Dr Huprikar Abhay, Nephrologist - Pune, India

Pune, India
Speciality: Nephrologist
Languages: English
Focus Area: Dr Huprikar Abhay | Nephrologist | Pune | India

About - Dr Huprikar Abhay

Dr. Huprikar Abhay is a renewed nephrologist physician with solid years of practice experience in Pune, India. Dedicated to exemplary patient outcomes and following the newest nephrology discoveries and technologies to ensure patient satisfaction. Dr. Huprikar Abhay strong focus on listening to and addressing patient concerns has made him the most wanted nephrologist physician in Pune, India.


Costs of Organ Transplant proceduresPricesEnquire
Kidney Transplant in China$100000Enquire
Kidney Transplant in Cuba$18750Enquire
Liver Transplant in Egypt$40000Enquire
Kidney Transplant in Germany$228180Enquire
Heart Transplant in India$1500 - $65000Enquire
Kidney Transplant in Jordan$20000Enquire
Kidney Transplant in Lithuania$87000Enquire
Liver Transplant in Mexico$3500 - $102000Enquire
Cornea Transplant in Morocco$1047Enquire
Cornea Transplant in Panama$5350Enquire

Organ-Transplant Related Packages

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