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Laser Dental Clinic

Affordable Laser Dentistry in Mumbai India

01, Bhagya Apartments,
Bhardawadi Road, Andheri (West) Close to Mumbai (India) International & Domestic Airport (3-4 kms) only, 400058 Mumbai, India

Package Price : $30

Treatment :Dentistry

By : Laser Dental Clinic

Location : 01, Bhagya Apartments,
Bhardawadi Road, Andheri (West) Close to Mumbai (India) International & Domestic Airport (3-4 kms) only Mumbai, India 400058

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Package Details

Affordable Laser Dentistry in Mumbai India

Holding in watch the comfort and ease of the patients, the health care clinic happens to be so engineered and prepared to serve our patients in the most effective manner. We provide you with a variety of esthetic processes which range from simple to elaborate. Each one of these methods are made to boost you self-confidence by means of a shiny way more attractive smile. 

Laser Dentistry:

  • Less pain & anxiety
  • Less discomfort operatively & postoperatively
  • Faster healing
  • Precise Surgery

The diode laser is flexible enough to be used in many different procedures. At our centre it is used to perform soft-tissue surgery, including removing tumors and lesions from the soft tissues of the mouth. Because the diode laser’s high-energy beam kills bacteria, it is often used to sterilize areas of the mouth before or during root canals, cavity treatment, and other such procedures.

We also employ the diode laser beam to carry out laser tooth cleansing and cavity inducing plaque eradication. The laser-light is strong enough to take out even greatly calcified debris, making the teeth thoroughly clean and free from possible cavity-causing oral plaque.

Our Amazing Packages:

  • Laser Flap surgery (Full mouth)
  • Laser Smile designing
  • Laser Periodontal surgeries (Quadrant)
  • Laser Bonding with cosmetic filling (per tooth)
  • Laser (LANAP) full mouth for periodontitis
  • free Implant on placement of 5 implants
  • free Zirconia Crown on placement of 3 unit Crowns/Bridge
  • Full mouth Zirconia CAD CAM Bridges (24 units) 


Why Choose Us?
  • At Laser Dental Clinic, All treatment under one roof by well trained specialists with long term experience.
  • We at Laser Dental Clinic provide high quality work at low cost
  • We at Laser Dental Clinic have a lot of visitors from abroad : both foreign nationals and non resident Indians who have been highly satisfied with our services.

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