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Affordable Cosmetic Surgery Packages for Global Patients

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Treatment: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Breast Implants, Abdominoplasty
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MediTour Providing Variety of Cosmetic Surgeries. Get Now

One stop solution for affordable health treatment and wellness package in India

About MediTour India

MediTour India has evolved as a crucial hub for medical tourism and special health care vacations for international patients visiting India. It is already on the global health vacation map as a value added service provider. More people chose health vacation packages to this land of spirituality where patients are guests and treated like God.

  • Pan Indian healthcare solutions are of high international standards, affordable, customised and localised with various packages.
  • Speciality hospitals, health care centres exist in the sub continent.
  • Every medical treatment in India moves with logistics and precision with post treatment healing.
  • World class facilities medical facilities are available in India for people of all age groups.
  • Numerous patients have already benefited from Indian healthcare professionals and experienced the famed Indian hospitality.
  • It combines the best holistic treatments with customised travel packages.

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Let’s face a natural fact- God has made us human beings with love and care. The Almighty may not have been perfect with his divine creation but then beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. With significant strides in the medical field both men and women now are able to correct their physical features-thereby increasing their face value! In the 21st century, cosmetic surgery enhances the overall figure and brings an aesthetic appeal to the person. Going under the knife isn’t a bad idea when nearly 80 per cent patients worldwide were satisfied with the results when polled by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2007.

More people now undergo surgery using liposuction, tummy tucks, breast enhancers, botox. Now it’s all about looking immortal…hmmm till we are reborn again!

Why international patients travel to India for Cosmetic Surgery?

While healthcare in developed countries have registered a phenomenal growth, they are very expensive. Medical tourism in India is an economic reality. City doctors have already proved their medical worth other areas of healthcare like dental treatments in India and obesity related ailments very successfully. It is natural that foreign patients consider affordable Indian doctors for cosmetic surgery.

Reconstructive surgery following physical trauma or accidents, facelifts, smoothening of wrinkles, breast upliftment and reshaping noses or bone structure are all aesthetically done via state-of-the-art techniques by cosmetic surgeons in India.

  • People travel on cheap vacations to India. They have a unique opportunity to get affordable cosmetic surgery while vacationing.
  • From the last decade, India has become a hub for medical tourism, especially low cost corrective surgery. This also reduces high cost insurance premium. Indian surgeons are well-equipped and knowledgeable about reconstructive cosmetic surgery at cheap rates.
  • The risk free cosmetic surgery procedures ensure that all international patients are satisfied with the physical results. What’s more they also get to explore the exotic country- A perfect wellness vacation. 
  • No scar surgeries, humane experience, and patient management
  • Minimum waiting period
  • Latest infrastructure, technology and services
  • Prospects of exploring the country post recovery
  • Healthy vacation packages with risk free cosmetic surgery in India

Cosmetic surgery provided through MediTour India

The key to success is the patient and clinical coordination and MediTour India ensures this right at the onset. The reasonable and affordable packages are not the only reasons why international patients are being routed through MediTour India. With an enhanced self confidence, most people leave the clinics with renewed esteem and compliments.

Our work force delivers the following essential services critical to healthcare and hospitality. Our risk free and affordable cosmetic surgery in India, with tie-ups with the best medical facilities for the following:

  • Liposuction
  • Face lift
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Chin Implant
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Reduction
  • Cosmetic Blepharoplasty
  • Dermabrasion
  • Cleft Lip
  • Circumferential Upper body lift

MediTour India combines well planned cosmetic care logistics with post treatment recuperation.

  • World-class, affordable, customised and localised cosmetic care solutions for all age groups.
  • Speciality hospitals, cosmetic centres in India
  • Success stories of international patients
  • Holistic treatments with customised travel packages

Affordable packages for global patients for Plastic Surgeries

Patients coming to India are primarily looking for affordable deals that meet medical quality standards. Various global patients have returned home health wise. That's exactly the aim of the workforce at MediTour India.


Treatment        Days in Hospital Cost in $
Breast Reduction       3-4 days 1950
Abdominoplasty       2-3 days 2300
Complete Rhinoplasty       3-4 days 1450
Chin Implant       2-3 days 1150
Liposuction (Upto 10 kgs overweight person)        2-3 days 1450
Breast Implants      3-4 days 2150

What makes MediTour India so special for cosmetic Surgeries?

  • Quality- is the single important factor that attracts numerous patients. It focuses on an overall experience of the patient. This includes time spent with them with respect, kindness and dignity at all levels. From the first enquiry to the last appointment, all logistics are handled with caution.
  • Consultants & Surgeons -They form the bulwark of professionals at MediTour India. Cosmetic surgeons in India affiliated with us have received professional training overseas. They are widely acclaimed for their medical acumen.
  • Hospitals- MediTour India is associated with special clinics that use cutting edge technology for cosmetic surgeries. Latest techniques including laser-assisted and endoscopic surgery allow for scar-less surgery that is safer and more effective, with fewer traumas and less recovery time for the patient.
  • Post treatment follow-up – Our team conducts follow-up with patients after they return to their home country. Whether it is tele-consultation or diagnostic explanation with the doctor or provision of medicines from India, all logistics are executed with precision.
  • Cost factor – We have excellent relations with our partners. The rates for various cosmetic treatments are highly competitive and cost effective. MediTour India health team strives to provide the best possible rates so that patients get ‘value for money’.
  • Committed and Dedicated Team – We believe in providing world class services for risk free cosmetic surgeries in India. We have a dedicated team of professionals to guide the patient throughout their medical journey. 

o    Query management team: They continuously communicate with you and your family – understanding expectations, addressing any worries and supporting the entire stay. Timely reach of information on all counts - about the country you intend to visit, hospital reviews, medical history and problems, travel assistance – on priority basis.
o    Medical Team: They comprehend the patient’s medical history, problem and diagnosis. They connect patients to the right hospital depending on the treatment. They connect with doctors, to take care of all formality and procedures, before and after the treatment.
o    Destination Management:  This is on-the-ground help. They will hand hold you through your travel. Customised services include complete travel packages with following guidelines.

Pre-travel arrangements 

  • Match appropriate physicians and cosmetic surgeons in India, addresses and testimonials)
  • Planning and Budgeting – Pre Travel (exclusive travel agents and deals with airlines)
  • Tele-consultation with doctor
  • 24 hour helpline
  • Travel guidance
  • Reserve bookings in affordable cosmetic clinics and hotels in India
  • Arrange and confirm appointments with reputed doctors doing cosmetic surgery in India
  • Collate medical data and file case history

In country travel arrangements 

  • Transportation of choice
  • Communications
  • Personal consultation
  • Handle admission and discharge procedures
  • Post treatment health care
  • Assist in travel plan and budgeting (list of hotels listed with tariffs)

Follow up for 6 months after treatment

  • MediTour India health team members ensure post operative care. This includes regular calls and tele-consultations if any. 

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