Dr. Pablo Orozco, M.D., Regenerative Medicine, Oncologist - Tijuana, Mexico

Blvd. Padre Kino #10133, Zona Rio Tijuana. Tijuana, Mexico
Speciality: Regenerative Medicine, Oncologist,
Languages: English,Spanish
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About - Dr. Pablo Orozco, M.D.


Dr. Pablo Orozco MD: Compassionate Architect of Cutting-Edge Healthcare

Introducing Dr. Pablo Orozco, a compassionate treating physician at the Immunity Therapy Center in Tijuana, Mexico. Driven by a commitment to your well-being, he specializes in providing cutting-edge healthcare with a focus on personalized patient care.

Board Certified Excellence from Universidad Autonoma de Baja California

Dr. Pablo Orozco's credentials include being a Board Certified Medical Doctor, a testament to his excellence in the field. Having graduated from the esteemed Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, his academic background contributes to the depth of knowledge he brings to patient care.

Three Years of Dedicated Patient Care at Immunity Therapy Center

With a tenure of over three years at the Immunity Therapy Center, Dr. Orozco has become an integral part of the medical team. His role as a treating physician involves daily on-site patient care, where he actively engages with individuals, guiding them through their treatment process.

Daily Guidance and Support in Treatment Journey

Dr. Orozco's commitment goes beyond routine patient care; he actively works with patients on a daily basis, providing guidance and support throughout their treatment journey. This personalized approach ensures that each individual receives the attention and care necessary for their unique health requirements.

Passion for Alternative Cancer Treatments in Tijuana, Mexico

A distinctive feature of Dr. Orozco's practice is his passion for alternative cancer treatments. This dedication sets him apart, demonstrating a commitment to exploring innovative approaches to healthcare. Dr. Orozco's expertise in this domain plays a crucial role in offering patients diverse and effective treatment options.

The Heart of Patient Experience

Dr. Orozco's unwavering commitment to patient care is the heart of the Immunity Therapy Center's commitment to excellence. His passion ensures that patients not only receive cutting-edge treatments but also have an enriching and supportive experience throughout their healing journey.

Ensuring the Best Results with Commitment and Passion

At the core of Dr. Orozco's approach is the belief that combining commitment and passion leads to the best results for patients. His dedication to both Alternative Cancer Treatments and patient care establishes him as a key figure in delivering an unparalleled healthcare experience at the Immunity Therapy Center. Patients can trust in Dr. Orozco for a compassionate, personalized, and effective approach to their well-being.

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Professional Experience:

  • Compassionate treating physician at the Immunity Therapy Center in Tijuana, Mexico.
  • Over three years of dedicated service at the center, actively engaging in daily on-site patient care.

Commitment to Patient Care:

  • Active involvement in daily guidance and support throughout patients' treatment journeys.
  • Ensures personalized attention and care tailored to each individual's unique health requirements.


  • Board Certified Medical Doctor with excellence from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California.

Passion for Alternative Cancer Treatments:

  • Distinctive dedication to alternative cancer treatments, showcasing a commitment to innovative healthcare approaches.
  • Expertise in this domain contributes to offering patients diverse and effective treatment options.

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Regenerative Medicine by ITC - Immunity Therapy Center Prices in Tijuana MexicoPricesEnquire
Stem Cell Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis in Tijuana, Mexico$5995Enquire
Breast Cancer in Tijuana, Mexico$18995Enquire
Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer in Tijuana, Mexico$18995Enquire
Stem Cell Treatment for Neurological Diseases in Tijuana, Mexico$5995Enquire
Stem Cell Treatment for Autoimmune Diseases in Tijuana, Mexico$5995Enquire
Stem Cell Treatment for Kidney Failure in Tijuana, Mexico$5995Enquire
Stem Cell Treatment for Parkinsons Disease in Tijuana, Mexico$5995Enquire
Stem Cell Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis in Tijuana, Mexico$5995Enquire

Regenerative Medicine by ITC - Immunity Therapy Center reviews

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    ITC saved my life twice. The US gave me 1 month to live. With the at home program I was alive for six month. My diagnosis is stage four bladder cancer. I am 33, married, with two small children. I live in Santa Maria CA. I am now finishing my third week. I have three more weeks, because my case is very severe. I arrived in extreme pain barely able to drink water let alone eat food. Now, I’ve gained over ten pounds. My appetite is high. Sleeping regularly. No more severe pain. My urine flow is beginning to return. Before it was completed close off. ITC has given me the opportunity to stay in this planet and continue to be a father.

    Google Feb 13 2023
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    In well over 46 plus years in or around the medical profession ,i have the rare experience of visiting a facility where i give a facility five stars. At ITC ,i was treated firstly as an intelligent human being, which is extremely rare.This is to say most people in the medical industry have a small dose of compassion ,ITC HAD the rare distinction. My cancer markers went down by 50 pct after the first week of treatment .Also ,my other medical factors were normalize. I salute Dr Bautista and his staff for the outstanding physical mental and spiritual care.The only thing i didn t like about ITC was to have leave. Im following up with home treatment programs.

    Google Feb 26 2023
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    Fantastic care! Thank you very much!!!

    Google Feb 16 2023
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    OMG! This place and the people are such a Godsend! Everyone is so nice and encouraging! I’ve experienced God’s peace from the initial Zoom videoconference to my arrival here at ITC and now, during my stay. I didn’t have to worry about transportation, lodging, nothing! They thought of everything and this allow you to just focus on your healing journey. I thank God for these angels here at ITC!

    Google Mar 02 2023
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    I spent 3 weeks at ITC in May 2022 and had such a wonderful experience. The staff were so kind and attentive, the treatments were effective & mostly soothing, not having to think about meals was so helpful and the MANY friendships I (and so many others) built there were priceless. I was being treated for stage 4 breast cancer and I had wonderful success in lowering my CA blood markers AND Dr. Alvarez listens so well & truly cares about his patients. I had been complaining to my oncology and radiology oncologist in AZ for weeks that it had become hard to breathe and I was coughing a ton... they did nothing but prescribe me steroids (which cause bone loss & I already had bone mets all over!) Dr. Alvarez listened to my lungs with his stethoscope and said we needed to do an ultrasound same day (AND on my very first day at ITC) to see how much fluid was built up around my lungs. Thank goodness he did! I was literally drowning in my own fluids! They scheduled me SAME DAY to have the fluid extracted, and removed 1,100 cc. I am so grateful that Dr. Alvarez still stays in touch and answers questions and concerns when I do still reach out. I highly recommend ITC. I only wish I would have gone there 4.5 years ago after my initial diagnosis instead of years of suffering later.

    Google Jan 31 2023
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    This was my husbands 5th trip to ITC. He goes annually for check-ups and to get an "immune boost"! He is always treated like family and gets quality care. We are happy with all aspects of ITC but above all we are happy with the results of his treatments!

    Google Feb 27 2023

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