Bariatric Surgery in Reynosa

Bariatric Surgery in Reynosa


Best Bariatric Surgery in Reynosa, Mexico

Confidence can arise when you have a proportional and attractive body shape. It's not something difficult when you come to Bariatric Surgery in Reynosa Mexico. Everything you need, from experienced surgeons, accredited centers, safe procedures, and friendly prices, is available!

You will be greeted with joy and comfort by the best medical staff and surgeons in Reynosa, Mexico; even ready to pick you up from the airport to the hospital. You will feel the warm medical services as if welcomed by your own family.

Gastric Sleeve Package in Reynosa

The Bariatric Surgery Package in Reynosa, Mexico is like a bundle containing the facilities, benefits, and conveniences you can get when undergoing this surgical procedure at a specific center. With just $5,700 for a gastric sleeve surgery package in Reynosa, all your needs will be catered for. All you have to do is pack your things, prepare accommodation, and your holiday needs. Need help? No need to worry, we are ready to help you.

Cost Comparison of Bariatric Surgery in Reynosa, Mexico Vs Other Countries

Say no to spend more money! The Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Reynosa, Mexico offers you an attractive price, only around $6,325; you will be able to get the Weight Loss Package that fits your needs. Further information regarding the inclusions of the packages and whatever you get is clearly attached so that you can use it as a reference in making the final decision. Choosing a cheaper price for the same procedure than your home country, that’s really worth, isn’t it?

Obesity/Bariatric Surgery Centers Cost Comparison in Reynosa, Mexico

Provider Procedure Price
Hospital Los Lagos Sleeve Gastrectomy, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery $6325

Obesity/Bariatric Surgery Cost Comparison in Mexico

Country Procedure Price
United States Sleeve Gastrectomy, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery $18000
Canada Sleeve Gastrectomy, Obesity/Bariatric Surgery $19500

Bariatric Surgery Clinics in Reynosa

Bariatric Surgery Centers in Reynosa, Mexico is in a strategic location and you can get everything you need easily. When you want to meet unexpected needs while staying here, everything will be available, from complete laboratories, the latest technological surgical equipment, 24/7 service, AC rooms, Wi-Fi, and TV, you can get everything.

Bariatric Surgery Reviews in Reynosa

Various reviews about patient happiness and satisfaction are summarized in Bariatric Surgery Testimonials in Reynosa, Mexico. From here you will be able to see the patient's condition directly and is a real testimony sent by them. Their reviews will be able to shed some light on what you need to prepare before undergoing the Weight Loss Surgery procedure in Reynosa, Mexico.

Top Certified Bariatric Surgeons in Reynosa, Mexico

Bariatric Surgeon in Reynosa, Mexico are a group of well-educated surgeons specializing in treating patients with obesity and the like. Say no to worries, because you will be introduced directly to Obesity Surgeons who are reliable and certified in treating hundreds of patients from various countries in the world, especially the USA and Canada. Wanting a consultation is also easy because the Weight Loss Specialists are ready to take the time to answer everything you need and provide the most appropriate solution.

Why Reynosa for Weight Loss Surgery?

Reynosa is a Mexican border city located on the southern bank of the Rio Grande. Beside being popular for medical tourism, Reynosa it also has wonderful attractions for tourists.

Your trip for weight loss surgery in Reynosa can become a pleasant vacation for you and your family before the surgery. These are the places where you can go in Reynosa and have a great time:

  • Parque Cultural Reynosa
  • Flexzone Jumping Park Reynosa
  • La Ciudad De Las Familias Felices
  • Zoologico de Reynosa
  • Parroquia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe

Experience Weight Loss with Bariatric Surgery in Reynosa!

Bariatric Surgery in Reynosa, Mexico can give you an interesting experience, not just a surgical procedure, but in your spare time you can walk around the city enjoying the various tourist attractions available. It is not difficult to get around the city, because there are various means of transportation that will make it easier for you such as buses, taxis, and so on.

If you are having trouble and want to plan your Medical Tourism, PlacidWay is ready to help you! Feel free to ask our team and get the best insights for the best vacation and obesity surgery experiences.

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