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ARTAS Hair Transplant at the Aivee Institute Philippines

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Package Price : $6641

Treatment :Hair Transplantation

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Location : 2nd Floor, East Bldg. Forbestown Center Burgos Circle Bonifacio Global City Metro Manila, Philippines

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Hair Transplant at the Aivee Institute, ARTAS Procedure, Philippines

ARTAS Hair Transplant at the Aivee Institute Philippines


Conventional hair transplant techniques can leave a linear scar but with the new ARTAS Hair Transplant Technique offered at the Aivee Institute, Metro Manila, Philippines, you will be surprised how it can be scar-free and more comfortable!

Using precision robotics and advanced digital imaging, the ARTAS System is a physician-controlled robotic hair restoration system that allows cosmetic surgeons to harvest hair directly from the patient’s scalp using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). After harvesting viable hair, the surgeon transplants them without the obvious linear scarring.

Here’s how the ARTAS System works:

During consultation, your hair transplant specialist will illustrate your expected results (aesthetic vision) through 3D modelling. Next, ARTAS scans an area of the scalp to classify and track each hair and selects the most viable hair for harvesting. After the doctor applies local anesthesia and using image-guided robotics, ARTAS harvests hair follicular units while maintaining the appearance of the donor area. Lastly, your restoration specialist manually transfers the grafts into the desired area of the scalp. After 6 months of transplantation, noticeable and permanent results will appear.

Best candidates for the ARTAS System are men/women who:

  • Suffer from hereditary baldness
  • Have male pattern baldness
  • Are 20-40 years old
  • Have thinning hair
  • Have a stable supply of donor hair (at the back of the scalp) that can supply the thinning areas of the scalp.
  • Have frontal hair loss
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Have no serious health conditions

Hair Transplant Cost, Hair Restoration, Philippines

Cost of Hair Restoration Using ARTAS:  

Aivee Institute, Metro Manila, Philippines, is one of the foremost cosmetic/plastic surgery institutes in the Phillippines that provides cutting edge aesthetic and anti-aging treatments and procedures. The Aivee Institute now offers ARTAS Hair Restoration Package that starts at ONLY $6,641!

Benefits of hair restoration with ARTAS:

  • Outpatient procedure that extracts hair grafts with precision
  • Minimally invasive, robotic hair restoration method
  • Delivers permanent and natural results
  • It doesn’t leave a linear scar!
  • Leaves no incisions or sutures
  • You can wear your hair in any length or style
  • Recovery is easy – you can return to your normal activities in a day or two!
  • You can keep your active lifestyle after having the procedure.

Join the men who discovered the ARTAS System! Book your appointment now at the Aivee Institute, Metro Manila, Philippines! Just click the button below to get a FREE quote.

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