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Liposuction Dominican Republic

Best Liposuction in the Dominican Republic

Do you need to reshape areas of your body that have most likely not responded to standard diet and exercise? Liposuction may be the best option for you, especially if you consider traveling to the Dominican Republic for plastic surgery!

Liposuction Dominican Republic improves body contour by removing fat cells between the skin and the underlying muscles. Liposuction is meant to be a sculpting procedure for the abdomen and waist, hips, and thighs, but also for the cheeks, chin, and neck. Although liposuction can be used to jumpstart a weight loss program, it is not an effective treatment for cellulite, stretch marks, or sagging skin. Liposuction is one of the most popular procedures in the field of plastic surgery because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

What is Liposculpture?

Liposculpture is a surgery that is utilized to give you more muscle tone and shapeliness. It treats little pockets of fat, not at all like liposuction which covers bigger regions. Rather than simply eliminating fat, liposculpture additionally moves it around it for an ideal shape.

Liposuction in the Dominican Republic Cost

What is the Average Cost of Liposuction in Dominican Republic?

The cost of Liposuction in the Dominican Republic starts from $2,800. However, the treatment cost may vary according to the condition of the patient.



United States




Dominican Republic




Final prices are determined after physical evaluation and laboratory report analysis.

Length of Stay: 0-1 Day.


The duration may vary depending upon the condition of the patient and the chosen procedure of treatment


  • Certified hospital
  • Use of OR
  • Use of Recovery Room
  • Surgeon Fees
  • Anesthesiologist Fees
  • Surgical Team Fees
  • Surgical Supplies expenses


  • Meals
  • Airfare
  • Airport pick-up/drop-off
  • Accommodation

List of Required Pre-Op Tests

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Pregnancy test to check if the woman has attended menopause
  • Hematocrit
  • Anemia
  • ECG, etc
  • Psychological assessment

How does liposuction work?

  • Small stainless steel tubes (cannulas) are inserted into the body through tiny incisions.
  • The tubes dislodge fat deposits, which are then suctioned out with a surgical vacuum or syringe.
  • Liposuction is often combined with other procedures, such as tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift, to maximize results.

Common types of liposuction

  • Tumescent liposuction or suction-assisted liposuction (SAL)
  • Power-assisted liposuction (PAL)
  • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL)
  • Vaser liposuction (is a variation of UAL)
  • Laser-assisted liposuction (LAL)

Best candidates for liposuction

  • Patients with excessive subcutaneous fat, which is resistant to diet and exercise.
  • Patients who are near normal weight and wish to change the contours of their bodies.
  • Patients with localized fat collections, and healthy elastic skin.
  • Any person who has realistic expectations, and is in good health.
  • Patients who are not taking certain drugs that may increase the risk of bleeding.
  • Women who are not pregnant or nursing.

Benefits of liposuction

  • Improves the contour of your body, boosts your self-esteem.
  • Some medical conditions may benefit from liposuction, including lipomas, gynecomastia, lipodystrophy syndrome.
  • Safely removes the fat.
  • Reduces cellulite.
  • Sculpts areas of the body that exercise and diet don’t seem to impact.

Liposuction Before and After Result Dominican Republic

FAQs about Liposuction:

What is Liposuction?

The idea of liposuction is shockingly straightforward. Liposuction is a careful method that works on the body's shape by eliminating overabundance fat stores situated between the skin and muscle 

What is Tumescent Liposuction?

Bloated liposuction assigns a type of liposuction that utilizes distended nearby sedation. The bloated method for liposuction absolutely by nearby sedation has disposed of the most serious risks related with the more established types of liposuction. 

What are Elastic Compression Garments? 

Versatile pressure articles of clothing (uncommonly planned supports) were expected 1) to diminish draining following a medical procedure and 2) to lessen expanding the time that the body is recuperating. Bloated liposuction has disposed of careful dying. Most specialists necessitate that patients wear a versatile pressure article of clothing for a specific time span after liposuction.

Am I A Good Candidate for Liposuction Surgery? 

A decent possibility for liposuction is characterized as any individual who has sensible assumptions, is healthy and is probably going to be content with the consequences of liposuction. In spite of the fact that liposuction can frequently give extremely significant enhancements, it is uncommon for liposuction results to be totally awesome. 

Reasonable Expectations of My Liposuction Surgery? 

After liposuction, the new body's shape is pretty much long-lasting. In the event that a patient acquires a moderate measure of weight after liposuction, the figure will basically be a bigger rendition of the new body shape. Fat cells that are taken out by liposuction don't develop back. 

Which Body Areas can be treated by Liposuction?

The most habitually treated regions for ladies are the midsection, bosoms, hips, external thighs, front thighs, internal thighs, knees, arms, rump, cheeks, and neck. In men, who involve about 15% to 25% of liposuction patients, the most regularly treated regions incorporate the jawline and neck region, mid-region, flanks ("extra layers"), and bosoms. 

What are the Complications and Risks of Liposuction Surgery?

The most hazardous part of liposuction is a demeanor that overlooks the danger of doing an excess of liposuction on a solitary day or ignores the dangers of doing various irrelevant surgeries around the same time that a liposuction medical procedure is performed. As decided by the current overall experience, liposuction is incredibly protected. Uncommon issues that might conceivably happen with any surgery incorporate contaminations, dying, skin ulcerations, and nerve injury. 

What Questions Should I Ask prior to Choosing A Liposuction Surgeon?

Choices about liposuction ought not to be founded exclusively on the expense of liposuction. The least expensive technique may imply that the specialist does the methodology rapidly and deficiently. You should go ahead and pose any inquiry you have about liposuction. Truth be told, it is the patient's obligation to ensure that terrifically significant inquiries have been posed and replied to prior to settling on any ultimate choices about having liposuction 

What sort of Qualifications should a Liposuction Surgeon have? 

Liposuction is most generally performed by specialists who have obtained exceptional preparation in the methods of liposuction. Specialists who perform liposuction or other restorative medical procedures are designated "corrective specialists." 

What are the Important Characteristics of a Safe Surgical Facility? 

Liposuction can be acted in a specialist's office, in an outpatient medical procedure community, or in an emergency clinic. A safe careful office for liposuction should have the option to limit the dangers of careful contaminations. Medical procedures ought to be done in working rooms that keep up with elevated requirements for neatness. 

What is the most secure type of liposuction? What is a liposuction cannula? 

Bloated liposuction absolutely by neighborhood sedation is the most secure type of liposuction. Liposuction utilizing general sedation or weighty IV sedation is to some degree less protected than liposuction absolutely by nearby sedation. Microcannulas grant smoother results after liposuction. A liposuction cannula is a little hardened steel tube that is embedded through an entry point in the skin and eliminates subcutaneous fat. 

How long is the Liposuction Surgery Post-Op and Recovery time? 

At the point when liposuction is done absolutely by nearby sedation, patients can ordinarily leave the careful office within 30 minutes of the fulfillment of the medical procedure. At the point when general sedation is utilized, then, at that point, patients normally expect one to three hours of post-sedation perception prior to being released home. Most patients can get back to a work area type of work two days after bloated liposuction. On account of the critical decline in enlarging, aggravation and torment after distended liposuction, patients can get back to typical proactive tasks extremely before long bloated liposuction. 

Is there Pain or Discomfort after Liposuction Surgery?

During the two days following liposuction, the measure of torment experienced relies upon the sort of sedation utilized for liposuction. Touchiness is normally the most serious 2 to 4 days after liposuction and afterward diminishes consistently. The delicacy and touchiness commonly is very irksome for as long as about a month, however progressively die down over the accompanying next 4 to about two months. 

How does Liposuction Affect the Appearance of the Skin? Does Liposuction Produce Visible Scars?

The presence of skin after liposuction relies upon the skin's versatility. Skin with great versatility should look smooth and normal after liposuction. Scars are not a typical issue with current liposuction which utilizes tiny cannulas (microcannulas) and hence truth be told, tiny cuts are required. 

Is Liposuction a Reasonable Treatment for Obesity?

Liposuction is anything but a decent treatment of heftiness. Liposuction isn't successful, even if all else fails, for individuals who can't get in shape by eating less junk food and exercising. 

Is it Normal to be Anxious Before having Liposuction Surgery? 

Indeed. Nearly everybody has some level of tension prior to having surgery, including liposuction. A few groups have more nervousness than others. 

How does Abdominal Liposuction Differ from a "Tummy Tuck"?

A Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty is a significant surgery requiring general sedation and includes liposuction and extraction to eliminate fat, in addition to a huge extraction of skin. In numerous patients (however not all) liposuction of the mid-region can frequently give the same or preferred outcomes over a stomach fold. Since liposuction is more secure and causes less scarring contrasted with stomach tucks, stomach liposuction is presently definitely more normal than are Tummy tucks.

Why Choose Dominican Republic for Liposuction?

Affordable liposuction packages in the Dominican Republic offer significant cost savings over comparable liposuction procedures in other countries. The country has hand-picked, evaluated, and contracted physicians of the highest quality and education, medical advisors, and accredited medical facilities with top surgical equipment. In the Dominican Republic, you will receive the highest quality procedure at one of the best centers.

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