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Dr. Ahmet Ozyigit

Dr. Ahmet Ozyigit, Clinical Embryology

Nicosia, Cyprus

Sehit Erdogan Yildiz Sokak, Nicosia

Speciality: Clinical Embryology

Languages: Turkish, English, French

Degree: IVF Coordinator

About - Dr. Ahmet Ozyigit

Educational Background: 

  • Economics (Bachelor of Arts) - University of Kansas 2002
  • Economics (Master of Arts) - University of Kansas 2003
  • Economics (Doctor of Philosophy) - Azerbaijan State University 2017
  • Clinical Embryology (MSc) - Leeds University 2015
  • Doctor of Medicine (MD) - University of Nicosia Exp. Grad. 2020

Professional Background 

  • Teaching Assistant at University of Kansas, Department of Economics (1999-2002)
  • Lecturer of Economics at Near East University 2004 – 2009
  • Patient Coordinator at North Cyprus IVF Clinic 2006 – 2009
  • Clinical Coordinator at North Cyprus IVF Clinic 2009 - Present


Sectoral Interdependence, Convergence and Common development between Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot economies, funded by the UNDP, October 2009. 


Books and Book Chapters
Ozyigit, A., Ozyigit, S. 2018. '
The IVF Guide: What you Need to Know About Fertility, Infertility and Treatment Options' Universal Publishers, CA, USA.

Ozyigit, A., 2011. "Poverty and Income Inequality in the Face of Global Food Crisis: Evidence from Latin America" Book Chapter, Edited by B.N.Ghosh, pp. 251-278 Wisdom

Science Citation Index and SCI Expanded Journals
Ozyigit, A., Michaelides, C., Natsipoulos, K. "
Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension Presenting with Encephalopathy, Facial Tics and FTD". Front. Neuro. 
doi: 10.3389/fneur.2018.00673 

Ozyigit, A., 2008 "The impact of Foreign Aid on the Economy of Northern Cyprus". International Journal of Middle East Studies. Vol. 40 Issue:2.

Katircioglu, Salih & Eminer, Fehiman & Aga, Mehmet & Ozyigit, Ahmet, 2010. "Trade and Growth in the
Pacific Islands - Empirical Evidence from the Bounds Test to Level Relationships and Granger Causality Tests," Journal for Economic Forecasting, Institute for Economic Forecasting, vol. 0(4), pages 88-101.

Ahmet Ozyigit & Fehiman Eminer, 2011. "Bounds test approach to the relationship between human capital and foreign direct investment as regressors of
economic growth in Turkey," Applied Economics Letters, Taylor and Francis Journals, vol. 18(6), pages 561-565.

Aga M., & Ozyigit A., 2011. "The Role of Universities on the Turkish Cypriot Economy: Higher Education as a Means of Promoting the Tourism Sector" Actual Problems of Economics, Issue 6(120) page 364, March 2011.

Other Publications
Ozdeser, H & Ozyigit, A., 2007 "Foreign Trade and Economic Growth in Northern Cyprus: A Time Series Analysis". International Journal of Finance and Economics. (10). Pages 88-96.
Ozyigit, A., Eminer, F. 2011. "Argentina: Feeding on Food Crisis?". Journal of Asian Business Strategy, vol. 1(1). 

, F., Ozyigit, A. 2012. "Impact Of Structural Change And Human Capital Investment On Female Labor Force Participation Rates: A Cross-Country Analysis Of The Middle East And North African Region" European University of Lefke, Journal of Social Sciences Vol. 3 (1). 


  • Baynton Merit-based Scholarship in the amount of $1,600 – University of Kansas, Economics Department (March 1999)
  • Baynton Merit-based Scholarship in the amount of $1,400 – University of Kansas, Economics Department (March 2000)
  • Cyprus-America Scholarship Program, Graduate Scholarship in the amount of $48,500 for a two-year graduate study, awarded by the Fulbright Commission (September 2001)
  • Best Paper Award awarded for a conference presentation in Venice, Italy by the Clute Institute (June, 2007)
  • Researcher of the Year Award, awarded by Near East University of Northern Cyprus (June, 2008)

Workshops and Conferences

  • Clute Institute for Economic Research, Annual Conference, 2007 in Padova, Italy
  • Eastern Mediterranean University, Annual Conference, 2008 in Famagusta, Cyprus
  • Workshop: Time Series Econometrics using E-views by the International Economic Society, Famagusta, Cyprus (November 2007)
  • American Society of Reproductive Medicine, IVF Conference, San Francisco, USA (November 2008)
  • American Society of Reproductive Medicine, IVF Conference, Atlanta, USA (October 2009)
  • American Society of Reproductive Medicine, IVF Conference, Orlando, USA (October 2011)
  • American Society of Reproductive Medicine, IVF Conference, Boston USA (October 2013)

Education - Dr. Ahmet Ozyigit

BA Economics-University of Kansas-USA May 2002 MA Microeconomics-University of Kansas - USA-Dec 2003 PhD Health Care Management-Middlesex University - UK-Oct 2014 MSc Clinical Embryology Leeds University - UK-Exp. Mar. 2015

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