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Specialty: Hair Transplantation
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Hospital Capilar Profile Overview

Hair Transplant in Madrid, Spain by Hospital Capilar

Hospital Capilar is the leading company of Hair Transplants in Spain with clinics in Madrid, Pontevedra, and Murcia that was born in 2021 with the strong aim of helping all people who suffer from hair loss in their daily lives, with a solution that is as safe, comfortable and effective as possible. We want to be the largest hair transplant company in the sector and for that, we provide all the resources in order to bring the service closer to a greater number of patients making it more accessible than ever.

Hospital Capilar in Madrid Spain

The qualification of our medical team, with more than 5,000 hair transplants, the use of the most advanced technologies in the field of capillary transplantation, the optimization of each of the stages of surgery, and our continuous commitment to patient service make us the best option when it comes to performing your surgery. Our work is largely focused on making our patients become themselves again on the basis of closeness and comfort.

Hospital Capilar is a medical team with more than 3,500 surgeries performed and an average of 30-40 follicular units in each intervention. We know how important it can be for you to make the right decision so we show some success stories from our patients who had their treatments at Hospital Capilar! Hospital Capilar provides best Hair Transplant in Madrid, Spain. Book online now Eyebrow Hair Transplant, Direct Hair Implantation, and Follicular Unit Extraction at Hospital Capilar.

Benefits of Hospital Capilar

Here are several advantages that patients can receive from Hair Transplant Clinics in Madrid, Spain by Hospital Capilar:

  • Affordable prices
  • Experienced and Qualified medical staff in Madrid, Spain
  • Safe and successful procedures
  • Modern equipment and procedures
  • Minimal recovery time thanks to the latest methods used
  • No scars or marks
  • Completely natural look
  • Goodbye to balding

Cost of Hair Transplant in Madrid, Spain at Hospital Capilar

Hair Transplant in Madrid, Spain by Hospital Capilar is available with competitive price. You will be able to get top quality surgery from certified and experienced surgeon. You will get convenience and top quality health-care service that you need. 



FUE Hair Transplantation


DHI Hair Transplantation


Eyebrow Implant


Note: Price can change and vary depends on complexity of the procedures and patient condition. For more information about Cost of Hair Transplant in Madrid, Spain, click below button:

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Why Choose Madrid, Spain for Hair Transplantation?

The hair transplantation procedure is an intricate medical one that requires expert care. To ensure your success, it's important to find a surgeon who has extensive experience and qualifications in this area of medicine. However there are also other factors you should consider before deciding on which doctor will be best suited for the job at hand such as location ease parking availability communication skills, etc.

In Madrid, Spain, you will find all things that you need for best quality hair transplant surgery. This awesome city has many hair transplant hospitals with excellent reputation; one of them is Hospital Capilar. As everybody knows, Madrid is a great place for Medical Tourism because of its affordable healthcare services, coupled with attractive holiday spots. The city's hospitals are Joint Commission International-Accredited. As a result, patients can get conveniences and top quality services that they need.

FAQs about Hair Restoration in Madrid, Spain

Here you can find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Hair Transplant in Madrid, Spain by Hospital Capilar:

Q: Why Many Patients Choose Hair Transplant in Madrid, Spain?

For those who are interested in undergoing a hair restoration procedure, the country of Spain offers an excellent choice. With its high standard medical services and quality clinic technology along with great selection for renowned plastic surgeons it is clear why this region has become so popular among tourists from all over Europe looking to transplant their locks onto another head or grow new ones entirely!

Q: Is Hair Transplant in Madrid, Spain Safe?

The hair loss treatment in Madrid, Spain is a well-developed industry that has been around for decades. The safety and quality of these procedures are guaranteed by government regulation as well as the reputable doctors who perform them.

Q: How much is Cost of Hair Transplant in Madrid, Spain?

Hair transplantation is not only a cosmetic procedure; it also helps people with specific medical conditions that have no other option left. The average price of Spanish hair transplants are $7,750 with the minimum being $4,200 and maximum at $11,000.

Q: How Many Days Should You Stay in Madrid, Spain for Hair Transplant?

You must stay in Turkey for at least two days following your Hair Transplant procedure. Minimally invasive surgery means that the patient can go on with their normal life. It is advisable to take at least 4 days off after treatment for good results and optimal healthiness of your head hair follicles!

Start Your Consultation for Hair Loss Treatment in Madrid, Spain Today!

Hospital Capilar is the best place to get your dream hair transplant in Madrid, Spain. With an affordable price and top-notch service you won't find elsewhere on this side of Europe! For more information about Hair Transplant Packages, or if you have other questions, feel free to click button below:

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Hospital Capilar, Madrid, Spain Profile Details

Hospital Capilar in Madrid Spain Top Surgeon

Hospital Capilar is a place where you can find all your beauty needs. We have more than 3,500 surgeries performed and an average of 3500/4000 follicular units in one intervention! Not only that but we care enough about our clients' decisions to show them some success stories from patients who came here before choosing us as their physician.

Hospital Capilar is the best hair transplant hospital in all of Madrid, Spain. Our qualified medical team has performed more than 5,000 surgeries and we use state-of -the art technology for capillary transplants to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout your procedure as well as after it's completed!

Hospital Capilar provides local and abroad patients with a comfortable, effective solution for their hair loss issues. With many years of experience in the medical field and an urgent goal to make it easier on people to get best Hair Transplant, you will get satisfactory result you need.

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Hospital Capilar Treatments Offered

Hospital Capilar Lobby

Here you can find list of procedures available at Hair Transplant in Madrid, Spain by Hospital Capilar:

FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction, also known as FUE in short for follicles transfer is a procedure where naturally occurring groups of one to four hairs are used.

Beard Graft

Beard Grafts are a new form of facial hair transformation that allows you to take full control over your appearance. The process starts by removing unwanted bodily hairs from one part and inserting them into small incisions on the chin, cheeks or neck area for aesthetic reasons.

Eyebrow Graft

The procedure to raise an eyebrow is a common occurrence in hair transplant surgery. With age, eyebrows may also descend leading people who have had this done before them as well with their natural appearance being restored by having it corrected through repositioning procedures like those offered at our facility!

Capillary Regeneration Treatment

The Capillary Regeneration Treatment is a process that helps hair regeneration by extracting the patient's own blood. The growth factors in this liquid will strengthen your locks, preventing miniaturization and giving you long flowing tresses!

Hair Redensification Treatment

Hair fall is a common issue for many people. Hair Redensification Treatment, also called HRT helps stop the fall of your scalp and stops miniaturization so you can get back some confidence in yourself!


The use of carbon dioxide in the treatment process has been shown to be an effective way for increasing hair growth. The scalp area is oxygenated, which helps with circulation and therefore promotes healthy looking locks!

Before and After Hair Transplant Images in Madrid, Spain at Hospital Capilar

Hair Restoration in Hospital Capilar

Hair Transplant in Hospital Capilar

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Hospital Capilar Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

Top Doctors for Hair Transplant in Madrid, Spain

Here you can check information about Hair Transplant Doctors in Madrid, Spain by Hospital Capilar:

Dr. Carlos Gomez

Doctor Name: Dr. Carlos Gomez

Experiences and Specializations:

  • Complutense University of Madrid - Bachelor of Medicine, 2004-2010
  • UCAM San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia - International Master's Degree
  • Graphic Capillary Hospital - Medical Director
  • Biteki Graphic Clinic - Aesthetic Doctor

Dra. Maria Eugenia Segovia

Doctor Name: Dra. Maria Eugenia Segovia

Experiences and Specializations:

  • UCAM San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia - International Master
  • AMIR - Master in Dermocosmetics and Formulation
  • Hospital Capilar
  • Hospital Clínica Fremap Prevention and Rehabilitation - Medical Specialist

Dra. Raquel Amaro Silva

Doctor Name: Dra. Raquel Amaro Silva

Experiences and Specializations:

  • Spanish Red Cross - 2004 - 2007
  • Hospital Santiago - 2010 - 2011

Other Doctors:

  • Dr. Antonio Leone
  • Dr. Francisco Pilo

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Hospital Capilar Testimonials

Here are patient’s testimonials for Hair Transplant in Madrid, Spain by Hospital Capilar:

Addam West

“I had surgery with a capillary hospital in February, I have to say that I am very happy from the beginning with the consultant until the last day with the final cure. The day of the operation very well, although I was very nervous, you notice a very good vibe between them and you relax and even entertain yourself.”

Luis Miguel Resino Araque

“With five stars there are few to assess this clinic. From the first day that I contacted Carmen, everything has been easy and positive, she is attentive to everything so that it turns out perfect and continues to do so after the operation.”

Israel Ruiz

“He had been wanting to make me the capillary graft and recommended me capillary hospital. Experience from reception, advice and all departments is 10.”

Sergio Acuna

“While waiting for the final results, 22 days after surgery, the experience with this clinic has been good. Good medical team (Doctor Amaro), as well as in the rest of the departments. I want to thank Alejandra for her concern from the first day to date, to resolve any doubts.”

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Hospital Capilar Awards & Recognitions

Awards of Received by Hospital Capilar

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Madrid, Spain Destination Overview

Medical Tourism for Hair Transplantation in Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a beautiful city with an incredible history. This city is also the one of the most popular destination in Europe to do hair transplantation surgery. It has world-class shopping and tapas that will make your mouth water for more! How about the nightlife? In Madrid you can experience everything from live music on every corner to spontaneously developed street performances, and many more! If you decide to visit this country by airplane, you can select Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport.

How to Get Around

Trains: Madrid is an excellent city with a metro system that extends from the airport, through downtown and out into suburbia. Fares are based on zones which determine prices according to how far you travel within them; they're also cheapest during evenings when there's less traffic!

Buses: The Madrid bus system is the envy of many cities. The city operates more than 2,000 buses and serves 10 000 stops!

Taxis: Madrid is a great place to explore the Spanish culture. Taxis are an essential part of life in Madrid, and you can find them at taxi stands throughout this city or hail one when it's time for your ride!

Ride Service: Madrid is one of the most popular cities in Europe and has an extensive cab service. Madrid's traditional taxis are also available, so visitors have many options when they arrive or leave town! 

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