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Speciality:Hair Surgeon

Location:Istanbul | Turkey

About:Bio Dr. Canan Köksüz graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Ege University in 1986 and performed her first hair transplant surgery in a hair surgery clinic in 2000 in...

Speciality:Hair Transplantation,

Location:Istanbul | Turkey

About:Dr. Melike Kuhlaci | Hair Transplantation Treatment Doctors in Istanbul, Turkey by Transmed Hair Transplant Hospital Biography of Dr. Melike Kuhlaci - Hair Transplantation Treatme...

Speciality:Hair Transplant Surgeon

Location:Istanbul | Turkey

About:Bio Op. Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz graduated from Istanbul University Istanbul Medical Faculty to became MD in 2000. He did his residency at Kocaeli University Medical Faculty Aesthe...

Speciality:Medical Aesthetic Specialist

Location:Istanbul | Turkey

About:   Experience   -ER : 1994-2006 Ortaköy Public Hospital Haymana Public Hospital City Ankara Hospital -Physician:...

Speciality:Aesthetic, Plastic Surgeon,

Location:Istanbul | Turkey

About:Professional Experience Private Bosphorus Medical Center Private Hospital of Sincan Lokman Kahramanmaraş Public Hospital Estethica Ataşehir Surgical Healthcare Centre...
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