadayi, was called in to complete the crown placement. Despite these efforts, the crowns remained uncomfortable, with one being too large and crooked on the right side, causing sensitivity while breathing through my mouth. Consuming hot or cold foods and beverages was painful, and I was told it would take up to 4 months to adapt. I was given dental cups to wear at night but left them at home due to my impending flight.

    Since then, I have lived in constant pain and have been unable to eat solid food or consume hot or cold beverages. Food often gets stuck under my crowns, leading to constant gum bleeding. The temperature sensitivity has made eating frightening, and I cannot chew properly. My bite is misaligned, resulting in TMJ pain and severe daily headaches. I frequently bite my tongue while attempting to eat, and I have unintentionally lost 12 lbs, going from 121 lbs to 109 lbs. This situation has caused extreme discomfort, leading me to take pain medication daily, which in turn causes stomach pain.

    I have consulted with several dentists in the USA who have agreed to correct my crowns at a total cost of $27,000, starting with a $6,000 payment for the first set of 6 crowns. Despite my pleas, the clinic has suggested that I return once again, an option I vehemently refuse given their previous failed attempts to rectify the situation. I cannot subject myself to further suffering at this clinic. I have asked for a refund to cover the cost of correcting my crowns, but the clinic has declined to refund my money.

    I would strongly caution anyone considering this clinic to think twice. While you may believe you are saving money, the potential cost of fixing their mistakes could be threefold.

    Oct 07 2023

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