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Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) Package in Istanbul, Turkey by Cevre Hospital

Package price starting from: $3650
Treatment: Hair Transplantation, Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)
Associated Center: Cevre Hospital
Cemal Sahir Sok No:2 Mecidiyekoy, Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey, Turkey
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Embrace a New You with Hair Transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey

DHI Package in Istanbul Turkey by Cevre Hospital

Unveil a Fuller Crown: DHI Hair Transplant Packages at Cevre Hospital

Life's chapters unfold, and sometimes, our hairlines follow suit. But thinning hair doesn't have to define your narrative. At Cevre Hospital, we believe in rewriting hair loss stories with DHI hair transplant packages designed to restore confidence and redefine what it means to feel truly YOU. Choosing Cevre Hosital is choosing more than just a DHI hair transplant; it's choosing a supportive community, exceptional expertise, and unwavering confidence in your transformed self. Contact us today to schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Oktay and take the first step towards unveiling your fuller crown.

Cevre Hospital

Cevre Hospital's package combines innovative techniques and personalized care, ensuring each patient achieves the best possible results. Whether you're looking to reverse the effects of hair thinning or seeking a complete hairline transformation, our DHI package in the heart of Turkey is your gateway to renewed confidence and a youthful appearance

DHI Hair Transplant Cost: A Global Comparison

Here's a quick glimpse into DHI hair transplant cost averages in different locations:


  • Range: $2,500 - $10,000 USD

  • Example: At Cevre Hospital, renowned for its DHI expertise, packages start at around $2,500 USD.


  • Range: $10,000 - $25,000 USD

  • Example: A comparable procedure in a major US city could cost upwards of $15,000 USD.


  • Range: £7,000 - £20,000 GBP

  • Example: In London, a similar DHI procedure might reach £12,000 GBP.


  • Range: $12,000 - $30,000 AUD

  • Example: A DHI package in Sydney with similar parameters could reach $20,000 AUD.

DHI Cost at Cevre Hospital ($2,500 and $6,000 USD)

  • DHI costs fluctuate between  $2,500 - $6,000 USD, depending on factors such as health conditions, amount of grats needed, and the envisioned outcome. Book a free consultation right away for a custom quote for your journey.

Payment Options: Cash, Credit Card, Wire Transfer

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Preparing for Your DHI Journey at Cevre Hospital

Your DHI journey begins with a friendly consultation at Cevre Hospital. This is your chance to meet our renowned DHI hair transplant surgeons, discuss your desired outcomes, and understand the procedure in detail.


  • Analyze your scalp: Our surgeons meticulously assess your hair loss pattern, density, and scalp health to recommend the most suitable approach for your unique needs.

  • Discuss your goals: Do you dream of a thicker hairline, fuller crown, or scar-free coverage? Share your vision, and we'll tailor the DHI procedure to bring it to life.

  • Answer your questions: No concern is too small. We'll address every question you have about the procedure, recovery, and results with transparency and care.

  • Personalized treatment plan: Based on your consultation, we'll create a roadmap for your DHI journey, outlining the number of grafts, technique specifics, and expected timeline.

  • Realistic expectations: DHI offers incredible results, but we believe in setting realistic expectations for long-term satisfaction. We'll guide you through what to expect in terms of healing, growth, and final outcome.

  • Preoperative instructions: To optimize your DHI experience, we'll provide clear guidelines on pre-operative medications, dietary adjustments, and any necessary preparations.

  • Stop certain medications: Some medications can affect bleeding or anesthesia. We'll advise you on any medications to discontinue before the procedure.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Eating a balanced diet, avoiding alcohol and smoking, and getting adequate rest in the weeks leading up to your DHI can significantly benefit your recovery.

  • Arrange for support: Having a trusted friend or family member available post-surgery can be helpful for practical tasks and emotional support.

DHI Pre-Op Test

  • Blood Tests

  • Physical Examination

  • Cardiac Assessment

  • Skin Evaluation

  • Medical History Review

DHI Package Inclusions

  • Preliminary consultations and evaluations before and after surgery

  • Secure and efficacious DHI surgery

  • General anesthesia and all essential pharmaceuticals

  • A cozy private chamber within Cevre's lavish medical facility

  • Round-the-clock nursing attention and post-operative surveillance

  • Compression garments and post-operative directives

  • Airport transfers and support with local transportation

  • Optional cultural expeditions and activities

  • 5 stars hotel stay for 5 nights for 2 people with breakfast meals, 1 night stay at hospital for 2 people 

  • Translation between you and the doctors 

  • 1 year following up after the operation to give you the best advice to answer your inquiries and make sure about the results 

  • All analysis and consultations before and after the operation 

  • All medicines needed after the operation will be provided 

  • Blood Tests

  • Physical Examination

  • Cardiac Assessment

  • Skin Evaluation

DHI Package Exclusions

  • Air tickets or fares.

  • Additional Treatments

  • Personal Expenses

  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

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What is DHI?

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is a cutting-edge hair transplant technique that revolutionizes the way we approach follicular restoration. Unlike traditional methods, DHI eliminates the need for pre-made incisions, using a choi implanter pen to directly implant extracted hair follicles into the recipient area with unparalleled precision and minimal scarring.

Hair loss can take a toll on self-esteem. But with DHI hair transplant packages at Cevre Hospital, you can:

  • Reclaim a natural hairline: DHI's meticulous approach ensures natural-looking, density-restoring results that blend seamlessly with your existing hair.

  • Minimize downtime: Say goodbye to extensive recovery periods. DHI's minimally invasive nature results in faster healing and sooner, happier selfies.

  • Experience personalized care: We understand every hair journey is unique. Our DHI packages are tailor-made to your specific needs and desired outcomes, ensuring your transformation is just as personal as your story.

DHI Hair Transplant Procedure at Cevre Hospital

Are you ready to shed the shadow of hair loss and step into a future brimming with confidence? The DHI hair transplant at Cevre Hospital is your key to unlocking that door, and understanding the procedure itself is the first exciting step. 

Let's delve into the DHI journey, peeling back the layers to reveal what awaits you on the path to your transformed self. 

The DHI Hair Transplant: A Step-by-Step Breakdown

1. Initial Consultation and Hairline Design:

This is where your transformation starts! Our renowned DHI surgeons analyze your scalp, discuss your goals, and meticulously design a hairline that complements your facial features.

2. Extraction of Hair Follicles with Direct Implantation:

Here's where the DHI magic happens. Using a special Choi implanter pen, our surgeons gently extract individual hair follicles and immediately implant them into the recipient area.

3. Minimally Invasive Technique for Maximum Precision:

Unlike traditional methods, DHI eliminates the need for pre-made incisions, minimizing scarring and downtime. The Choi pen's precision allows for targeted placement, ensuring natural-looking results that seamlessly blend with your existing hair.

4. Closure with Artful Detail for Natural Appearance:

The final touches are crucial! Our surgeons expertly close the donor area with meticulous care, ensuring minimal visibility and preserving a natural look. 

Who is an Ideal Candidate for a DHI Hair Transplant?

Men and women experiencing various forms of hair loss can benefit from DHI, especially if you:

  • Have healthy donor hair in the back of your scalp

  • Experience mild to moderate hair loss

  • Seek natural-looking and precise results

  • Desire minimal scarring and downtime

Unveiling the Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant:

1. Precise and Natural-Looking Results: DHI's meticulous approach ensures hair follicles are placed optimally, creating a natural hairline that defies detection. 

2. Minimally Invasive Technique for Reduced Discomfort: No pre-made incisions mean less tissue disruption, leading to quicker healing and reduced post-operative discomfort. 

3. Long-Lasting Results and Patient Satisfaction: DHI boasts high success rates and long-lasting results. Enjoy your fuller crown for years to come and witness the joy of countless satisfied Cevre Hospital patients.

Recovery and Post-Procedure Care:

  • Navigating the Initial Days Post-Surgery: The first few days can involve some mild swelling and discomfort, but fret not! We provide you with detailed post-operative instructions and medications to manage these effectively. 

  • Managing Discomfort and Swelling: Gentle ice packs, pain medication, and elevation of your head will help manage any initial discomfort and swelling. Our dedicated team is just a phone call away to address any concerns or questions you might have.

  • Postoperative Care Instructions for Optimal Recovery: We provide you with a personalized post-operative care plan, guiding you through every step. From hair washing techniques to dietary adjustments, we ensure your transplanted follicles thrive and your scalp heals beautifully.

Why Choose Cevre Hospital for Your DHI Hair Transplant Journey?

Hair loss can cast a shadow on confidence, but at Cevre Hospital, we believe it's just a chapter in your story, not the whole book.

That's why we offer the innovative DHI hair transplant, a revolutionary technique designed to rewrite your narrative with exceptional results, meticulous care, and unwavering confidence.


But why choose Cevre Hospital for your DHI journey? It's simple: we go beyond just offering a procedure; we cultivate a supportive community where your transformation is nurtured every step of the way.

Here's why we're the perfect partner for your confidence comeback:

  • Renowned DHI surgeons: Led by  Dr. Ali Cem Oktay recognized as one of the top DHI surgeons in Istanbul, our team possesses years of experience and a meticulous approach to achieving stunning, natural-looking results.

  • Cutting-edge technology: We invest in the latest advancements in DHI technology, ensuring you receive the most precise and effective treatment available.

  • Personalized care: No two journeys are alike. We tailor your DHI experience to your unique needs and goals, ensuring every step is informed, comfortable, and confidence-boosting.

  • Detailed consultations: During your personalized consultation, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your goals, understand the procedure, and ask any questions you might have. We believe informed decisions lead to empowered confidence.

  • Transparent pricing: We provide straightforward cost estimates, eliminating any uncertainty and ensuring you can comfortably embark on your DHI journey.

  • 24/7 support: From pre-operation to post-recovery, our dedicated team is always available to address your concerns and guide you through your transformation.

  • Welcoming environment: Our hospital is designed to be a haven of comfort and support, where you can feel relaxed and confident throughout your journey.

  • Patient success stories: We believe in the power of inspiration. Explore our gallery of success stories and connect with past patients who have successfully regained their confidence with DHI at Cevre Hospital.

  • Ongoing guidance: Your transformation doesn't stop after the procedure. We provide long-term aftercare advice to help you maintain your results and embrace your confident future.

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FAQs Answered

1. Is DHI hair transplant safe in Turkey?

Yes, especially when done with reputable Hospitals with accredited surgeons. Cevre Hospital, known for its experience and advanced facilities, adheres to strict international safety standards.

2. How much does a DHI hair transplant cost in Turkey?

Prices can vary, but Cevre Hospital offers packages starting around $2,500 - $6,000 USD, significantly cheaper than many Western countries.

3. Does DHI leave noticeable scars in Turkey?

Cevre Hospital surgeons use meticulous techniques to minimize scarring. Scars fade over time and are often barely visible.

4. How long does it take to recover from DHI in Turkey?

Most recover comfortably within a month, but complete healing takes several months. Cevre Hospital provides post-operative support to ensure a smooth recovery.

5. Am I a good candidate for DHI in Turkey?

Healthy individuals experiencing mild to moderate hair loss are ideal candidates. Consult Cevre Hospital surgeons to assess your suitability.

6. What are the advantages of getting a DHI hair transplant in Turkey?

  • Cost-effectiveness: Significantly cheaper than in Western countries.

  • Experienced surgeons: Find renowned specialists at Cevre Hospital.

  • Modern facilities: Advanced technology contributes to optimal results.

  • Convenient location: Easy accessibility from various countries.

  • Holistic approach: Cevre Hospital provides support beyond surgery.

8. What does a typical DHI hair transplant package include in Turkey?

Cevre Hospital's package includes surgeon fees, anesthesia, hospital stay, medications, and initial follow-up appointments.

9. What's not included in the DHI hair transplant package?

Travel and additional procedures are usually not included. Check specific package details at Cevre Hospital.

10. Can I combine DHI with other procedures in Turkey?

Yes, Cevre Hospital surgeons can discuss combining DHI with other procedures like beard transplants based on your individual needs.

11. What language is spoken during consultations and surgery in Turkey?

Many Hospitals like Cevre Hospital have multilingual staff and surgeons, ensuring clear communication throughout the process.

12. How long should I stay in Turkey after DHI surgery?

Most stay 5-7 days for initial recovery and follow-up appointments. Cevre Hospital can advise on post-operative care after returning home.

13. What kind of pain management is available during and after surgery?

Cevre Hospital provides effective pain management with anesthesia and medication schedules adjusted to your needs and comfort.

14. Does insurance cover DHI hair transplants in Turkey?

Most cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance. Discuss financing options with Cevre Hospital if needed.

15. What should I expect during the initial consultation at Cevre Hospital?

You'll discuss your concerns and goals. Cevre Hospital surgeons will assess your suitability, recommend procedures, and explain the process in detail.

16. What pre-operative preparations are required before a DHI hair transplant in Turkey?

Cevre Hospital provides specific instructions, including dietary adjustments and medication guidelines, to optimize your results and ensure a smooth surgery.

17. Can I breastfeed after a DHI hair transplant?

Discuss this with your Cevre Hospital surgeon as it depends on your individual recovery timeline and potential medications used.

18. What are the long-term care requirements after DHI in Turkey?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise is crucial for preserving results. Cevre Hospital offers guidance on long-term care.

19. What are the potential risks and complications of DHI in Turkey?

As with any surgery, there are potential risks like infection or scarring. Cevre Hospital's experienced surgeons minimize these risks and provide comprehensive care to address any complications.

20. What can I do to minimize the risk of complications?

Follow Cevre Hospital's pre-operative and post-operative instructions diligently. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoid strenuous activities, and attend all follow-up appointments.

Ready to Embark on Your DHI Journey with Confidence?

Choosing Cevre Hosital is choosing more than just a DHI hair transplant; it's choosing a supportive community, exceptional expertise, and unwavering confidence in your transformed self. Contact us today to schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Oktay and take the first step towards unveiling your fuller crown.

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