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Top Bariatric Surgery Centers in Europe

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Bariatric Surgery European Countries

Top Bariatric Surgery Centers in Europe

Nowadays, we live our lives in a tempting world: The fast-food industry has turned regular menus into XXL menus, full of carbohydrates and high-fat ingredients to provide that great taste we can opt for when we have no time to cook for ourselves.

Bariatric surgery is generally explained as weight loss surgery. When other fat reduction methods such as rigorous diet management and daily physical exercise, are not effective anymore, bariatric surgery in Europe is the best choice to lose and manage weight in a safe, planned way.

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Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Europe

The Bariatric Surgery in Europe Cost $5000 Approximately While the Cost in the US is $20,000

Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Europe

Cost Comparison of Bariatric Surgery in Top Destinations





Bariatric Surgery $5000


Bariatric Surgery $20,000


Bariatric Surgery $15,000

Types Of Bariatric Surgery Popular in European Centers

Gastric balloon

Gastric Balloon Weight loss surgery

Gastric bypass

Gastric Bypass weight loss surgery

Gastric plication

Gastric Plication weight loss surgery

Lap band surgery

Lap Band surgery

Sleeve gastrectomy

Sleeve Gastrectomy weight loss surgery

SGIT for Diabetic Obesity

SGIT weight loss surgery

Roux en Y gastric bypass

Roux en Y gastric bypass weight loss surgery

Thanks to obesity treatment in Europe, patients from all over have the possibility to choose the best medical treatment option for them according to their needs.

Obesity European Clinics are:

  • equipped with modern technology and facilities especially made for the comfort and safety of obese patients, who seek the treatment.
  • taking care of all patients in a caring, comfortable and safe environment, while maintaining privacy.

Best Bariatric Centers in Europe



Istituto Auxologico Italiano

Milan, Italy

KCM Clinic

Jelenia Gora, Poland

Metabolic Diabetes Surgery

Istanbul, Turkey

European Health Centre Otwock

Otwock, Poland

Dr HE Obesity Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

Optimed International Hospital

Istanbul,Tekirdag, Turkey

Quironsalud University Hospital Madrid

Madrid, Spain

Teknon Medical Center

Barcelona, Spain

Kardiolita Hospital

Vilnius,Kaunas, Lithuania

Bariatric Services

Tallinn, Estonia

Clinica Smart Nutrition

Bucharest, Romania


Istanbul, Turkey

Guven Hospital

Ankara, Turkey

Hermes Clinics

Izmir, Turkey

Istanbul Bariatric Academy

Istanbul, Turkey

Bariatric Surgery in Europe is

  • committed to innovating methods of treatment & procedures that set standards.
  • dedicated to providing quality treatment and the best post-surgical care.
  • going to keep pace with the latest technology available to benefit their patients.

Bariatric Surgeons in Europe

  • Have the expertise in performing all bariatric surgical procedures such as gastric banding, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch depending on the patient’s need.

Obesity is not just the US issue anymore, today this epidemic is spreading fast in Europe as well. It is a serious, expensive, and fast-growing global problem.

Advantages Obesity Surgery Europe

Advantages of Choosing Obesity Surgery in Europe

  • loss of 66 to 80% of their excess body weight in 18 to 24 months after surgery
  • beneficial effect on many medical conditions such as
    • diabetes
    • hypertension
    • acid reflux
    • sleep apnea
    • polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
    • urinary stress incontinence
    • low back pain
    • improvement in mood and other aspects of psychosocial function
    • improvement in overall quality of life
  • with minimally invasive surgery, patients will typically experience:
    • shorter hospital stays
    • smaller incisions
    • quicker recovery periods

Bariatric surgery in European centers can help you end the weight gain cycle! All bariatric surgery procedures in Europe have the same purpose: reducing the size of the stomach and therefore reducing the food intake.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Poland - Patient Review

European centers provide bariatric procedures fit for each patient's needs.

Contact us to find out more about weight loss treatments and programs!

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