Hair Transplant in Spain

Hair Transplant in Spain

Why Choose Hair Transplant in Spain?

Looking for an effective hair loss procedure abroad? Consider having Hair Transplant in Spain at a more reasonable price than in the UK or America. Our guide consists of important information on prices, clinics, and surgeons for hair restoration in sunny Spain. 

Read on to find more about:

Clinic: Hospital Capilar

Procedure:  Hair Transplant

Cost in Spain: $3,850

Cost in Other Countries: From $8,350

Top Tourist Attractions: Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona, charming Malaga, Plaza Mayor in Madrid, etc.

Top Packages for DHI & FUE Hair Transplant in Spain

We offer you top packages for FUE and DHI hair transplant in Spain at the price of just €3,745 or $4,127 USD. The cost of packages depends on services included, the number of follicular units restored, and the equipment used in the procedure. 

You can see our packages below and read more details.

Hair Transplantation

DHI Hair Transplant Package in Madrid, Spain by Hospital Capilar

Hospital Capilar provides a cheap package for DHI Hair Transplant in Madrid, Spain. Get top treatmen

Hair Transplantation

FUE Hair Transplant Package in Madrid, Spain by Hospital Capilar

Hospital Capilar provides a cheap package for FUE Hair Transplant in Madrid, Spain. Get top treatmen


Cost of Hair Transplantation in Spain

Cost of Hair Transplantation in Spain is around $3,850 USD. The price depends on the clinic, the surgeon's experience, and the technique used in transplantation. However, Spain is a more affordable option for hair loss treatment than the UK or the US.

For example, a FUE hair transplant in the USA cost over $9,500 USD while in the UK over $7,000 USD.

Hair Transplantation Cost Comparison in Spain
Country Procedure Price
United States Follicular Unit Extraction FUE, Hair Transplantation $9500
United Kingdom Follicular Unit Extraction FUE, Hair Transplantation $7000

Hair transplant Clinics in Spain

Your decision to choose Spain for hair restoration depends largely on the clinics the country has. But you can rest assured that Spain is home to state-of-the-art clinics that operate according to international standards and offer high-quality hair transplant procedure.

Today we will introduce you to two of the best clinics in Spain where you can get your new, permanent hair at a reasonable price. See their profiles below and decide on the clinic that suits you best.

Top Center

ICA Instituto de Cirugia Avanzada

ICA provides best Plastic Surgery in Santa Cruz De Tenerife Spain. Book your consultation now for Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty, and Bichectomy at PlacidWay.

Top Center

Hospital Capilar

Hospital Capilar provides best Hair Transplant in Madrid, Spain. Book online now Eyebrow Hair Transplant, Direct Hair Implantation, and Follicular Unit Extraction at Hospital Capilar.

Best Videos about FUE & DHI Hair Treatment in Spain

Watch our videos to learn more about a variety of hair restoration techniques that doctors in Spain use. 

Hair Transplant in Spain Reviews

  • Andrea Kruger

    “Dr. Sonia Díaz is a very nice and very competent person. She took a lot of time to give advice in advance and answered all of my questions. The operation also went very well. She was always available for inquiries at home. I am delighted with the results (albeit too early for the final result). Great that I did it. Many thanks to Dr. Diaz and the whole team. Keep up the good work!”

    Patient was treated by ICA Instituto de Cirugia Avanzada Aug 16, 2021
  • Gonzalo Lebon

    "Very good treatment from all the staff, especially Sandra the executive who takes care of you the first day. The surgical intervention lasts many hours, however it is not painful. The clinic has very well equipped operating rooms and although there are months to go to see the final results so far I am happy with the result."

    Patient was treated by Hospital Capilar Nov 08, 2021
  • Elizabeth Ferreira

    “In ICA I have felt at home, because of the energy that flows everywhere, the peace, calm and attention that they have had with me, as with each of their patients.The professionals that make up the team, led by the Doctor Sonia Diaz Pérez, carry out their work putting their hearts in each person. I am happy to have found quality and commitment. Thank you all!“

    Patient was treated by ICA Instituto de Cirugia Avanzada Jun 16, 2021
  • Mayerly Hurtado

    “I took my mother for a medical consultation, they treated her very well, they put Vit C on her which made her recover super fast. Also the attention paid after we left, calling her to see how she was, great. I recommend the clinic, for its good care and its concern for its patients, both the doctor and her team.“

    Patient was treated by ICA Instituto de Cirugia Avanzada Feb 03, 2022
  • Angeles

    Dr. Sonia treatment is impeccable, very professional, very happy with the results

    Patient was treated by ICA Instituto de Cirugia Avanzada Dec 15, 2021
  • Andrea Romero Chen

    “I took my 12 year old sister to do a couple of waxing treatments and I was delighted with the results. Very good care and constant interest in your well-being. The new incredible and cozy clinic. 100% recommended.“

    Patient was treated by ICA Instituto de Cirugia Avanzada Dec 13, 2021

Best Hair Specialist in Spain

Spain has a number of certified hair restoration doctors. They also attended prestigious schools abroad. Hair transplant doctors in Spain speak Spanish and English and provide successful hair loss treatment for their patients.

We know that these factors are important to you when considering going to another country for a hair procedure. Therefore, PlacidWay can connect you with reliable Spainish doctors who will meet your needs as a patient.

Contact us for more information.

Visit Spain for Medical Hair Restoration & Also Explore Top Places to See

Brilliant architecture, magnificent historical sites, delicious food, and Mediterranean islands are Spain's masterpieces. Get ready for a lively and romantic vacation during the hair transplant procedure here.

Explore Spain by visiting the following tourist attractions:

Sagrada Família Church in Barcelona

Sagrada Família Church in Barcelona

Malaga, Costa del Sol, Spain

Malaga, Costa del Sol, Spain

Plaza Mayor in Madrid

Plaza Mayor in Madrid

Get Hair Transplant in Spain Today at Low-Cost!

Hair Transplant in Spain is an affordable option for Americans and Brits. You can take an advantage of hair loss treatment and enjoy a refreshing holiday in beautiful Spain.

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