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Amblyopia or lazy eye is a condition of poor vision in children wherein an eye did not develop normal sight during early childhood. Usually, only one eye is affected but it is likely for both eyes to be called ‘’lazy’’. Vision impairment becomes irreversible when left untreated causing a child’s vision to develop incorrectly in the affected eye. That’s why early detection and treatment can help prevent this eye condition.

At Birinci Eye Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey, they perform CAM Treatment which is highly advised for children and Neurovision Treatment for Lazy Eye.

CAM Treatment (For ages 5-9 years old)

In CAM Treatment, eye patching technique is used along with an instrument called CAM Vision Stimulator. Using the vision stimulator, the child's normal eye is concealed and the other eye set at about 28 cm from the stimulator. After evaluating contrast sensitivity, the stimulator is switched on while the disc revolves for 1 to 2 minutes. Then, the next square wave finer grating is positioned on the stimulator’s spindle until all 7 gratings (discs) are used. Eye patching should be continued all throughout CAM Treatment.

The treatment lasts for 7 minutes and will require visual concentration while the lazy eye is exposed to the contrast gratings. The CAM treatment is preferred to be conducted on a weekly interval and is discontinued when 3 succeeding treatment sessions failed to improve visual acuity of the patient.

CAM Treatment, Lazy Eye Surgery, Istanbul, Turkey

CAM Treatment is highly recommended for children:

  • Aged 5-9 years old
  • Who have strabismus
  • Who have astigmatism
  • Who are farsighted
  • Who are nearsighted
  • Who have childhood cataract


NeuroVision Treatment (For ages 9 years old and above)

Another modality used is the NeuroVision Treatment. It is patient-specific and non-invasive computerized vision perceptual learning program that aims to conduct vision stimulation and neural connection. In this treatment, the patient is asked to pinpoint fine details in the visual stimuli provided. This treatment is highly recommended for patients 9 years and above who also experience lazy eye symptoms.


What is the cost of CAM Treatment?

Type of Treatment
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CAM  Treatment
Eye patching and NeuroVision Treatment
Prevent Lazy Eye early with CAM Treatment at Birinci Eye Hospital Turkey!


Benefits of CAM Treatment with Birinci:

  • Birinci provides expert treatment and surgery for eye disorders
  • ISO-TUV Recognized hospital
  • Low cost eye treatments compared to American and European clinics and hospitals
  • Can perform eye exams and consultation within a short time
  • Most eye treatment packages offer transfers, along with accommodation and  interpreter assistance.


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