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Best Mommy Makeover Package in Cali, Colombia

Worldwide Treatment Options, Bogota, Colombia

Package Price : $7500

Treatment :Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

By : PlacidWay Colombia

Location : Worldwide Treatment Options Bogota, Colombia

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Package Details

Mommy Makeover in Cali, Colombia

Best Mommy Makeover Package in Cali, Colombia

What is a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover generally a mixture of procedures related to body changes post pregnancy and breast feeding. This surgical treatment enhances self confidence and eradicates those devastating insecurities which stop many women who have had children from feeling comfortable with their bodies. This surgery requires enhancement of the breasts, abdominal areas, buttocks and some areas of the body. 

What is Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck surgery ( or abdominoplasty ) is conducted to flatten the abdomen by the reduction of extra fat and skin and tightening of the muscles of the abdominal wall. Individuals are selected carefully for this treatment as it is a major operation. In the case of a woman wanting to undergo a tummy tuck following pregnancy, it is suggested that she wait until she has had her last child. If you wish to have the surgery done to take out excess skin and fat after major weight-loss, it is advisable to have reached your ideal weight before undergoing surgery.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery designed to help remove excess fat deposits from certain areas of the body. Women are more apt to consider liposuction than men, as it helps to improve proportion, body contours, and most importantly, self-image and confidence. Liposuction is also known as lipoplasty and can be performed on an outpatient basis.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is considered to be relatively minor but a very effective cosmetic surgery procedure. Although it is technically rather simple, this operation requires surgeon’s sense of proportion and shaping.

Mommy Makeover in Cali, Colombia Cost

Cost: The cost of Mommy Makeover in Cali, Colombia starts from $7,500. The package cost depends on the number of procedure chosen for mommy makeove

What’s Included?

  • All pre-operative testing and exams
  • All related surgical costs: surgeons, anesthesia, equipment, nursing care
  • Medication while at the hospital
  • Consultations (Pre and Post-operative)
  • Post operative garment


  • Airfare.
  • Preoperative lab work.

List of Required Pre-op Tests:

  • Complete blood count
  • PT
  • PTT
  • Glucose
  • Urea and creatinine
  • Fibrinogen

Note: Has to be done at least 15 days prior to surgery.

Benefits of Mommy Makeover in Cali, Colombia

  • Multiple surgeries at the same time
  • Dramatic effect
  • Better skin tone
  • Reduced body weight
  • Enhanced cleavage
  • Removal of stretch marks
  • Perfect body proportion
  • Boosts confidence

Check out this amazing Mommy Makeover package in Cali, Colombia now!


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