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IVF with Gender Selection in Famagusta Cyprus by Cyprus IVF Hospital

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All-Inclusive Sex Selection IVF treatment in Famagusta Cyprus

IVF with Gender Selection in Famagusta Cyprus

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IVF with Gender Selection Package in Famagusta, Cyprus

For couple who hope to plan their family with the gender of their choice, Cyprus IVF Hospital offers a comprehensive IVF with Gender Selection package. This package includes all treatments and medications necessary for successful IVF with gender selection. Our team of fertility experts is committed to providing the highest quality care and best possible outcomes for our patients.

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In our costs we include your monitoring on arrival, scans and Dr consults, as well as Airport pickups and transfers to the clinic for your appointments, when you stay locally. If you are looking for a specific gender for your baby but at a lower cost than in your home country, you can choose our all-inclusive package for IVF with GENDER SELECTION in Famagusta, CYPRUS.

Package Price: 5,000 Euros or $5,332

Package Includes:

  • Doctor consultation and preparation

  • Egg retrieval (OPU) procedure (one-time)

  • Sperm collection

  • Sperm quality control

  • Embryo creation

  • Embryo quality control

  • PGD (Genetic tests) + gender selection: 5 chromosome

  • Embryo transfer (IVF ICSI)

  • Analysis (13, 18, 21, x, y) with FISH technique

  • All transfers between Ercan (ECN) airport-hotel-hospital will be provided by our hospital free of charge

Doctor Name: Dr. Serap Kagan IVF Specialist (Ob/Gyn)

About Cyprus IVF Hospital

Cyprus IVF Hospital is located in the city centre of Famagusta, North Cyprus and is a part of the largest private hospital in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. As a subsidiary of Cyprus Central Hospital, Cyprus IVF Hospital commenced offering services and treatment in 2008. The hospital was the first in North Cyprus to obtain International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001) certification due to the service quality and treatment it provides to the patient.

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Cyprus IVF Hospital is LGBTQ+ friendly hospital. It welcomes gay couples and offers treatments like IUI with Sperm Donor or ROPA (Reciprocal IVF/co-maternity) where two women can share motherhood. For patients who are not able to carry their own child, Cyprus IVF Hospital offers gestational surrogacy where embryos created from patients or donors’ gametes are used.

Cyprus IVF Hospital works with a “human-oriented” service approach believing that each of their patient is unique, and therefore, they apply a tailor-made treatment protocol to each of their patients.

Cost of IVF with Gender Selection in Famagusta, Cyprus

The price for IVF with Gender Selection packages in Famagusta, Cyprus by Cyprus IVF Hospital is 5,000 Euros or $5,332. For more detail, check our price list table below:

IVF with Gender Selection
5,000 Euros or $5,332
PGT-A; 5 chromosomes (13, 16, 18, 21, 22 or 13, 18, 21, X, Y)
2000 EUR / $2,184
PGT-A; 7 chromosomes (13, 16, 18, 21, 22, X, Y)
2500 EUR / $2,730
PGT-A; 9 chromosomes (13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, X, Y)
2750 EUR / $3,003
PGT-A;  Structural chromosomes abnormalities
Please consult us for price details
PGT-A; X chromosomes abnormalities (related sex-linked disorders)
Please consult us for price details
PGT-M; Single Gene
4,000 EUR / $4,368
500 EUR / $546 per embryo
Please consult us for price details

Note: Price may change depending on the complexity of the procedure and patient conditions. You can follow Price Policy in Cyprus IVF Hospital or contact the Customer Representative.

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Cyprus IVF Hospital highlights:

  • Not an IVF clinic only but a General Hospital

  • Top Rated center for IVF with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification

  • Qualified and professional team

  • High pregnancy success rates

  • Diverse donor network

  • Provide various programs that help you keep your budget

  • Provide an overall success rate of 70-80%

  • Using the most advanced reproductive technology available

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What is IVF with GENDER SELECTION Procedure?

A couple or individuals opt for gender selection for various reasons. Many Intended Parents often choose gender selection for 'Family Balancing.' In Vitro fertilization with gender selection is often called family balancing. 

Family balancing means that if the Intended Parent(s) wanted a son but only had girls, they can select gender during IVF to ensure a balanced family. 

The process includes several methods combining gender selection principles with In Vitro fertilization.  One of the most popular is called Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, also known as PGD. This method tests embryos for genetic disorders before fertilization. 

The first step would be to send any test results you have, or to have these tests done:

1) Hormone tests on day 2 or day 3 of your period: FSH, LH, Estradiol, Prolactin, TSH. Also AMH (Blood Tests). These test results help to measure your level of fertility and also help us identify the right medication regimen which will optimize the outcome.

2) A basic trans-vaginal ultrasound scan to check your Antral Follicle count and to make sure there are no fibroids/polyps/free fluids in the uterus or cysts in the ovaries, or anything visible that can potentially interfere with a successful pregnancy process. The sonogram should also be done on day 2 or day 3 of menstrual period.

3) Your husband's/partner's semen analysis and culture.

After both your test results have been checked by the Doctor, he will decide on the appropriate medication schedule for you. A script for medications is emailed to you and you have the choice of asking your own Dr to prescribe the same or using the international online pharmacy.

The cycle cost does not include your medications as most people do prefer to start these at home. The cost of these will depend on the country you are in.

You will also have a step by step schedule to follow, which tells you precisely when you'll be taking your medications each day, when your scans are needed and the date you will both need to travel to Cyprus for egg retrieval and your IVF.

IVF Sex Selection Program in Cyprus

Our IVF program starts by reviewing your and your partner's most recent blood tests and health reports with our IVF Specialist, Dr. Serap Kagan. She will ensure that you meet all the required elements for a successful cycle and proceed with specific follow-up questions to help her understand the case thoroughly. (If you have performed any of these tests before within max 3 months, you do not need to repeat them, just send to us for our doctor’s review)

Once we pass this stage and have a clear profile of your status and medical history, you are good to start the program which begins on the 2nd day of your menstrual cycle and continues for approximately 3 weeks (21 days).

The program is divided into 2 main components: Ovarian Stimulation Phase and Embryo Transfer Phase.

You'll start your ovarian stimulation phase from the 2nd day of your menstrual cycle and continue for approximately 10-14 days. During this phase, you'll be taking stimulation injections administered by our medical team with multiple ultrasounds check-ups to monitor your progress.

Once Dr Serap confirms you are ready, the stimulation phase ends, and you undergo the egg collection procedure. This marks the beginning of your Embryo Transfer Phase, which is 5 days of different medical protocol to ensure your body is ready to receive the embryos on the 5th day. 

Our laboratory team will be performing the Pre-implementation Genetic Diagnosis Test (5 chromosomes Analysis:13,18,21,X,Y with FISH technique) to identify the gender of each embryo. The report comes back on the morning of the scheduled Embryo Transfer Day. Together with you and Dr Serap, we choose the number and gender of the embryos to be transferred.  (If there are still healthy embryos remaining after the transfer, there is an option to freeze them for future transfers. Additional embryo transfers cost 1000 EUR / $1,053 per transfer)

This completes your IVF Cycle. After 12 days from the embryo transfer date, you will perform the pregnancy blood test and send us the good news!

For us to assist you more appropriately, could you please let us know:

  • Do you use any medicines regularly at the moment?

  • Do you still have your periods?

  • Have you had a previous birth?

  • Have you undergone any IVF treatment before? If yes, please give us more details.

Option 1

  • This option will require the patient to stay in Cyprus for approximately 21 days and complete their entire IVF cycle under our supervision at Cyprus IVF Hospital. 

  • Blood tests can be done in your country in advance, or we can perform all of them at our hospital

  • Arriving in North Cyprus and begin your IVF treatment after your menstrual cycle. 

  • Egg stimulation protocol (12-14 days), egg  collection (1 day), embryo creation protocol (5 days),  the transfer of the embryo (1 day) will be done in Cyprus (total approximately 21 days).

Option 2

This option is offered for the candidate parents with limited free time and that prefer to lower the cost of test checkups and medicines. (The cost of medication and blood tests in North Cyprus are much cheaper compared to any other countries) With this option, the patients will be in Cyprus twice but in shorter periods. Your stay in Cyprus will be max. 10 days in this option.

Procedure Details

At Cyprus (first visit)

  • Blood tests and checkups,

  • Obtaining the medicines (approx. 2 days)

At Home Country

  • Begin your IVF treatment (egg stimulation protocol) after your menstrual cycle starts (approx. 12-14 days)

At Cyprus (second visit)

  • Embryo transfer protocol and the transfer of embryo (approx. 5 days)

Option 3

This option is suitable for couples with any obligations that prevent them from travelling to Cyprus for an extended period. Option 3 works by getting the patient ready in their home country and coming to Cyprus only for a limited number of days, usually less than a week.

In-Home Country
  • Performing Blood tests and checkups,

  • Obtaining your medicines,

  • Begin your IVF treatment (egg stimulation protocol) after your menstrual cycle starts (approx. 12-14 days)

In Cyprus
  • Embryo transfer protocol and the transfer of embryo (approx. 5 days)

Advantages of IVF with Gender Selection at Cyprus IVF Hospital

  • Quick recovery time

  • Increases chances of having a specific child gender

  • Safe and effective fertility treatment

  • The high success rate of IVF

  • Patient health care at 8 languages (English, German, French, Arabic, Persian, Italian, Albenian and Turkish)

  • A vacation in Famagusta

IVF with PGD (PGT-A) program Package Inclusions

  • Doctor consultation and preparation

  • Egg retrieval (OPU) procedure (one-time)

  • Sperm collection

  • Sperm quality control

  • Embryo creation

  • Embryo quality control

  • *PGD (Genetic tests) + gender selection

  • Embryo transfer (IVF ICSI)

*PGD (PGT-A) (Genetic tests): 5 chromosome

Analysis (13, 18, 21, x, y) with FISH tecnique

*All transfers between Ercan (ECN) airport-hotel-hospital will be provided by our hospital free of charge

Exclusions in Package for IVF Sex Selection

  • Medication given to the patient for egg simulation and after transfer medication - Between *600-800 USD in Northern Cyprus

  • Embryo freezing and storage - $500 for 1st year

  • Embryo freezing and storage - $250 after 1st year

  • Tests required from men and women

  • Any additional egg collection process - $1,000 per collection

  • Any additional embryo transfer - $1,000 per transfer

*Prices may vary depending on the currency rates and medication price changes.

Cyprus IVF Hospital Other Treatment Options 

  • IUI (intrauterine insemination) and AID (artificial insemination with donor) 


  • IVF with Egg donation 

  • IVF with Embryo donation 

  • IVF with Sperm donation 

  • Tandem IVF 

  • ROPA (Reciprocal IVF) for same-sex female couples 

  • Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT/PGS) 

  • Gender selection 

  • Laparoscopy 

  • Hysteroscopy 

  • Endometrial Scratch 


  • Surgical Sperm Retrieval 

  • Vasectomy Reversal 

  • Male Infertility Tests /Surgery  

  • Blastocyst Culture 

  • Laser-Assisted Hatching 

  • Ultrasound Scans 

  • Advanced Embryology 

  • Genetic Tests. 

Experienced IVF Surgeons in Famagusta, Cyprus at Cyprus IVF

cyprus ivf

An experienced medical team who works at Cyprus IVF hospital delivers support and encouragement during the IVF journey of their patients. The team's mission is to assist couples in achieving their parenting dream come true. Doctors and IVF specialists focus on ethical practices, trustworthiness, and integrity in search of excellence, accountability, and discipline.

IVF Doctor in Famagusta, Cyprus

  • First Certified Women IVF Specialist in North Cyprus

  • 30 years of experience in OB/GYN

  • Founder of the first private hospital in North Cyprus​

  • Speciality: Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB/GYN)

  • Languages: English

  • Degree: Op. Dr.

There is also another Ob/Gyn and fertility specialist – Dr Icten Balık Kıvancli, urologist – Dr. Mehmet Tuzlali, and Children’s Health and Diseases Specialist – Dr Cemal Mert.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Is IVF gender selection successful?

As parents, you can determine your baby's gender through PGD (PGT-A) during an IVF journey. A fertility doctor must have the ability to identify XX or XY chromosomes in the embryo with PGD (PGT-A) tests to provide a 100% accurate gender selection process.

What are the risks of IVF gender selection?

There are minor to no risks at all of IVF gender selection. In fact, due to genetic embryo testing, the possibility of a birth defect is lower with IVF than with natural conception. 

The parents should be aware of the risk of not having healthy embryos on the desired gender after genetic embryo testing (PGT-A). All healthy embryos might be of boy although they are looking for a girl or vice versa. 

Are IVF babies normal?

IVF is a different way of conception from normal sexual intercourse. But the IVF children are as normal as other children concerning their mental and physical attributes.

IVF babies are born under the expert supervision of IVF specialists. However, the results of the treatment can vary from couple to couple. Therefore, discussing all your concerns as a couple with your IVF doctor before the treatment is essential.

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Get an All-Inclusive Package for IVF with Gender Selection in Famagusta Now!

Start your journey to raising a happy and healthy family with a cost-effective IVF with a Sex Selection package in Famagusta, Cyprus today. Experienced IVF doctors at Cyprus IVF hospital will help you achieve your dreams as a couple. Find out more by contacting us below:

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