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Affordable Dental Treatments in San Jose Costa Rica

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Affordable Dental Treatment

in San Jose, Costa Rica


A veneer is is positioned over the front part or even obvious areas of the tooth. This really is a thin shell that covers the total tooth.

There are two types of veneers

  • Ceramic veneers that are produced by a dental laboratory
  • Resin-based composite veneers.


  • Crowns are recommended while a tooth or even tooth are extremely badly wornout, damaged or even damaged to be very easily renewed with a filling up.
  • Crowns are usually required for tooth which have needed root canals.
  • Crowns are likewise put on dental implants to change losing tooth.
  • Crowns can be created completely of precious metal or even porcelain ceramic fused to a silver substrate for strength and elegance.
  • Crowns can be created completely from high-strength ceramic and also porcelain for amazing cosmetic good results.

Why Choose Us?

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Need your teeth fixed? Looking for high-quality yet affordable dental care?

  • DaVinci's Dental Specialties Center is situated in Jaco Beach destination, Costa Rica, residence of natural splendor along with a method of obtaining for holiday pleasures .
  • Playa Jaco, provides almost all the solutions to satisfy many your needs, for example banking institutions , hotel rooms , eating places , tourism a lot of treatment centers that offer a complete selection of solutions .
  • Our dentistry center provides risk-free dentistry; take a look at our solutions , functionality , assurance and also employees to set the mind comfortable and also cut back a large number of Dollars ! Check out our affordable Costa Rica dental implants offers.

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